MermaidBy far the most well seen of the Merfolk, Mermaids’ origins and abilities are speculated by variety of cultures throughout the Mystaran Archipelago.

Aradians describe Mermaids as looking like humans, just able to breathe underwater. This is contrary to the appearance of actual Mer.

Eyranese references claim that pearls are the tears of mermaids, and that mermaids are capable of knitting a magnificent magical cloth from sea foam that can restore vitality.

Mystarans believe Mermaids are derivative and descendant of Oceanids, otherwise known as ocean nymphs.

Pirates of the Baleful Sea see them as bad omens, a promise that the one who sees them will never return to land.

Other references are found of mermaids saving sailors from shipwrecks and guiding lost or floundering ships to home ports.



Mermaids are the Archetypal Female Merfolk; a human woman from the hips to the head, and from the hips down, a fish. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and origins, usually reflective of their home waters.

They are naturaly beautiful, though rarely terribly vain about it. They love to decorate their bodies with beautiful things they find in the waters: a pretty shell tied into the hair, kelp braided into a necklace or a bracelet, for example. Though unlike their Siren sisters, they do so to display something pretty they found, and not to make themselves lovelier.



Mermaids are typically very generous personalities with a reverence for life in various ways. This does not necessarily force them into a saccharine sweet personality.

While there is a degree of naivete and innocence that seems intrinsic to their social function, it is not a matter of being unintelligent, simply more as if they are so utterly focused and in love with their own world that the worlds of others are of magnificently little interest to them. So to many land-dwellers, they may seem ignorant or unknowing. However, ask where to find a particular variety of kelp, or where the schools of fish can be found and at what time of day, and they will often be able to answer without hesitation.

The Maidens of the sea are happiest within it, and almost universally declare this fact. They seem free of many of the cares and worries of life that we might expect.

There are tales of Mermaids meeting a land-dweller and forsaking their life in the sea for the sake of love. This seems in line with their romantic natures. They are the breath and the life of Merfolk, and as myriad as their colors are their personalities, though they are typically always memorable.

Their innocence and romantic nature lends them toward being easily manipulated, but caution is warned in that once discovered, they can be vengeful.

With the above being said, a romantic nature is often drawn to tragedy. A reverence for life can be considered a reverence for the cycle of it, with an easy acceptance of death as simply part of the nature of things. The ultimate folly of man would be to mistake a mermaid for a weak-willed personality. They are fiercely independent and treasure their freedom dearly. It is upon their personal standard that the common system of merit and ability granting status rather than birthright has permeated the Merfolk. It is upon their ideals of freedom that much of merfolk society has been built.



  • Mermaids are so at one with the ocean, that they have an almost preternatural sense of the watery world around them. They can tell where they are, what's around them, upcoming changes in weather, when the tides move, even the time of day simply for being in the water and being that aware of it. When sunning on rocks or on land, they are not as well aware and oriented.
  • Mermaids are capable of healing minor injuries of both themselves and others twice per day. They must be in contact with the water in order to accomplish this, and it is a spell like ability, needing at least 2 posts to cast. With practice this skill can be increased and expanded upon. A vocation in healing is a natural fit for a mermaid.
  • Mermaids have the gift of long life and a perpetually youthful appearance. A mermaid can live up to 500 years.



Mermaids are innocent by nature and usually ignorant of deceptions by others as well as anything outside of their watery world. They are gullible and easily manipulated, particularly young mermaids. Older maids may put on the guise of innocence and use this to their advantage.



Mermaids can take on a humanoid landform as many times as they want, with the following guidelines:

  • Please do not abuse this privilege by shifting too frequently.
  • We ask that you use at least two post rounds to complete your character's shift. Your character's shift can be interrupted, and we ask every other shapeshifting character race to use more than one post round to accomplish a shift. You should as well.
  • Merfolk are water dwellers, and are at their best in the water - take this into consideration. A mermaid will never be a master of dance or landwalker martial arts. A practiced mermaid may be able to walk or even jog reasonably, but will never be wielding a sword on land with grace.