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According to mythology, the Siren's once cheerful songs turned toward mourning. Men, already attracted to the music, would literally dive off of cliffs to try to get to the women and soothe the aching sadness of their songs.



Sirens can appear as striking mermaids, though very often with an inhuman quality to their beauty.

Some have the tails of great sharks, others are those of scaled fish and some are much more serpentine in appearance. Their colors also vary widely. They love to adorn themselves with valuables of every kind and will even barter with humans for them, bringing up items from submerged wreckages to swap for pretty things.

Sirens be a little wilder in appearance than their mermaid sisters, and this can become exaggerated as their hunger increases (particularly for blood). Some sirens' eyes will change color and shape depending on their thirst, growing more cat-like as their instincts and desire to hunt take over. Others have claws, sharp teeth, and other natural weapons to assist them in the hunt.

All Sirens are infected with a disease called Sirenum. They can be born with it, or can be infected later in life through the bite of a Siren. Infection through a bit is intentional, meaning a siren must intend to infect their chosen victim. This leads to an incredibly slow and painful progressive change process. Only Humans and Merfolk may be infected this way.


Sirens are the most vain of all sea creatures, save perhaps Tritons. They absolutely adore being verbally praised and stealing the attention of males from many races and pride themselves on being more attractive than other females around.

Sirens are capricious creatures whose singing can enchant other races (literally). Sirens are not necessarily cruel, but they do enjoy enchanting and controlling others. They have a tendency to look down on other races, with the exception of elves, who they have a grudging respect for. Sirens do not get along well with many races, with the exception of elves, who have a resistance towards the siren's music. They are usually chaotic neutral with a tendency towards evil.

Sirens tend to be very territorial of places, people or things that catch their attention. Competitive by nature, they will get along well with fellow sirens until there is a limited resource to be won. When sirens are in good spirits, they can be extremely affectionate with one another, to the point of making others nervous or uncomfortable.

When sirens have been without blood for an extended period of time their temperments grow more turbulent than a tempest in hurricane season and others would do well to stay out of their way. They become less and less aware of themselves as their hunger takes over, even attacking friends or loved ones if provoked.

Not all sirens are female but a majority of them are. Typically this is because sirens are more likely to prey upon men and convert women into helpful sisters. Male sirens are often loners and compete directly against small shoals of female sirens.


  • Sirens live much longer lives than their original race; multiplying the expected lifespan by a factor of 3. They age incredibly slowly. Natural Born Sirens age at a normal rate until their first breeding season (for roleplay purposes in alignment with sim rules, this is 18 years of age). After that, the aging process slows down. Natural Born Sirens typically live about 1,500 years.
  • The Siren’s Song
    • The song is an Enchantment of the arcane variety.
    • The song presents an area affect; anyone within hearing can be affected by it.
    • As a spell, the siren’s song is a 3-post cast, which CAN be interrupted. Full force is not achieved until the 3rd post.
    • Unless a character is hearing impaired or an elf, they are NOT immune to the sirens’ song.
    • The song can have both physical and emotional effects.
    • Sirens have a land form that can have vestiges of their merfolk heritage, including scales, ear fins, and other small traits.
    • Sirens possess the heightened senses of a predator: keen eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell.
    • Sirens can be up to 1.5 times stronger than a human in merform.


  • Sirens are perpetually haunted by a hunger for blood. While they may eat other things, and even enjoy rather normal and varied diets, blood is an absolute necessity. They must consume it in small amounts regularly. The more sentient the creature from which blood is taken, the longer they can go between feedings. Older or more Magical creatures are often sought out, as the time between feedings can last longer.
  • Failing to sate the hunger results in a slow and painful physical change in Siren. Initially it is like severe hunger pangs, and a Siren may be more irritable or combative. Then the siren may become more animal like in form, long claws growing from the fingers, the skin may changing in color. A siren in the full throes of Hunger is a horrible thing to see, half mad, absolutely murderous, with no recollection of emotional ties or seeming coherent intelligent thoughts. They become entirely about satisfying the now agonizing hunger that has consumed both body and mind and can go on murderous rampages attacking and killing everything and everyone around them until the Hunger decides to release its hold. If the Siren is restrained and prevented from sating the hunger, they can actually go completely mad and starve to death.
  • They are easily manipulated when their vanity is appealed to or when provoked into a competition.


Siren can take on a humanoid landform as many times as they want, with the following guidelines:

  • Please do not abuse this privilege by shifting too frequently.
  • We ask that you use at least two post rounds to complete your character's shift. Your character's shift can be interrupted, and we ask every other shapeshifting character race to use more than one post round to accomplish a shift. You should as well.
  • Merfolk are water dwellers, and are at their best in the water - take this into consideration. A mermaid will never be a master of dance or landwalker martial arts. A practiced mermaid may be able to walk or even jog reasonably, but will never be wielding a sword on land with grace.

The Siren’s Song

Overview of the Siren’s Song:

There seems to be so much ambiguity in roleplaying both the casting of, and the effects of, the Sirens’ Song. This section offers some suggestions for both sides of the equation to help enhance the roleplay. The Song of a Siren is mechanically a 3-post cast, an Enchantment, and an arcane effect. Full force is not achieved until the 3rd post.

