Relationships between Eyr’s Naga are complicated ordeals that revolve around mutual respect and desire. Marriage within the Naga Tribe is a deeply formal and respected event, those that choose to wed often doing so for life because of their long lifespans. The ceremony is traditionally performed by a naga elder representing the aspect of Shekinester that best suits the couple to be wed. The ceremony consists of the calling of Shekinester to be present in approving the bond between both parties, a mingling of the innate magic between both parties, and, should the Three-Faced Queen approve the marriage, two prepared objects of the couple's choosing will bind the couple’s spirits as a gift from Shekinester herself. Those that wish to no longer be married are insulting the gift Shekinester has given and, though they are not forbidden to separate, they must prepare to face punishment.


Maturity and Coming of Age

Because of the Naga’s long lifespans, the age of 150 years is considered to be adulthood. This ceremony is, in truth, one of the Tribes very few celebrations and a truly spectacular event. The Tribe offers gifts of knowledge, magic, and wealth to the newly anointed adult, the value of the gift determining the approval of the varying Naga in the Tribe. A feast is held in honor of the newly anointed adult and Shekinester is invited to spread her presence about the celebration and participate in her own way. The coming of age celebration in the Naga Tribe is the beginning of the newly anointed adults true contribution to the Tribe as a whole. A mature Naga is expected to be equally wise and cunning, loyal to the Tribe beyond a fault, and hold a deep respect for Shekinester.

Prior to the celebration a ritual takes place. The Tribe Ashamana takes the Naga in question to a secluded reflective pool of water and invokes Shekinester’s aspect, The Empowerer. The Naga in question will then be tested by The Empowerer, the test varying based on individual basis.


Gender Roles

The Naga Tribe views all genders as inconsequential when it comes to anything other than the act of mating. The males and females in the Tribe are both to be respected and valued for all they are capable of accomplishing. Sexuality is based on mutual interest in the Naga Tribe and unsolicited sexual conduct may quickly turn toward combat.

Note: As listed in our Sim Rules, all sexual roleplay must be done in IMs and does not affect the roleplay of the Tribe ICly. Any sexual roleplay must gain OOC consent from all parties involved. This is non-negotiable!



Handling of the Dead

Naga cremate their dead. in ancient times the dead was buried, but problems arose with the Jungle Halflings and their use of necromancy. Considering the raising of their dead to be a blasphemous thing, the Naga adapted to giving their dead to fire. This is traditionally done one of two ways. Those of local importance are taken to the volcano and lain in the molten rock to be utterly consumed. This is a grand affair. Lesser known members of the tribe who pass on are also cremated, but commonly with not as much fanfare as the well-respected would garner. When a volcano is not optional or a smaller ceremony is preferred/required, magic or a funeral pyres can be used to consume the body. The Tribe believes that the fire is purification sent from Shekinester to make the spirit of the fallen Naga pure enough to pass on to her realm.



The Naga worship the Three-Faced Goddess, otherwise called Shekinester. She can appear as the aspect of spirit nagas, water nagas, and guardian nagas. She has a different symbol for each of her aspects: as the Weaver her symbol is a mask, as the Empowerer her symbol is a mirror, and as the Preserver her symbol is a grain jar. Shekinester calls the Court of Light her realm and it holds a portal into the Abyss. Divided into three parts, the Court is sought out by those planewalkers that wish to purify their souls and test their character. The realm is split into three different sections symbolizing the three natures of the Naga Queen. Outermost is the Loom of the Weaver, a maze of tangled, thorny vegetation, then the Hall of Tests, the Empowerer's palace, and within the palace is the Arching Flame, a spirit-cleansing fire guarded by the Preserver. The three aspects of Shekinester are deeply ingrained into the Tribe, almost every ritual and custom finding root in the worship of the Goddess.