kitsuneBased predominantly on the Japanese mythical fox, the Kitsune within Eyr is considered a highly spiritual and magical creature famed for both its ability to shapeshift and its numerous tails, each representing a stage in its life-cycle through the ability to be ‘reborn’ after death.

It is said that a Kitsune’s spirit is infinite; born with a single tail, a Kitsune is both cunning and unquenchable in its quest for knowledge. Should a Kitsune survive its first century unscathed, it will pass over through mysterious natural causes into its next life, with its spirit reborn anew into another newborn cub yet with the addition of a second tail. This continues over and over, the Kitsune either meeting its end through various fates of illness or injury or succeeding to mark another one hundred years of life and learning. Whatever its demise, it is continuously reborn until all nine life cycles are spent.

Folktales often present Kitsune as tricksters with motives that vary from mischief to malevolence; their goals often include seduction, theft of food, humiliation of the prideful, or vengeance for a perceived slight. With innate magic, shapeshifting and a strong psionic affinity as their arsenal, their tactic is often to confuse targets with illusions or visions.

Other stories portray them as guardians, friends, and lovers, known to use their shifted forms to seduce or enter into relationships with those unbeknown to their true nature. Kitsune are known to keep their promises and strive to repay any favor. Occasionally a kitsune attaches itself to a person or household, where they can cause all sorts of mischief.



True Form

Kitsune are represented within Eyr as a traditional feral-fox; slightly smaller than a medium-sized domestic dog with a flattened skull, upright triangular ears, a pointed and slightly upturned snout. Their skin is covered in a downy coat of fur which, though often auburn or grey, can also appear as many colors on the spectrum, contrasting or complimenting their bright eyes which also vary widely in color.

Kitsune are most famed for their numerous bushy tails, having as many as up to nine in total, each representing a rebirth and with it a new layer of age and wisdom. Similar to the rings of a tree trunk, the current number of tails a Kitsune possesses indicates the position within its current life-cycle - the older and arguably wiser the Kitsune is, the more tails it will possess. Legend tells that a Kitsune’s fur turns white and it gains a golden tail when entering upon the ninth and final cycle; after which it enters the spirit world for evermore once final death come its way.

Shifted Form

All Kitsune possess the ability to naturally shapeshift into a Human. These are not hybrid forms, which means they cannot be combined to make an ‘interesting’ appearance, nor can they be humanoid in shape with animalistic features (no humanoid with fox ears, snouts or other Neko or furry like features). They may retain very subtle hints of their true form via brightness of the eyes, similar coloring of hair to fur and slightly sharper teeth and nails. A Kitsune -may- choose to reveal its tails in human form to those they trust, else they can be hidden via illusion to remain disguised.

Shifts are not limited by the fox’s age or gender, and a Kitsune can duplicate the appearance of any specific Human. They are particularly renowned for impersonating those they consider beautiful through admiration, vanity and/or the will to manipulate others.

As per Shapeshift rules, a Kitsune is limited to two shifts per twenty four hours.



  • Rebirth - each life-cycle may last up to 100 years, capping age at 900 years.
  • Magical Affinity - with particular prowess in illusion and transmutation. This is an innate ability that grows stronger with each life-cycle.
  • Shapeshift - the ability to shift into a Human - this allows them to blend into different environments and aids their trickster mentality.
  • Camouflage - through magical affinity, Kitsune are able to alter the color of their fur/tails in order to better blend into their surroundings.
  • Low Light Vision - this allows Kitsune to see well in almost total darkness.
  • Empathy - through concentrated energy, Kitsune are able to perceive emotion and mental well being. They also have the potential to influence the mindstate of others even when asleep through infiltration of dreams (with OOC consent).
  • Psionic Prowess - Kitsune are capable of premonition, though as with any race in Eyr, how correct these are will vary (and will require OOC consent)



  • Extreme Stimuli - enhanced senses make the Kitsune vulnerable to bright lights, sharp or loud noises, intense odors or general crowded environments.
  • Shapeshift - taking human form or reverting back to true form will always cause both physical pain as well as mental drain and fatigue through the use of innate magic to perform the shift. Even when shifted, all tails remain unless hidden via illusion plus a Kitsune will retain a fox-shaped shadow and reflection that may reveal its true form. This shift requires 3 posts to complete.
  • Predatory Aura - quite literally the opposite of predatory affinity; in all forms, natural prey is able to better detect the spiritual presence of a Kitsune and may become agitated, fearful, uneasy and seek to fight or take flight.
  • Hunted - Kitsune are often targeted by those seeking to take and exploit the mysterious power of their blood, some even believing it can grant longer life or immortality. Their tails are also considered valuable trophies.
  • Losing Tails - Should a Kitsune lose one of its tails, it will quickly passover into the next of its life-cycles, yet will lose all and any wisdom gained during its last reincarnation.



Within Mysts of Eyr Kitsune do NOT have the ability to do the following at this time:

  • Bend Time or Space.
  • Shapeshift naturally beyond their humanoid form (For additional shapeshifts please apply via the MoE Shapeshift Application).
  • Kitsunebi - have tails that produce fire or lightning
  • Command infinite knowledge - this includes the psionic ability to see or hear anything, anywhere in the world.
  • Appear in overly bright, cartoonish or neon coloring. This applies for both camouflage and true form coloring.
  • Inter-breed with other races.


Approved Avatars

Multi Tails: