While everyone is loathe to stop the story of a another player arbitrarily, death does happen in Mysts of Eyr. In order to provide an opportunity for a “Last Ditch” out for all players (And possibly create even better story), there is the option of the “Death Roll.”

No no, not like Alligators do. This is the introduction of a single die roll at the logical end of a combat scene to allow for death, grievous injury or even a complete turnaround of circumstances depending on the outcome.

Keep in mind that all roleplay in Eyr is a matter of consent. And this roleplay addition does not come into play without that.

Now for how it works:

You’ve been in a combat scene, and things have progressed to where one player is at such an obvious advantage over the other that there is an opportunity for a death blow to take place.


Step 1. IM your RP partner or ask OOC in Open chat toward the end of a fight if they will consent to a death blow roll. Your RP partner can consent to to the roll or not. It is entirely up to them. If they choose not to consent then the fight ends as normal with injuries. If they do consent to the roll, then proceed to step 2

Step 2. The player making the death blow makes their Death Blow attempt post. Please DO make sure to use the attempt or other words that indicate the uncertainty of the outcome. Do your partner the courtesy of a thorough and great description. After all, it’s not every day a character dies, and you want to make it worthwhile. When they tell the story later, don't you want them to say “And then he posted this amazing paragraph…it made it all worthwhile!”

Step 3. Roll the Dice and check below to see how the result should be played out:

  • 80-100: Death Blow is Successful. The Player's death blow post is consider successful and the receiving player must accept the the death as they consent to a death blow round.
  • 60-79: Death Blow is ALMOST successful. The receiving player survives the attack, but is gravely wounded and near to death. The fight must end.
  • 40-59: Death blow was not a success. Though the receiving opponent is still heavily wounded from the battle up to this point. The fight must still come to an end.
  • 20-39: Death Blow is a failure. The players may continue the fight if injuries permit.
  • 1-19: The Death Blow is a Critical Failure. The receiving player now has the option to COUNTER ROLL against their Scene Partner for a return death blow. If you are going to instigate a Death Roll, you should be willing to accept that you might die if a counter-roll is successful against you.  In other words:  Don't initiate a death roll unless you are prepared to die yourself.

Step 4. Play through the Result accordingly. Regardless of the outcomes, these kinds of scenes are huge and climactic. Make it worth both your while and your partner’s while by bringing your A-game to your posts. Take the time to make a great story, no matter what the ending is.

A Note on Death: Death is death. When your character dies, he or she actually does die. Do not consent to, or initiate a death roll if you are not willing to accept the consequences.

Once you are dead, there are a few options:

  • Your character leaves Eyr, never to return. Funerary rites may be held, according to whatever the tradition is, and your character’s status. You create a new character and move on.
  • You are reincarnated into the body of a child, with only fragments and pieces of your past life in your memory.
  • Necromancers, Clerics or Paladins may come to your rescue and resurrect you within 24 hours of the Death Blow. These are big events, and costly to the casters. If your character is not well-liked they may not be able to secure a resurrection scene.

Below is an example of how a Death Roll scenario might play out:

ME: (hey, do you consent to taking this fight to a death blow match?)

BILBO: (yes sure, I consent)

ME: Mysts of Eyr Dice System now active! (I put on my Mysts of Eyr dice HUD)

ME: Annie Ibanez swings her sword with all her might and fury, lunging forward as her face twists and contorts with rage. As she lunges forward, she stabs it, directly aiming for Bilbo's heart, if the swing succeeded, the blade would push clear through his body and out his back, driven by all the body weight she could manage.

ME: (clicking my dice HUD) Mysts of Eyr Dice Roll: 92

BILBO: Bilbo staggers back as the sword plunges through his heart, blood spurting forth and gurgling out of his mouth. As much as he tried to evade her swing, he tripped on a tree root and lost his footing, allowing the blade to strike true and drive through his chest and out his back....(more RP about dying bla bla bla)

Alternate Scenario (The Counter Roll)

Note counter-rolls are only permitted when there has been a critical failure, meaning the attacker rolled 19 or less.

ME: (clicking my dice hud) Mysts of Eyr Dice Roll: 12

Here Bilbo would get ONE shot to roll against me, and if he rolled 80+ then I would be DEAD. So that is a risk I take when attempting a death blow, there is always a chance *I* can die too, or become gravely wounded.

So if Bilbo did a counter-roll of 75, then he would gravely injure/wound me, near-death and the fight would be over and I would look like an ass.