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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you role-play a Wolf-Kin in Mysts of Eyr, you must first submit a Wolf-Kin Standard Agreement Form.

Wolf-kin are an aggressive and passionate race. Immigrants from the doomed Mystara, the few that remain in Eyr are fierce individuals. They were forced to rely on their own for survival when their pack was decimated and scattered by the native bastet. During each full moon most are forced under Luna’s will to transform into beasts born of fury and blood thirst. Their hunger is only sated once the pale moonlight ebbs and the sun rises again. The night of the full moon holds sway over their minds and hearts as the wolves hunt the jungles with wild abandon. All that happen to fall into their grasp will assuredly meet a bloody end.



In Eyr, there are two different types of wolf-kin: Garou and Lycan. The major difference between the two wolf-kin variants is that Lycans are only the product of Humans being infected with the Lycanthropy disease OR one or two Lycans bearing offspring. Garou are ONLY the product of a Garou mating with a human to bear offspring (Garou do not produce viable offspring together, and they must mate with humans to further their racial existence). Garou in Eyr specifically reference White Wolf lore for the racial traits and descriptions. Together, the wolf-kin can take on several forms of the wolf. Click Here to see the list of acceptable forms as well as approved avatars for Wolf-kin.

Injury Regeneration in RP

In all forms, wounds and injuries from most sources heal more rapidly than a human, and a wolf-kin can eventually recover from almost any wound that is not instantly fatal.

Small wounds heal within 4 posts.

Larger wounds will take 4 to 5 posts to heal.

Small limbs such as fingers, toes, eyes take between 4-6 days.

Larger limbs such as arms or legs can take up to two weeks.

NOTE : Any injury sustained from pure silver cannot be regenerated, and will require medical or magical aid in order to heal at all.

NOTE ABOUT GAROU: Garou have the regeneration that a lycan possesses, however they possess all the same weaknesses of a lycan including wolfsbane, silver, and one additional: The bite or claws of another supernatural creature. Be it another lycan, a vampire, a wraith in the Umbra, or some other supernatural creature - the wounds can render a Garou dead very quickly as they cannot be healed through regeneration. Extraordinary healing efforts are required to save a Garou's life from a supernatural creature attack.


Wolf-kin Subtypes

garouThere are primarily two types of Shape-shifting Wolf-Kin known to walk the land of Eyr. These are the only ones included in the Standard. Please read the information and select your desired race below.

The Lycan

The Lycan is most commonly known as a human infected with Lycanthropy - a disease transmitted in-utero, intravenously, or by infectious bite. Humans infected with Lycanthropy are forced to shape-shift into a bestial wolf-like form every month during the full moon. It is said the Lycans worship the goddess Luna and draw their power from the energy of the Moon. In truth, most lycans carry over their beliefs from human life, prior to infection, though some do seek out the ancient lunar traditions. Primal in nature, every Lycan is instilled with the natural urges of Wolf-kin: from pack nature, to aggression, to breeding season, they often assume many of the natural tendencies of wolves. Some Lycans - most notably those born to one or both parents being Lycans or infected Lycans that have existed for many centuries - have learned to express more control over their shape-shifting and are able to assume a variety of hybrid forms on the spectrum of human to wolf. While Lycans are long-lived, they are not immortal; a number of things can kill them including wounds that cannot be regenerated (such as beheading) and wounds created by silver.

The Lycanthropy Disease

The disease is blood-borne, and is most commonly transmitted through a bite from a Lycan or in-utero, from mother to fetus. Lycan Hybrids - Half-Human/Half-Elf are permitted to be a Lycan however (those infected that are not humans and half-humans, those born from non-human/half-human parents, or some other creation) are not permitted. This means no Demon-Lycans, Vampire-Lycan abominations, and other such creatures.

Lycans fall into two main divisions: those born as lycans, and those infected with it later in life. Those infected with the disease later in life, also called "turned lycans", are not able to control their shifts usually, and will shift on the full moon whether they like it or not. Most turned lycans never learn to control their shifts, but ones who have managed a very long lifespan can obtain some control - but not much. Lycans can only be born from a lycan mother who passes on the disease via the placenta. A non-lycan pregnant mother who is bitten during her pregnancy will likely not survive, nor will her fetus.

