DolphinmerDolphinmer are thought to be connected to the friend of Poseidon, Delphin who when Amphitrite ran away from the tempestuous deity, followed her and spoke on Poseidon's behalf. It is thought that Delphin was the matchmaker of the legendary divine coupling of Amphitrite and Posiedon, and Dolphinmer to this day are considered to be consummate matchmakers as well as signs of fair weather for ships on the water.



Dolphinmer have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a dolphin. They are extremely agile in the water, and exceedingly playful. They tend to be on the smaller side of most merfolk, though streamlined, and perpetually youthful in appearance.



Ceaselessly playful it could be said that Dolphinmer never really grow up. They live in close-knit family groups called pods, often intermingled with Dolphins. They are friendly, intelligent and extremely sociable creatures. This makes choosing a mate very open for them being as same sex partnerings are common, as are multiple partnerships. The young in a pod are often cared for by the entire group. This often leads to a merchild not knowing who there blood parents are, because the pod each act as mother and father. They have an eye for a well suited couple, and their liberal views on the subject give them an almost uncanny insight.



  • Dolphinmer are extremely agile in the water, more so than any other merfolk.
  • They use echolocation to find objects.
  • They have a knack for matchmaking couples and for mediating disputes.
  • They live about 200 years, keeping them youthful and playful.



  • Dolphinmer are air breathers and, must surface frequently (every 3 posts) to breathe..
  • Dolphinmer usually cannot see very well. They rely on echolocation for most of the information they would otherwise see.



 Dolphinmer can take on a humanoid landform once daily, with the following guidelines:

  • You only get two forms: Your Mer Form and a Land Form. The Land Form may have fins, scales, and other vestiges of merfolk heritage if you choose.
    • Please do not abuse this privilege by shifting too frequently.
    • We ask that you use at least two post rounds to complete your character's shift. Your character's shift can be interrupted, and we ask every other shapeshifting character race to use more than one post round to accomplish a shift. You should as well.
    • Merfolk are water dwellers, and are at their best in the water- take this into consideration. A dolphinmer may take to land, but they experience limited eyesight and limited echolocation abilities out of water. Spells cast in landform will reflect this weakness and may fail.