Known as the realm's most versatile pioneers, they are also the only known race that can possess such large diversity from one individual to the next. They are widely recognized for their relatively short life spans, adaptability, dissimilar appearances, fragile constitution and susceptibility to disease, ardent passion for justice, and their multi-talented skill sets.

Humans are known to be diverse in skill as well as appearance. Their skin tones ranging from the fairest of porcelain to the darkest of chocolates, their heights ranging from the smallest of dwarves to the tallest of giants, and their hair and eyes filling the spectrum of color - no other race is so varied in appearance as the Human. All of these things depend largely on where they descend from and who their parents are. Those native of the north isles may have a paler complexion than their darker skinned kin from the south side of Eyr or the isle of Aradia. All these things should be taken into consideration when creating and playing your character.

After the great war of Mystara, the planar barrier was greatly damaged. This allowed other races to filter in through planar rifts, finding themselves in the Realm. One of those races happened to be the Humans. They were -- and still are -- looked down upon by the original inhabitants of the realm, viewed as an imposition for building cities and claiming land. They made themselves readily at home in the white city of Shalan’ti and rose in prominence there amidst the Elves and Celestials.

Though some regard the Humans as an inferior race, together they stand proud and strong. Humans bring a distinct and unique culture to the table, unlike any other race of Eyr, crafting a complex and balanced justice system, more evolved than any other culture in the realm. The concept of maintaining one's innocence until proven guilty in a court of law is a fresh new perspective never before seen in Eyr, nor ardently practiced by any other race.

In regards to the weaknesses and drawbacks of Humans, some may be fairly obvious but others may not. If we were to look at the average Human, they may seem weak compared to more exalted fantasy races. This not only includes the strength and size but also their abilities and skills are condensed into a short lifespan, leaving not a lot of room for multiple masteries. Being mortal and susceptible to martial wounds and disease gives Humans a distinct disadvantage.

That being said, there are also many strengths to being a Human. For instance, a human alone can be easy to kill, but a horde of humans together may prove a difficult force to defeat. Tolerance and Resistance are also notable strengths. Humans are adaptable, they don’t fear change as other races do, and are able to maintain their culture while embracing adaptation and innovating solutions that might otherwise be unorthodox to other races. Having such short life spans, humans are ardently compelled to affect great change around them where a dragon or an elf might take centuries to do the same. Notably, humans are mortal, and their mortality affects their desire to survive as well as their fear of death. Everything in their nature to survive, from sex and procreation to fighting for their life, they do with unmatched passion.

Mankind may be small compared to the Dragons, or weak compared to the Orcs, but one thing is certain; they are not powerless. The Humans that make their stand in Eyr -- a land of godly creations and nightmarish figures -- strive to come out on top. Their bravery and strength should be understood and admired by all.


Human Subraces, Half-Breeds, and Race Changes by Affliction

A few diseases can permenantly change a Human to an entirely different race: Lycanthopy, Sirenum, and Vampirism. Demons may also claim a Human as its host body. Additionally, Humans may become Fae-Touched with the help of Mystfolk. Filling out a Standard Agreement Form when transitioning into a DemonVampire, or Wolf-Kin, is required. A Human becoming a Demon, Fae-Touched, Siren, Vampire or Wolf-Kin DOES NOT require purchasing the Race Change Reward from the Token Item Shop.

Please note, if you are interested in playing a race not described below, please contact an administrator for approval.

  SUBRACES:     Aasimar     Genasi     Tiefling  
  HALF-HUMANS     Half-Celestial     Half-Elf     Half-Greenskin  
  Half-Halfling     Half-Merfolk     Half-Mystfolk  

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