Becoming a Lycan in RP

When a player is bitten by a lycan the lycanthropy is passed through the saliva and into the open wound. The lycan “curse” is very contagious to humans, as well as half-human. Once the player gives consent to be infected they will begin going through the transformation process. Their bite wound will begin to heal, but slowly, leaving a permanent scar that all bitten lycans will carry on their body. Within the next two days after the bite they will come down with a very high fever. The fever is not constant at this stage and only spikes from time-to-time. The closer the next full moon comes the more intense and aggressive the fever will become. Along with the fever comes vivid dreams of their attack, the wolf that attacked them, and visions of a pack of wolves surrounding them. These dreams will become more and more intense, often causing the victim to be frightened of sleep, and even inducing delusions of being hunted or stalked while awake. During the dreams they will find a single wolf will begin to stand out among the others, leaving the pack to fade into the background. This will be the wolf spirit that eventually chooses to meld with the victim's mind at the moment of their first shift.

While they suffer the fever and dreams the bitten will also have physical pains. The body will begin to ache deep within the bones with a constant state of exhausting discomfort.Their muscles will ache, bones and joints begin to feel unstable and painful, and they will suffer headaches and chills. These pains can become crippling at times and vary in intensity, growing ever more frequent and intense as the night of the next full moon approaches.

Along with the physical pain they will begin to experience emotional turmoil. Mood swings are a large part of the infection, leaving the bitten to suffer bouts of aggression, fear, and anxiety. The closer the wolf spirit connects with them the more intense the emotional instability will occur. These emotional outbursts will often be accompanied by sudden, sometimes disturbing changes in behavior. A victim may suddenly have a powerful craving for rare or even raw meat, to the exclusion of any other food; some may find themselves seeking out small, enclosed spaces in which to sleep; still others may find themselves overwhelmed as their senses become suddenly, painfully heightened for periods of time, leaving them acutely sensitive to smells and sounds during these occurrences.

Once the bitten nears the week of the full moon their body will begin small shifts and their emotional state will become raw and chaotic. Small physical changes will occur from claws piercing through their fingertips to long canines tearing through their gums. Many will show signs of their wolf through a change in eye color, hair color, and even a darkening or lightening of skin tone as the fur tries to manifest itself.

The Garougarou2

A creature of Gaia, Garou believe themselves to be the fated destroyers of the Wyrm, or "Eater of Worlds", as well of protectors of Gaia's creations. Intimately connected with nature, Garou are typically a peaceful race. However, when they must protect something they hold dear, they will fight viciously. Garou are naturally gifted with the ability to pierce the "Umbra" or spirit world; as such, they can communicate with supernatural entities beyond the grave. Garou do not mate with one another as it is considered taboo and against their tenets. Such a pairing produces offspring that are born disfigured and sterile (called Metis). In order to propogate their kind, they must breed externally with humans, which result in a Garou only 1 out of 10 times. All Garou express exquisite control over their shape-shifting, and they can assume a variety of hybrid forms on the spectrum of human to wolf. While Garou are long-lived, they are not immortal; a number of things can kill them, including wounds that cannot be regenerated (such as beheading) and wounds created by silver. Additionally, should their flesh be pierced by the teeth or claws of a supernatural creature while in the Umbra (spirit world), the wound cannot heal and ultimately ends in death. Supernatural creatures include ghosts, wraiths, vampires and shadow-people.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Wolf-kin in Eyr all possess the universal weaknesses listed below. Their strengths and additional weaknesses vary depending on which physical form their character is in. You can review the form specific strengths and weaknesses for wolf-kin here.

Universal Weaknesses

Wolf-Kin have a core set of universal weaknesses in Eyr that have been pre-approved by the Admin Team. All weaknesses for Wolf-kin must be accounted for no matter what kind of Wolf-Kin or form you are playing.

Your character must adhere to this weakness set in addition to your character class (e.g., mage, berserker, ranger, baker, etc.). Your character class MAY NOT negate nor lessen these weaknesses in any way. By example, a mage may not "magic away" his weakness for silver. Only selected Unique Gifts may adjust this weakness set.

Regardless of what form you are in, the weaknesses below will apply:

Pure Silver: Pure, sterling-grade silver is deadly to all Wolf-kin. Wounds created with silver cannot regenerate, and require magical healing. Pure silver burns to the touch, and atomized silver can cause extreme reactions in the eyes, lungs and skin. Impure silver - that most commonly found in plating, buckles, buttons and currency - is not as effective.

Wolvesbane: Wolvesbane (also known as Monk’s Hood or Aconite) in leaf-form can render the senses of Wolf-kin useless very quickly. If Wolfkin should come near fresh Wolvesbane leaves (dry leaves are uneffective) there can be extreme reactions to it. The eyes and nose can start to water and itch, in addition there can be a loss of scent, taste and a temporary loss of eyesight. Other symptoms of Wolvesbane on Wolfkin include: extreme pain, muscle cramps,difficulty breathing and heavy perspiration. Also, Wolvesbane mixed into a potion can prevent Wolfkin from shifiting into another form due it its poisonous properties.

