Planetouched Human

Planetouched Humans are cross breeds that possess blood of ancestors that originate from non material planes. Variants of such are the Genasi (Elemental Planes), The Aasimar (Celestial Plane) and Tieflings (Abyssal Plane). There are common traits between all three, despite how wildly divergent their planar ancestor comes from:

  • All Planetouched Humans are just as mortal as their normal human counterpart. No matter what their heritage is, they are still predominantly human and all the mortal trappings that come along with that.
  • They live a comparable lifespan as normal humans, where they can live up to a century.
  • No Mysts of Eyr Standard Planetouched character is a direct descendant of a cross breed pairing.


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The Aasimar

The Aasimar are descendants from a Human and Celestial pairing. Celestials are purely good-aligned, holy entities of immense power from the Astral Sea. Although many generations removed, the presence of their holy energy still lingers on in an Aasimar’s blood. While Celestials are good-aligned entities, Aasimar are not naturally good. As is the case with Humankind, Aasimar may follow any alignment they wish. Evil Aasimar do exist, but are seen as traitors to their kind and are normally hunted down along with Tieflings.

This cross breed of human is marked by signature characteristics that are said to represent a godly or holy image. Golden glowing eyes, silvery hair, and flawless skin are the most common features of an Aasimar. In some occasions, they are also born with pointed ears, which often causes the individual to be mistaken for an elf. Not all Celestials have wings, but in some very rare instances, Aasimar may also inherit a white or gray set of their own.

The Aasimar’s striking physical features make them stand out in a crowd and gather much unwanted attention. Because of this, they are often distant and wary of strangers and mostly create strong friendships with others of their own race. They can be very close-minded and somewhat shallow, leaving relations difficult for them to make. They view outside races as either naive, misunderstanding, untrustworthy, or all of these at once. It is primarily because of this that many may find them to be unfriendly.

The infernal equivalent to the Aasimar are called Tieflings. As their polar opposite, the two are compelled to clash with one another, often to the death. It is a very one-sided conflict as the Aasimar are small in number while a ceaseless number of new Tieflings are created.

They can also be driven by goals that can never realistically be accomplished, leaving them feeling very hollow. Because of their ancestry they may be arrogant or possibly even believe that they themselves are celestial entities. Despite any delusions to the contrary, they are still quite human and possess no god-like or celestial powers. Their bloodline only gifts them of minor celestial physical traits, stronger connections to divine-oriented magic, and an unnatural certain grace or elegance.