Bored RP Cat is Bored

There are hundreds of things to do here in Eyr. From Combat to Casting to Working to Questing, the possibilities are seemingly endless. So why are you bored?! Many players may seem to find the roleplay ‘stale’ in a sense, but only because they probably aren’t sure where to look for new storylines. Below, you’ll find a drafted list of suggestions to really get your character into some fun and not be so bored!

Get into the Mindset of your Character

When we get out of bed in the morning, we know exactly what we have to do. We are compelled, and we do it for survival. We eat, we earn our living, we catch up with friends, we share our love, and sometimes (when we have a cause) we fight for an ultimate goal in life or a bucket list. Sometimes, putting yourself in the Mindset of a character, of what they would do, can help with boredom. For example: Your elf gets out of bed, ready to face the new day. What does he want more than anything in the world? To meet the love of his life and make a family? To ply a trade and become wealthy? To find the solution to a mystery that is plaguing his mind? Exacting revenge on someone or something? To make a political change that impacts the lives of others? The #1 cause of boredom for players is that they have not planned or thought about the character’s long-term goals and desires. Every character needs a motivation... a catalyst. So, what is yours?

You should remember that stories require change. Stories with no change, would be considered boring, don’t you think?

So think about certain things like...

  • What is your character afraid of and how could they possibly overcome that fear?
  • What is your character searching for? A lot of characters may live the life they enjoy the most. But every character should be on a search for something. The five most common things being: Adventure, Security (financial, emotional, or physical), Recognition, Love, or Power.
  • What are your character’s goals? What can you do to achieve them? Generally there are two types of goals for a character to strive towards. The long term goal (which is your character’s overall goal) and the short term goal (which is your characters current goal for that day, week, or month.)
  • What is your character’s drive? Your characters must have a drive. The motivation that makes them give-a-hoot about what’s going on in their lives. Attitude is a key important thing in your character’s drive as it may determine the outcome of the goal or even change it completely.Your goals are one of the most important parts of your character, and working towards them will keep you active and on your feet, so have fun and be creative with it!

Get a Job!

There are many IC businesses in Eyr, so why not work for one? Jobs provide a daily compulsion for your character, an income which can bring your character growth and stability, connections with many new characters and potential for branching off new storylines, as well as IC and OOC friends. Many of our more active and stable staff end up becoming a destination unto themselves for their flair for service. You can find information on the current Eyr Jobs located here: Roleplay Jobs

Apply to Lead!

There can be opportunities for you and your character to apply for a leader-oriented position. Leadership roles require time, dedication, skill, socialization, and are not only going to keep you busy but you’ll interact with more players and staff and help their roleplay in turn. Being a leader is the essence of paying it forward. We think you’ll be hard-pressed to grow bored when running a group. You can find everything available here: Now Hiring!


From Business owners to Race Leads, Quests may be given out to players who are willing to get their hands dirty for a small period of time. Some quests may be as small as delivering a personal message or as large as finding a rare item. These can drag on and get a lot of players involved with you in the storyline!

Create an Alt!

For those who just like change, Eyr allows up to three characters per SL account. Getting tired of your warrior elf? Why not create a demon or dragon instead?

Play an NPC!

Playing an NPC character can be a blast for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a single character or for those who enjoy great bursts of roleplay at a single time! Though NPCs don’t have a large speaking role (they are more action driven) that doesn’t mean they aren’t any less fun / dramatic / evil / or bad ass as a normal player! Getting into large battles as a raider pillaging the Fishing Village, playing a beast that gets slaughtered by hunters after a chase through the jungle or even just standing in as the victim of the nefarious Constellate, NPC characters provide fun stress relief and a temporary break from your normal characters. Information on the NPC group can be found here: NPC Players

Join a Faction!

Factions serve players by giving them loads of stuff to do and usually come with their own history and story arcs so you’re welcome to dive in and swim around! The main three factions of Eyr are The Moei Asing (The Native Jungle Faction), Ebon Reach (The Evil Faction), and Stormstead Village (The Immigrant Community), but there are other alliances about like the Medica Healers, Eyr Entertainers, and Magic Casters! Check out the website for a better understanding and complete list of each!