The Siren’s Song is powered by the Siren’s innate connection with the sea. In practical application, it is a lot more, and because of that, it requires more from those who wield it. It is not targeted, but is an area effect - can take hold of any who hear it. Such power can take time to build within the singer and to be cast. Sirens must be wary when casting a song, though as interruptions can take much recovery. Drawing energy from the waters around the singer and then weaving such intricate sounds to reach into the very heart and soul of the listener to bring about the intended effects requires a great deal of concentration - even a small break in that concentration can break the spell. If such a thing occurs and the siren is lucky, she may only need to begin casting her song again. Should the listener realize what is happening, the siren may not get a second chance.

Each siren's song differs, partly due to the singer and partly due to the listener. The song speaks to those who hear it, weaving a compelling, alluring magic around them, calling to something deep within. Perhaps the siren sings to affect a visual illusion, making herself seem brighter or more seductive - whatever fits the object of desire best for the listener. The siren may also paint an image, a place of comfort, or a source of happiness to relax and lure the listener into a false sense of security. A siren's song is an incredibly beautiful sound, for there is no bard, instrument, singer, or orchestra that comes close to the sounds a Siren makes when she sings. Depending on the circumstances the song may be haunting, empowering, or alluring; however, the physical effects on the listener will vary. Some will see an image painted around them that relaxes the muscles, and makes them pliant to the suggestions of the singer, while others may find a strength of will or of body, and be empowered by the song. Others may find only comfort and solace in the song.

Sirens vary in the level of power and control they have over their songs. Young or inexperienced singers may find it harder to build a complex illusion, and may stick to simply using the allure of their voices and their beauty to lure in a meal, or may affect a 'glamour' upon themselves. More experienced or more powerful casters may weave an intricate scene, drawing a glamour over themselves as well as over the listener, creating around them a realistic vision and making them believe they are elsewhere. The most powerful singers can harness the sonic energy they create to kinetic effect, casting resonating shockwaves of sound.

For The Singers

The Basics

The Sirens’ Song is mechanically a spell, an Enchantment, and an arcane effect. It is powered by the Sirens’ innate connection with the sea. In practical application it is a lot more, and because of that it requires more from those who wield it. IM your scene partner(s) to see if they are interested in such an interaction. Share information - this sets the tone for a great experience for all involved.

The Sirens’ Song is not targeted. It is an area effect and can take hold of any who hear it. Because of that, under the spellcasting in RP recommendations, it is a three-post cast.
However, in light of that fact, It IS a cast, and it CAN be interrupted (and may well be). The song won’t take full hold until the third post, and so people are free to act until that third post. The Song also takes a lot of concentration and effort. If that concentration is broken, you will most likely have to restart the cast. For example, if someone hits you, makes you move more than a step, or makes you dodge anything larger than a baseball, your concentration is broken and your cast has to be started over.


Your posts should be as descriptive and inviting as possible. Touch different senses. Paint stories and pictures with your songs. Make it clear to the listeners what they hear and how it CAN affect them. Always attempt - never force your will. When you sing, you are essentially inviting people to join you in a scene, so make that invitation as enticing as possible. An IM with your intentions also makes the other player more comfortable with your toothy self.

For Those Who Listen

Let us start with fact: unless your character is hearing impaired, you are not immune to the Siren’s Song. No one in Eyr is perfectly immune to anything. Your Magic resistance doesn’t allow you to simply ignore the Song. That’s a little like someone dropping a fireball in the room and you shrugging it off. It’s going to have an effect, and with three posts at a minimum to the cast, it’s going to take some pretty serious magic resistance to overcome the song. It’s also going to take a concentrated effort.

Potential Effects of the Siren Song

It can have physical effects, a lullaby that relaxes the muscles and feels pleasant. It can have visual effects, like having things appear around the siren or the siren herself may look brighter, or the song may paint images. It can have emotional effects - you can feel as the song urges you to feel.

It will sound beautiful and compelling - incredibly so. There’s no bard, instrument, singer, or orchestra that comes close to the sounds a Siren makes when she sings. It’s filled with power and emotion and beauty. Even if you aren’t enspelled, it’s still definitely something to hear, and should be a remarkable experience.

Clamping your hands over your ears, or stuffing wax in them won’t work unless you’re far enough away for the sound to be dissipated. Try it in RL. You can still hear. Sirens, like all merfolk, have to be able to convey sounds underwater, which takes a lot more work. So they can be very, very loud when they want to be.

Deflecting the Siren Song

Stick your head under water. It’s very very difficult for sound to cross the surface between air and water. If the Siren’s underwater? Keep your head out of water. Granted, this could turn into a game of bobbing up and down like this.

Interrupting the song is an effective method. Effective interruption methods include solid hits, dumping a bucket of water over their head, dropping a blanket over them and wrapping them up like a mummy, or anything else you can do to distract them before the third post. Also, This makes you actually interact them them instead of just avoiding them.

The Reality

Sirens do not have to eat flesh, and they do not have to kill. And of course, your permission is needed for such an action. The bite is something like a vampire’s. They drain a small amount of blood and are done. You might not want to stand up too fast. You also might want a glass of orange juice to balance your blood sugar back out. But that’s usually the extent of it.