TrollThe trolls are often found together with orcs, as they both have subraces living in the mountains and the forests. They share the shamanistic beliefs of the orcs, their tribe structure is very similar and their language is also very similar, which made it easy for the trolls and the orcs to learn each others languages and create an alliance.

Trolls are tall, slender, yet muscular, humanoids with long, pointed ears and beastly tusks, just like the orcs. However, their tusks are usually a lot longer and more curved, giving them a beastly appearance different from that of the orcs. Depending on which type of troll they are (forest troll or frost troll) they will have difference skin and hair colors, but generally all trolls are taller than humans and elves and slender with an athletic build. Trolls are born with white hair, but they’re often found dying it to a brighter color, such as blue, pink or green.


Trolls of the Archipelago

Forest Trolls

Forest trolls are the most common trolls, and while they do live in forests they can also be found in other climates. They got the name from their green or yellowish skin, and races who have never encountered them before will often mistake them for orcs. The forest trolls are the direct opposite to their chilly cousins; a forest troll is often the center of attention, their cheerful mood rubbing off on people around them. While they live in tribes, the tribes are often allied with orcish tribes, and it’s not too uncommon to see a group of forest trolls in an orcish tribe.

Frost Trolls

Frost trolls (also called mountain trolls) often live in the frozen tundras and snowy mountains. Rarely will they leave the comfort of the cold; they’re often asocial and arrogant, not trusting anyone but the small tribes they live with. Frost trolls live in caves, they have a permanent camp and often they’re found inhabiting large cave systems within the mountains. Their skin color is within the blue and purple spectra, sometimes even grayish, but always keeping the blue or purple tint.



  • Agility: A troll is light, tall and slender. While they are nowhere near as strong as the orcs, they are also nowhere near as heavy. This allows them to move swiftly and silently, making them perfect hunters, thieves and assassins.
  • Regeneration: While trolls are mortal like most other races, they heal very quickly and can regenerate lost limbs and heal wounds at an accelerated rate. Their blood also has this effect, and if one should consume troll blood, their own regeneration might speed up a little.
  • Resistance: Frost trolls have a natural resistance to cold damage. Forest trolls have a natural resistance to poison damage.



  • Fire: Trolls and ogres are incredibly vulnerable if exposed to fire. Fire will temporarily disable the accelerated regeneration in the burned area, as well as inflicting greater damage than it would have to a burned human or orc.
  • Arcana: While trolls have a natural resistance towards elemental magic (with the exception of fire), magic from the arcane family will do extra damage to them. Being near arcane objects can also make them feel sick if exposed for too long.