Join a Race Tribe!

Race Tribes are a great way for characters to build relationships with others of their own race, climb the ranks and roles of the group, and gain access to really great story arcs. To join a race clan, just fill out this app:

Hang out in the Tavern!

This might seem obvious or even overlooked, but the Salty Swallow offers a lot of insight to what is happening around the village. They always have the best gossip, and if you can listen well enough, it may just give you slight info on how to get involved.

Start an Unofficial Group!

Is there something you're dedicated and passionate about and maybe you’ve found others that are too? You can band your group together to become unofficial and lead them to a common goal! To see information on the requirements of making a group official in Eyr, ask an admin.*

*Group creation is only available until after the Sim officially launches! Any submitted applications for player-created groups will be tabled until then.


Exploring the Island, there’s always something you’re bound to miss. Spots that you may find interesting and hang out spots that you may want to come back to later on... Sometimes, even venturing into the ‘restricted’ areas of your faction can prove to be interesting.


Socializing is something many players do on a daily basis. And if you know who to talk to and what to say, it could prove well for getting you involved in something even if it is just a personal story line (it’s still a story even if it is not exclusively yours).

Browse the Forums!

The forums are a place for players to socialize and communicate with each other in an OOC manner. But, did you know that there are sometimes people looking for players to get involved in their stories with? It’s a wonderland of archived stories that you can get your hands on! The forums can be found here:

Attend Island Events!

Attending any event of any kind would be great fun and it shows really awesome support from you, as the player. From Parties to Sacrifices, there's always interesting things flying around for you to take your pick on. Clueless about what is going on? Check the calendar on the Island of Eyr website!

Learn a New Craft!

Nothing to do? Why not take up a new trade? Learn from the blacksmith about how to forge a blade. Learn from the crafters on how to turn clay into pottery or learn from the tavern on how to make brews! Learning a new skill takes time and roleplay so your character will always have something to do!


Combat roleplay is the crux of entertainment for many roleplayers in Second Life. Learn to fight, if you don’t know how already. The quest to simply seek out a warrior to train you is an endeavor unto itself. Is your character chaotic and aggressive? Pick a fight within the Constellate with the toughest guy there and see how that turns out for you! Join the village warriors or take up arms for the natives and you’ll find that there are many opportunities for roleplay combat. If your character is already a seasoned fighter? Proving one's strength, skill, and worth is always an entertaining past-time.

Learn to Cast!

Magic can be a tricky thing to learn, but when you pick it up, it’s great fun! When you head into the Magic Shop, just ask for a tutor and they can hook you up or if you’re interested ask about the Eyr Magic Casters! An alliance of magic users who help each other better their skills and work on the craft together as a group.


Alright, I know that sounds a little extreme, but hey! It makes for great story arcs and of course death in Eyr doesn’t always mean it's the end. Resurrection is sometimes an option! And if the character you’ve created is not quite as exciting as you’d hoped, offing them is sometimes a good way to tie up loose ends and get on with a fresh start.

Join the Rumour Mill!

The Eyr Rumour Mill is always looking for Journalists and reporters to give the news on all the latest gossip and stories around the Island. This is a great way to keep informed, active, and gives you loads of things to do! If your character is consumed by the desire to uncover the truth, bring a message to the people, manipulate the masses through media, or simply to express themselves through the power of writing or art, the Mill needs you!

Affect the Change You Wish to See!

Do you want to make a major story-arc happen? Would you love to host your own fight-club style pit fight event? Do you have a great idea for an OOC party, auction, or contest? Is there a specific mechanic, system, group or process which you would like to see happen? Getting involved from the ground up and helping to create new plots, events, and systems in Eyr is how things like Mystara's Shadow Market came to pass. If you want to make it happen, don’t wait around for others to do it for you.