Full Moon: During a full moon, all Wolf-kin are forced to shift into War Form (or Lupine Form). (Eyr uses the real-life lunar cycles, and these days are documented on the website's calendar). Because of the power the moon holds over Wolf-kin, they are more aggressive, hunting any and all that dwell in the forest. They retain enough conscious thought to know their pack, but during this time the "primal mind" takes over and the untamed beast comes out.

Shifting Limitations: You can only shift twice per real life day. The transformation from one form to another is considered one full shift. If you possess multiple forms, you may shift freely between any of them, within the limit of your allowed shifts per day.

Intense Stimuli: Having enhanced hearing, smell, and vision also makes Wolf-kin vulnerable to experiencing shock and pain from extreme stimuli such as bright flashes of light, sharp and/or loud noises, and intense odors. A bustling tavern can become sensory overload quickly, and even a whiff of Wolvesbane nearby overwhelm a Wolf's acute senses.

Predatory Aura: The opposite of predatory affinity-- in all forms, natural prey will become agitated, fearful, uneasy, and may even flee in your presence.



Wolf-kin in Eyr possess a variety of special and unique abilities that set them apart from others and define them. You may select up to THREE gifts below to bestow upon your character that will give them a unique edge. Every unique gift has an associated “cost” that must be accounted for in your roleplay. Fail to do so can result in action by the Admin Team.


Gift of Detect Life: The character can sense body heat and life force* within a 20 meter radius (radar chat distance), through walls and thick terrain (*not effective against undead or spirits).

Cost: Dulls the ability to hear and smell, below human ability, for the duration of use. Sense of smell is very weak, hearing is near-deaf. Ceasing the ability returns all senses to normal within 20 minutes.


Shroud of the Forest: The character can alter the color of their fur and skin to blend with their environment better. The rules for natural coat coloring still apply (no pink, blues, purple, etc.).

Cost: Using this ability counts against the allowed shift limit for the day.

Natural Shapeshifter: Characters with this ability can shift 4 times per day instead of 2.

Cost: The third and fourth shifts are chancy, and require the wolf to roll a dice. 0-30 = shift failure and stuck in the form. All shifting pain, weakness, and exhaustion still apply.


Sense the Beast: The character is adept at detecting other beast shapeshifters, regardless of form. (This ability requires OOC consent from target)

Cost: This is not a subtle gift, and if the character succeeds at detecting a hidden shifter, the target knows that they have been detected. This gift is cancelled out by the “Mask the Beast” gift, and your character may not have both gifts.


Mask the Beast: Conceal your animal scent and aura and seem entirely human.

Cost: All senses (incl. smell) are dulled to half that of a human for the duration of use. Unable to select “Sense the Beast” gift.


Dance With the Moon: You have mastered the beast within you to the extent that you are able to prevent yourself from shifting under the influence of the full moon.

Cost: The character cannot be able to use any other Gifts for the duration of the full moon (24 hours).


Pierce the Veil: The character is blessed with a form of spiritual sight for a brief time. They gain the ability to see through glamours, illusions, cloaked items, as well as clearly see ghosts, spirits & incorporeal beings.

Cost: Using this ability is revealed to others by the Wolf-kin's eyes glow bright white. Incorporeal beings perceived this way can react and have physical impact upon the character using this gift. (OOC consent, and concentration time required)


Spirit Guide: Through a ritual, you can enter the Ethereal Plane (known to Wolfkin as the “Umbra”) to commune with Spirits. You may bring 1 guest. See the following for more information on the Ethereal Plane: http://realmofmystara.com/lore/cosmology-of-mystara

Cost: Only available in Human Form. The character’s body remains inert & vulnerable in the material plane. Any harm done to you or others while walking the Wolf Dream has its full effect on your physical body.


Magic Resistance: The character has a minor but broad resistance to all magical effects (both harmful and beneficial). Magic effects are reduced by about 25% (this is not an immunity). There is still an effect upon the Wolf-kin-- it simply affects less.

Cost: The character may not become a caster of any variety and has greater difficulty using Pierce the Veil or Spirit Guide, or acting as a guest for the Spirit Guide Ability. (dice are encouraged to reflect risk of failure).


Silver Resilience: Negative effects of silver are reduced by about a third in shifted forms. The human form of the Wolf-kin tolerates silver as a “normal” human would.

Cost: Character must wear low grade silver (5 % to 30 % silver. Available through the Blacksmith, Gnome Depot or Magic Shop) daily to build up tolerance (and will suffer negative side-effects). One less shift allowed per day. Total strength and fortitude in shifted forms is reduced by a third.