About Mentors

As a Mentor, the main objective is to assist new players by making their first experience here enjoyable and informative. Be friendly and inviting. We want players to know we care and most of all that we want them here.

Mentors are expected to be available to answer questions about role-play and basic questions that would not otherwise require an Admin. It is most important to quote directly from a Mysts of Eyr webpage and provide the link as well, so that information going out to players remains consistant.

Among other responsibilities, Mentors are required to give tours of the sim. As such a basic knowledge of the layout of the sim and key points of interest, is a must. Be able to navigate around the entrance areas and point players to the information hubs.

Mentors need a thorough understanding of the sim rules and be able to convey them to a new player. Also a working knowledge of acceptable races and Eyr history is a bonus as well.

In the case that a player comes to our sim, who is very new at role play but would like to get involved, it is a good idea to have the link to the role player's guide and hand it to them freely for their use. Its a good idea also to keep a "Mysts of Eyr Observer" tag handy as well. Also direct them to the Mysts of Eyr hud available in the OOC hub.

Also, be able to advise a player who they should get in touch with if they wish to join one of the established race groups for Mysts of Eyr or have an Admin issue. The staff list is accessible in the welcome area.

A mentor is not a sim Admin. Mentors are the sim ambassadors.  The friendly face at the doors.  Mentors do not have the power to ban people, warn people, mitigate player disputes, or otherwise police a person's RP or dress.   Any issues of this nature should be brought to an Admin.




Sim presence is critical when leading a group, mentoring, or admining. We push for a 10-hour minimal sim presence committment from all applicants. If you cannot meet this criteria, you will likely not be selected. There are always exceptions and give-and-take because RL happens.  But overall we feel 10-hours is generous and do-able.


Keeping In Touch

Once made a Mentor we will place a pager in the welcome area. When it is clicked you will get a message in local chat. If you are in a role-play scene you don't have to leave; simply IM the person to see how you can assist them. If they have a question you cannot answer, don't be afraid to ask afraid to ask your fellow mentors in Slack or an available admin.

Slack is our go-to means of communication among mentors and leaders within Mysts of Eyr. Be sure to stay connected, when you are available, and to poke in to catch up on any updates that may occur. We also use Skype, but it serves as a back-up. Slack should be used as a primary source of communication.


Helpful Links

General Sim Resources

New Player Resources

Magic Resources