Planetouched Human

Planetouched Humans are cross breeds that possess blood of ancestors that originate from non material planes. Variants of such are the Genasi (Elemental Planes), The Aasimar (Celestial Plane) and Tieflings (Abyssal Plane). There are common traits between all three, despite how wildly divergent their planar ancestor comes from:

  • All Planetouched Humans are just as mortal as their normal human counterpart. No matter what their heritage is, they are still predominantly human and all the mortal trappings that come along with that.
  • They live a comparable lifespan as normal humans, where they can live up to a century.
  • No Mysts of Eyr Standard Planetouched character is a direct descendant of a cross breed pairing.



Tieflings are a subrace not unlike their counterparts, the Aasimar. They are planetouched humans possessing demonic heritage originating from the Abyssal Plane. They take on characteristics of demons and fiends. While they may descend from evil, Tieflings are not naturally evil beings. As is the case with Humankind, Tieflings may follow any alignment they wish.

As polar opposites to the celestial-originated Aasimar, the two are compelled to clash with one another, often to the death. Since restraint is not in a demon’s vocabulary, more corrupted blood is mixed with Humankind to produce even more Tieflings. It is because of their rapidly growing population that the Aasimar are very wary of them and are far more adamant over culling their numbers.

Their demonic heritage manifests as minor infernal physical features such as horns, hooves instead of feet, extra or taloned fingers, tails, discolored skin, or glowing eyes. Since many of these characteristics are subtle, Tieflings can usually blend in with Human society relatively easily.

Despite their ability to blend in with society, people can become very uncomfortable around Tieflings. Their infernal aura can cause nervousness or disquiet to those around them, whether others are aware of this or not. While not innately evil, their natural abilities are certainly more suited for skullduggery pursuits which adds to their negative reputation among common society. The darker races readily accept Tieflings as they are naturally skilled in stealth and guile. This makes them excellent pickpockets, thieves, and spies. If gifted with demonic claws, horns, or tails, these attributes also make for excellent weapons when needed.