Basic Magic Essentials

Spell Casting = Channel + Prepare + Cast + Cost


Without exception, there must always be a spell preparation and build up before execution. If casting an enduring spell, ensure that the cost to your caster is far greater than for instant effect spells. For example, if a magic user casts a low level spell, such as Conjure Light the cost would be very little. On the other hand, should they cast a more advanced spell, such as Fireball or Restoration, the caster should feel an far more substantial adverse effect. They might become incredibly tired and must sleep for several hours more than usual. They may temporarily lose their vision, become severely nauseous, and be unable to cast spells for some time.


Golden Rules of Magic in Roleplay!

  1. Eyr is a consent based sim so the rules of consent apply to magic casting. Any spell cast whether via dice or freeform should always been an attempt and it’s consequences never forced upon another player. Check with the player if you are thinking of rolling out a spell that is going to significantly impact their character.
  2. Spellcasters can be interrupted. If the interruption is significant, the caster may have to start back at ground zero. This is why spellcasters often seek to hide their casting, and this is acceptable.
  3. No Superhero Post-Ins! Your character should not sweep in out of nowhere and throw a spell at someone the first post. Be sure to post in so that your character can be seen first. Allow time for the other players in the scene to react to the appearance of your character before casting any spells..
  4. Play to your character’s skill level. No more. For example, if your character has only just started learning the basics of fire magic, they will not be able to cast a high level spell, such a fireball. On the other hand, if your character is a master of evocation, calling down lightning would be appropriate. Remember that a character’s magical blunders are often more fun than the intended spell.
  5. Pick your magical strengths and stick with them. No one. Repeat - NO ONE - is a master at all schools of magic. Mastery possible in up to 3 schools of magic. Your character is a ‘jack of all trades’, if schooled in all. This would leave them at beginner-apprentice level for this broad of an area.
  6. Do not mix psionics and magical casting in the same scene. Psionics are mental magic abilities that heavily tax a character’s mind when used. It is unrealistic to say that they can also cast a regular magic spell within the same scene, since casting psionic spells puts a strain on the mind that makes it difficult to do much else, let alone cast more magic.
  7. Don’t do too much in a single post. For example, you cannot swing a mace, and begin casting a spell within the same post. You could, alternatively, begin channelling your energy as you perform other mundane tasks. Many mages do this to disguise what they are doing. But be realistic. Channeling magic to hold for possible launch is a good strategy, but it cannot be held indefinitely and through disruption. Spells require concentration in order to channel and cast. If your character is trying to channel a spell, and is struck by an opponent, or distracted by an enemy’s clever tactic, they will likely lose the spell and must try to channel it again in a separate post.
  8. Magical Artifacts must have been gained ICly, fairly, and plausibly. High powered items risk rule breaking coming into the sim unless approved through the Crone’s Eye or through an Admin.
  9. Magical Familiars. Ensure you have read the guidelines for NPC’s and familiars if your character is using a familiar.


Skill Level

There are 4 levels for for magic casting. These directly correlate with the types of spells that you may cast.

Beginner - Apprentice - Intermediate - Master

It is generally in good taste to first establish your character as a magic caster before whipping out your wand and casting a 4 post spell to summon up a tsunami. (Keep in mind that permission is required from an admin/business owner before any IC damage is done to the sim or the business.) It is fine to RP your character out as a master mage, but first establish your character before you haul out the big guns. Players will respect you more for it and it is just plain considerate.


Power Levels in Spell Casting (Posting Requirements)


Questions? If you are concerned or have questions about magic casting during RP, contact an Admin immediately. We are happy to help. It is much easier to correct/address an issue while it is happening rather than after problems have developed.

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