Creating Artifacts

Magic Casting

The creation of magical artifacts is tied closely to magic casting. We encourage you to start out by reading our articles on Basic Magic Essentials and Creating your Caster for a greater appreciation and understanding of how magic works in Eyr and which type of casters would normally be in need of creating magical artifacts.

Should you choose to cast a spell on yourself, instead of utilizing an enchanted item you obtained through roleplay, this will limit what else you can do while you are casting and holding this spell. Successful engagement in melee combat or casting a second spell at the same time is not reasonable and can be seen as overpowered. Therefore it might be more prudent to gather together an inventory of magical items obtained via roleplay to utilize at a later time.

Magical Artifacts

  • Ingredients for magical items that will only affect yourself can be self made or gained by yourself following at least one active attempt to gain them through role play. For instance, if you cannot obtain an item or ingredient you need through an active business (such as the Crone’s Eye), you are permitted to make it or obtain it by yourself.
  • Ingredients for magical items or the magical item itself that WILL affect others during either combat or regular role play MUST absolutely be obtained through active role play with other players or the Crone’s Eye magic shop!
  • Note! The player is responsible for keeping the RP logs about obtaining the items, so the logs can be shown to the admin team if clarification is needed or asked for.


Obtaining Magical Artifacts

When it comes to obtaining magical artifacts utilized for magic casting, there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Your magical item must make sense, therefore your character will most likely not have everything they need to either create or utilize a magical item whenever the circumstance arises. Good magic as well as good role play takes time and effort.

2. It is for the benefit of player interaction, character growth and storyline advancement if a character does not cut corners in magic casting. Therefore we ask that at least part (ingredient) of each magical item created or utilized must be gained through RP. Examples:

  • RP making of the item
  • Questing for the item
  • Interacting with other players, either in conjunction with the Crone’s Eye magic shop or with another individual playable character (and not a phantom NPC).

3. Items and potions obtained during role play at the Crone’s Eye can be obtained either by quest or by trade. These requirements begin under the discretion of Crone’s Eye staff but these guidelines and limitations may, within reason, be negotiable.

The Crone’s Eye!

Please refer to our website for a complete Crone’s Eye Menu, for all your magical needs!

Interested in working at the Crone’s Eye?

Ideally if you are a magic caster, employment at the Crone’s Eye would go a long way in

training others how to make the spells, potions and other magical items that you already know so well, therefore creating active role play for others as well as yourself. Click HERE for an application!


Using Magical Artifacts

As for the magical artifacts themselves...

1. Your inventory or supply of each individual item is limited in size (think reasonably and realistically given real world constraints)

  • How much can your character carry? (Ah, unless your character has obtained a bag of holding from the Crone’s Eye!)
  • What are the limitations and weaknesses of your race and particular kind of caster?

2. According to Entering Eyr paragraph 2:

"Everyone who enters Eyr becomes a victim of the mysts though the degree varies. They will find that some or all of their belongings they have with them become damaged, broken, outright lost, misplaced or altogether 'changed' beyond their original construct when they enter Eyr. Sometimes this is temporary but usually it is forever."

3. Only one enchantment may be placed on any one magical item.

4. To aid in character growth and role play storyline development, a player should also consider placing reasonable limitations on the time that a spell can remain active. Once every three months your magical artifact would require “recharging” through RP with the Crone’s Eye.

  • Note! If your character comes to the realm with a very long list of spells or magical artifacts in your inventory, it might be prudent to fill out a character sheet for review by the admins or you can ask a mentor to advise you on your spell list and inventory to avoid trouble down the line.

5. All items obtained through the Crone’s Eye come with the caveat that their effectiveness and potency DO wear out after a specific amount of time (a maximum of 3 months) or over a particular number of posts. For example, potions can only last for so long before they lose potency. Also, some ingredients will go bad with time (plants, for example).