JellyfishmerJellyfish mer possess the torso of a humanoid, but from the waist down are complete jellyfish, including poisonous barbs and stingers, and in some cases bioluminescent markings. The bell of the jellyfish mer pulsates for movement, while the tentacles trail behind with their stinging barbs. Despite these formidable defenses, jellyfish mer are sweet and docile by nature and do not seek conflict.

They live in large groups called smacks, which are psychically linked to each other. Jellyfish mer are only found alone when pulled away from the group by rough tides or other unfortunate events. Not the strongest swimmers, lone jellyfish mer are sadly not a rare sight. Without a group, jellyfish mer suffer due to the severed psychic bond, and protection in numbers, and they will eventually die if they do not find a community, even of other types of mer, to belong to.



  • Jellyfish mer have natural defenses with stinging and poisonous barbs on their tentacles.
  • They are linked to their group, and can telepathically communicate to those in their smack.
  • Jellyfish mer can regenerate after an injury, within reason. The jelly bell can sustain heavy damage and still regenerate, but renders the mer defenseless and motionless. The humanoid portion of the form can sustain minor damage and heal in a 24 period.
  • Jellyfish mer, much like their jellyfish kindred, can live lives of enormous length unless diseased or damaged, up to 2000 years.



  • Jellyfish mer are not physically strong and possess no natural fighting abilities. Their barbs and stingers are the only line of non-magical defense.
  • If in mer form on land, jellyfish mer are completely vulnerable and will die in a matter of hours if not returned to the water.
  • They are slow swimmers and not very agile.



Jellyfish Mer can take on a humanoid landform once daily, with the following guidelines:

  • You only get two forms: Your Mer Form and a Land Form. The Land Form may have fins, scales, and other vestiges of merfolk heritage if you choose, with the exception of poisonous barbs and other jellyfish mer defenses.
    • Please do not abuse this privilege by shifting too frequently.
    • We ask that you use at least two post rounds to complete your character's shift. Your character's shift can be interrupted, and we ask every other shapeshifting character race to use more than one post round to accomplish a shift. You should as well.
    • Merfolk are water dwellers, and are at their best in the water- take this into consideration. Jellyfish mer are extremely weak and vulnerable on land, lacking their natural protections. Spells cast in landform will reflect this weakness and will not be as effective.