Jungle Halflings are a race of small humanoids, half the size of a normal human. They are avid trappers and fishermen, using the natural waterways to their advantage. The Jungle Halflings are a very nomadic and mysterious people who practice the darker shamanistic arts, often incorporating necromantic practices in their magics.


Physiology & Biology

Physically, the Jungle Halflings appear as any other halfling, standing around 3 to 4 feet tall on average. While slight of build, they are very nimble and their skins range from midtones of ashen grey to honey or caramel colored. Hair is typically worn in thick piles of dreadlocks adorned with artifacts and decorations of tribal status and range in color from light brown, tawny, blonde and grey or white for elders. Eye color is unusual for halflings, often yellow with very few exceptions. Nails are grown long and filed to points and clothing is simplistic, often incorporating fur, bones, and other natural items.

While it has been stated that the Jungle Halfling is very nimble, they also have low light vision and are quite stealthy, able to move through the jungle terrain quietly and undetectable. On the other hand, the one major drawback of them is that they are unable to lift anything over 100 pounds, no matter their size or muscle capacity. What they lack in strength though, they make up for in spell casting and their impeccable knowledge of the dark arts.

Jungle Halflings also have the ability to raise the dead, performing scenes of complex tribal rituals with one another in order to accomplish this feat. It is one of the great things that this race has been known for, elders having the greatest success above all others in bringing back the dearly departed. It should be noted: if you are raising an NPC, please fill out an NPC application. If you are raising a player-character, please seek admin approval before doing so.


History & Culture

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The culture of the Jungle Halfling is one of elder hierarchy. Gender is not taken into effect for this, as all are thought of as equal in the eyes of their kin. Those elders that have proven themselves worthy of respect through their deeds are held in the highest regard. Some remote clans are led by a single elder, but more commonly, a council of elders oversee the halfling people.

Thier caste system is comprised mostly of rogue elements, followed closely by warrior castes, storytellers (bards), craftsmen, and shamans.  Oracles are often found within each clan and are usually females.  Rather than magical, these oracles are often psionic.  The shamans of the culture are the wielders of magic, especially necromancy.

Oral traditions (barding) are very important to them, and they tell elaborate epics that glorify their deities and ancestors using special effects such as colored smoke, drumming, singing, and magical cantrips / lights.  Experiencing a storytelling among halflings is a powerful and highly entertaining theatrical experience.

Jungle Halflings practice a form of animism and attribute great powers to plants, animals, and even inanimate objects, often assembling them into totems to represent their tribe and honor their ancestors. Ancestor worship is a very large part of their religious culture which explains why the elders have the highest power in their clans, regardless of gender. When it comes to religious expression, however, necromancy is used as the highest form. Bringing the dead back to life through necromancy is indicative of approval from their gods and ancestors and rituals performed by jungle halflings usually involve sacrifice, bloodletting, and complex dancing and chants.


Halfling Half-Breeds

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  HALF-HALFLINGS:   Half-Human