1. DO read the articles and guides to magic use available on the Eyr website. The Basic Magic Essentials article gives a helpful overview of general magic policies in Eyr, including guidelines on skill levels, channeling and posting etiquette. The Creating Your Caster guideline gives insightful tips on creating and evolving your magical character successfully within the boundaries of magic type, magic schools and finer details.


2. DO ensure you’re familiar with the general Rules of Eyr, specifically those that cover god-moding, powergaming and metagaming - they can have a big impact on the validity of Magic Roleplay in particular.


3. DO think about how your character came to be a Magic user and in what ways they have managed to retain and evolve their knowledge and skill level. All magic comes at a cost to the caster and takes much dedication and practice; even those with innate magical abilities still need to study, practice and improve over time for no magic is learned overnight.


4. DON’T try to focus on too much too soon. It is highly recommended that a magic user concentrates their skill and learning in a primary school of magic, within which they prove to be most talented and successful. Once confident, it may be possible to take on a secondary school, often one that compliments the primary, and at most dabble in other schools where appropriate though eventual proficiency in three is also possible.

High skill levels in more than two-three schools is considered rare and mostly limited to characters that have both devoted themselves to magic for decades, as well as sacrificed much else to widen and hone their craft. Those with fingers in all magic pies and schools would be deemed a novice jack of all trades, yet master of none.


5. DO try to avoid mixing Magical Casting with Psionics. Though similar in some constructs, the power of the mind comes with it’s own set of approaches, learning and application and only in very limited situations are the two successfully aligned; it is simply too taxing on the caster to attempt multiple spells or concentrations simultaneously.


6. DO remember that magical weapons and artifacts need regular upkeep and recharging. There are a variety of businesses and services throughout Eyr that can ICly assist with both, from the Crone’s Eye Magic Shoppe to the Molten Crucible Forge in the depths of Ebon Reach. But be prepared to pay for the privilege, either through coin, trade or quest completing! Refer to the Magical Artifacts article for more information.


7. DON’T bring numerous magical artifacts/enchanted items or general magical weaponry into your RP if you have not ICly gained them fairly or plausibly. High powered items often risk rule-breaking unless prior approval is gained. Magical items brought into Eyr from a character’s background story are also limited due to the nature of the Mysts - refer to the Entering Eyr article for more information. Take note that ALL magical items need attunement to the power of the Mysts upon entering the isle and regularly re-charged thereafter.


8. DO ensure you follow the magical etiquette guidelines when casting, particularly if an active part of a combat scene. More detailed examples can be found on the Basic Magic Essentials article but as a general rule of thumb the minimum number of posts to successfully execute different level spells is as follows:

  • One Post Cast - Cantrips or minor effects on the self that are neither harmful nor beneficial (example - conjure a flame to light a candle)
  • Two Post Cast - Relatively minor effects that are either harmful or beneficial and that impact other players but will neither be lethal nor life-saving (example - conjuring a flaming arrow for a ranged attack)
  • Three Post Cast - Pretty majorly impacting effects. Area effects spells, major damage or Major heals (example - conjuring a major fireball that would devastate upon contact in the immediate area)
  • Four + Post Cast - Rarely done and extremely powerful. These spells can have lethal or life-saving effects or will affect large groups of people (examples - conjuring a raging inferno that would potentially devastate a wide area or a resurrection)


9. DON’T try to do too much in one post! Magic is a balance and takes a great deal of concentration, energy and focus to prove successful and is always open to disruption or failure. It would be unfeasible to fire off multiple different spells at once without succumbing to severe physical and mental fatigue as much as it is highly unlikely that a caster would be able to duel wield magic alongside combat by weapon (though quick buff spells may be workable).

Without exception there must always be a spell preparation and build up before execution and if casting an enduring spell ensure that the cost to your caster is far greater than for instant effect spells. It is important to remember that the rule of Consent always takes precedence in Eyr, so whether rping magic via dice or freeform, any spell cast should always be an attempt and it’s consequences never forced upon another player. Open OOCC communication often helps to find a suitable reaction for such scenarios.


10. DO ensure you have read and comply with the guidelines for Familiars if intending to roleplay with one. This covers use of Familiar pets, spirit guides, mounts and general NPCs. It is important to remember that though a familiar can fight for you, they must follow the NPC rules.


11. DO attend magic classes held in Eyr! These can be both OOC How To’s or IC specialised/themed lessons hosted by the players and characters that are well versed in casting and creation. Visit the Eyr Forums or check the event board in the welcome area for any upcoming scheduled classes!


12. DO ask a mentor or admin for help! We are always open and approachable to assist with questions on any aspect of magic roleplay. If you are just starting out or wish to gain approval for a magical item or storyline then please page one of us from the Eyr welcome area or look us up on the Staff Listings page!