Planetouched Human

Planetouched Humans are cross breeds that possess blood of ancestors that originate from non material planes. Variants of such are the Genasi (Elemental Planes), The Aasimar (Celestial Plane) and Tieflings (Abyssal Plane). There are common traits between all three, despite how wildly divergent their planar ancestor comes from:

  • All Planetouched Humans are just as mortal as their normal human counterpart. No matter what their heritage is, they are still predominantly human and all the mortal trappings that come along with that.
  • They live a comparable lifespan as normal humans, where they can live up to a century.
  • No Mysts of Eyr Standard Planetouched character is a direct descendant of a cross breed pairing.


Copy of Windsoul genasi2The Genasi

Genasi are descended from a pairing of an elemental and a human. An elemental is a creature that is constructed entirely of one of the four elements - fire, water, air, earth. While still clearly humanoid, their physical appearance are very different from the norm and is dependant on what element their bloodline originates from. Skin tones vary from whites, blues, blacks, reds, grays, greens, browns, or yellows. Their eyes normally lack pupils and instead glow a hued light. Hair for Genasi often doesn’t resemble human hair at all. For example; an earth Genasi might possess a scalp of crystals or stone shards, a fire Genasi might have have hair that resembles a flaming torch, wispy floss or electrical sparks for air, perpetually damp/kelp-like locks for water, and so on. Another starkly noticed feature is the glowing colored patterns that trace and dance across their skin. These are sacred marks known as “szudar” and are a way of recognizing each other as normal humans do with facial features. The szudar is present from birth to death and may develop in greater detail as they age.

Genasi arrived in this realm alongside their wholly-humans counterparts. Often, they will become obsessed with a longing to visit the elemental planes; however, not being plane travellers themselves make this an extremely difficult desire to sate. This dilemma often causes great sorrow or discomfort until this goal is completed. Exposure to their their opposing element - fire to water, air to earth - can cause the Genasi to become agitated. Being mostly human, the natural elemental gifts can not and do not come close to compare to the power of a true elemental.