Lizardfolk BattlechiefLizardfolk are a race of savage and cunning reptilian predators who are easily provoked and fiercely territorial. An ancient native race in the lands of Eyr, whose culture and tribal traditions remain unchanged for millennia, the Lizardfolk pride themselves on their conquests, skills, and their racially worshipped deity, Semuanya.

The Lizardfolk vary in appearance but are usually seen to be around 6 to 8 feet tall with various earthly colored scales that surround their bodies and large powerful tails that help them balance and swim at high speeds. They have been known to eat from various food sources that range from strictly vegetarian to almost cannibalistic. They have no preferred method of combat, able to be both brutes and spellslingers. The Lizardfolk of Eyr can be found mostly in swamps, sometimes even building small settlements to reflect a more domesticated life. But beware, for they do not look kindly on outsiders.


Physiology & Biology

Lizardfolk resemble bipedal reptilian humanoids whose imposing frame stands between 6 and 7 feet tall and weigh roughly anywhere from 200 to 250 pounds. Their scales, which cover their entire body, are normally dull earthy colors such as green, brown, or gray. Their heads are adorned with brightly colored frills or spiky spines and they have short crocodilian snouts. Lizardfolk also have a tail that measures usually three to four feet long which normally drags on the floor. However, despite its bulky and overbearing appearance it actually grants them remarkable stability and great maneuverability in the water, which helps them enormously with hunting and fishing.


Personality Traits

Many tribes watch the encroachment of warm-blooded humanoids in their lands with weariness and dread. Ingrained superstitions, isolationist tendencies, and aversion to change often puts Lizardfolk at odds with other races and as a result their numbers happen to suffer. Although they regard any mammal with a measure of disdain, among the more common native races they get along best with gnomes, who are flighty and not considered much of a threat, and Myconids, whose friendly demeanor and work ethics they respect.


Culture & History

LizardfolkJungleLizardfolk dwell in highly communal, primitive settlements deep within the swamps and marshlands of Eyr. Their society is patriarchal, with the strongest male normally leading tribes and using the tribe’s shamans as his advisors. Despite their boorish treatment of outsiders, among their own Lizardfolk are extremely sociable and love trading stories and conquests.

In regards to the common misconception that Lizardfolk are evil, they actually tend towards a neutral alignment due to the fact that they find the struggle for survival is more important than how that survival is sustained. They may be a temperamental people but they rarely hold grudges, and they have a surprising pragmatic approach to faith, often offering prayers to one another.

Increasingly more common among the tribes, younger Lizardfolk, either curious of civilization or eager to prove themselves, often leave their ancestral swamps to experience the outside world. for those facing exile, adventuring like this is also the most viable option for survival. Lizardfolk make formidable combatants and are naturally skilled barbarians and rangers.

Male Names: Arashk, Braza, Drazzat, Grauk, Guhet, Kaszuk, Kiuz, Rashaz, Traz, Varak, Yizzik.

Female Names: Crae, Drazda, Hara, Hesk, Jazaka, Kroga, Riza, Saraza, Saress, Zara, Yikuz.


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