Referred to as puca, phooka, pooka, puka, phouka, púka, pwca (Welsh), bucca (Cornish), pouque (Dgernesiais), glashtyn, and gruagach, the pooka is a changeling creature of Celtic origins and is one of many fae folk that are respected as much as they are feared. As they are considered the bringers of both good and evil, the pooka are often either very helpful or utter doom to people or even entire communities. As such, the stories attributed to the pooka vary from menacing to beneficent, and even to a blood thirst that borders on cannibalism.

Pooka Appearance

  • The Base Appearance

    • The base pooka appearance has a range of skin tones from teal to brown to even pinks or pale shades. There are no extremely bright colors, however, as they lean closer to natural tones, regardless of color.
    • The base appearance has pointed, elf-like ears.
    • The base appearance can have goat-like horns.
    • The base appearance has clawed feet, which are humanoid in appearance except for the long, sharp claws, which are typically black.
    • The base appearance has a flesh-toned tail.
  • The Shifted Appearance

It should be noted that ALL animal forms have black fur or feathers and pooka exhibit either red or yellow glowing eyes. These are not hybrid forms, which means these cannot be combined to make an ‘interesting’ appearance, nor can they be a humanoid shape with animalistic features (no humanoid with rabbit features, no humanoid with equine features, etc). You have a limit of three shifts, and you must fill out the shapeshifter application in order to use said shifts. As with all shapeshifting, there should be limitations on use and some weaknesses from completing the shifting process.

  • Black colt
  • Withered goblin
  • Hairy Bogeyman
  • Eagle
  • Black goat with curled horns
  • Black dog
  • A rabbit
  • Human male (pale skin and either black or other dark hair colors, same glowing red or yellow eyes)
  • Human female (pale skin and either black or other dark hair colors, same glowing red or yellow eyes)
  • Bull
  • Donkey
  • Raven or Crow

Base Appearances, Male and Female:


  • Dealing With Pooka (For other races)

As pooka are a trickster race, it is important to take note of some of the things they are capable of. This section is to keep the pooka players and those that may interact with them aware of some of the encounters that are possible, provided OoC consent is given and all parties involved agree.

  • The archetype of the pooka is that of a trickster, but it is also seen as a spirit of fertility for its power to create or destroy.
  • The habitat of pooka are the high mountaintops and hillsides. If they can manage to find one near the formation point of a waterfall, all the better.
  • The pooka are associated with the Harvest, as such anything left behind in a field is considered pooka or fairy-blasted, and thus inedible. Reapers typically leave a small share behind for the pooka in order to placate them during the Harvest season. Failure to placate the pooka in times of harvest can lead to the vandalizing of homes, businesses, and crops. Of course, OoC consent is necessary to be able to do these things.
  • On the subject of vandalizing property; the pooka are also known for choosing someone they wish to take on midnight dashes. They will stand outside the home of the person they have chosen, calling out their name for the midnight adventure. If the person they have set their sights on refuses, they will retaliate by vandalizing the property. Once again, this can only been done with OoC consent.
  • If a human wishes to obtain two promises from a pooka that are within the pooka's power to achieve, they must find a way to obtain three hairs from said pooka and weave them into a bridle. When the pooka is in a coltish form, they may attempt to catch the pooka and use the bridle to ride the colt-pooka until they are exhausted, causing their will to bend further and agree to the promises. These promises can either be used by the rider or given to someone the rider cares for. However, as with all things, there is no guarantee the the promises will be kept in full, or that they will not be worded in interesting ways when promises to elicit another result.
  • On the subject of riding a pooka, when one is NOT under the control of a bridle containing strands of their own hair, the more mean-spirited of the pooka have been known to coerce children into riding on their backs, only to take them on a harrowing ride that ends in a leap off a cliff that could prove fatal or near fatal to said child. Of course, OoC consent must be given prior to this, and they may choose to not die, but rather come to the edge of death. See the OoC Consent Rules for more information.
  • The pooka are capable of human speech, even when shifted. In their more benevolent moods, they are also known for giving advice or leading people away from danger. Of course, the reverse is also true, and as one cannot always predict the pooka's moods, choosing to listen to them is a matter of pure chance.
  • The pooka are capable of having premonitions, though as with any race in Mystara, how correct these are will vary.
  • As the tricksters they are, the pooka in their human guise may attempt to worm their way into the confidences of someone, and in doing so they are capable of 'attaching' themselves to that person, much like a shadow (though no, there are no thought-communications across the realm, there are just general feelings they may feel from one another, but only if emotions are running fairly high). This is important to note because the pooka can also take on invisibility, hiding themselves in plain sight, but only the person(s) they are attached to can see them, but this view of the pooka is typically a vastly faded version of themselves, resembling a ghost that is mostly faded from view. The pooka will also protect this person or persons, at least until they grow weary of them, they die, or something else catches their attention.