taranukkPlanetouched Orc

Plantetouched orcs are crossbreeds that possess the blood of ancestors that originate from non-material planes. Tanarukk’s ancestors derive from Demons of the Abyssal Plane.

All planetouched orcs are just as mortal as their normal orc counterpart. No matter what their heritage is, they are still predominantly orc and have all the mortal trappings that come along with that.

They live a comparable lifespan as normal orcs.

No Mysts of Eyr standard planetouched character is a direct descendant of a cross-breed pairing.



Tanarukk possess the blood of distant ancestors that originate from the abyssal plane. They take on the characteristics of demons and fiends. While they may descend from evil, Tanarukk are not naturally evil beings; though typically are. As is the case with orcs, tanarukk may follow any alignment they wish.

Tanarukk are nasty and brutish, but are somewhat smarter than the average orc. They are extremely dangerous fighters. What they lack in magnetism, they make up for cunning, and many of their kind tend to be magic casters that play heavily upon the element of fire. Typically, they are found acting as muscle for demonic beings.



Their demonic heritage manifests as minor infernal physical characteristics such as horns, ridges, taloned fingers and toes, as well as exaggerated fearsome orcish features. Their bristled hair is usually dark. Skin may be green, brown, or red. Tanarukk also have the distinctive smell of brimstone about them. With some limited ability, they may also manipulate fire.



  • Fire Manipulation: Tanarukk may manipulate fire to their favor. Sparks, blazes, and even limited explosions can be conjured up. However, they cannot summon a raging inferno that would consume all within its path.
  • Smart: Tanarukk inherit their intelligence from their demonic heritage.
  • Stamina: A tanarukk's muscle mass is normally beyond what a human would possess, and so they are two times stronger than an adult human male would be. Their skin is as tough as leather, and their endurance is also superior to that of most other races - where one would normally be ready to collapse, a tanarukk wouldn't be tired at all.
  • Perception: An tanarukk’s sense of smell and hearing is superior to that of a human. While it’s not as refined as the senses of a wolfkin for example, they can still use their nose to track most scents.



  • Holy Vulnerability: Tanarukk are weak to holy/divine/sacred magic, artifacts, and places, causing 2 to 3 times as more damage to them as it would an average human; stepping onto holy ground is either not physically possible (they feel a barrier that prevents them from going in) or causes extreme burning pain.
  • Disfavored: Most people do not hold tanarukk in high regard and find their infernal features distasteful. They also lack charm and grace.
  • Heavy: Like orcs, tanarukk are bigger and stronger, but they are also slower and heavier. It can be easy for a trained rogue to dodge their attacks, but if the attack should hit, it's going to hurt more than a melee attack normally would.
  • Pride: Tanarukk, like orcs, are often blinded by their pride. They refuse to show signs of pain and weakness, and the desire to keep that image will often do more damage than good. A tanarukk will rarely decline a challenge, even if they know it would be their end. They are simply too proud to present themselves as anything that would detract from the image they have of themselves.
  • Rage: Like all orcs, tanarukk share their rage. They're never far from it, and while it's an advantage in combat, it will also cloud their minds for its duration. An enraged tanarukk is normally not a very smart tanarukk, and it's easier to flank them and hit them with projectiles. However, they're also a lot more dangerous in melee combat. There are tanarukk who have been trained to tap into the rage for its powers, and those who have learned how to temporarily suppress it for greater focus, but there is no getting away from the fact that it's an invisible force, burning deep within the hearts of every orc. The rage can be triggered by mental or physical hostilities, or by simply pissing off the tanarukk enough to push them over the edge.