We encourage our brightest, most dedicated, and motivated players to apply for lead positions in Eyr. These are the people who are innovative and show strong, consistent sim presence. Leads are incredibly important, as a strong lead drives and forms a strong group. It takes preparation, planning, plotting and strategizing, and above all - communicating and working with people to become a good Lead. We strive for the best!
What makes people stand out for Leads? What do the Admins look for on an application? How does the process work? What can I do to increase my chances for selection?


How the Process Works

When a player has stepped down we put the opening up on the Now Hiring web page and begin advertising. We also make announcements in MoE Main Group.

Player submissions are submitted online and collected by the Admin team. We respond with an IM or NC letting the applicant know the application has been received and general instructions on what to expect. The online application itself also has a box you can check so that you receive an email copy of your application. If you do not receive notification your app has been received within 48 hours of submission, feel free to contact an Admin. We are always happy to help.

All applicant names are added to a SL Time Tracker application to monitor their logon times in Second Life. This shows us how many hours a day the person is logged into SL. We also start noting on the app when we see the player on sim and their activities. The application itself has a section where players list their average RP availability times each day. We compare this with what our time tracker shows. If your application indicates you spend 6 hours a day but our tracker is showing far less than this; or that you are online but afk in the entrance or off sim - this weighs against your application. All leads/mentors/admins are all required to have at least 10 hours minimal time on sim per week.

After an appropriate observation period (1-2 weeks depending on number of applicants and the type of position), Admins meet to go over findings and cast a vote. Note that Admins who are directly involved or may be biased for or against a player (admin’s boyfriend) do not cast a vote. Keep in mind that sometimes no selection will be made at all. If there is to be a successful applicant, the offer is made to the applicant and the remaining applicants are contacted with the results. If you have not heard anything in two weeks since submission - poke an admin and we’ll be happy to give you an update on the application process.

What We Look for In a Leader

There are a number of things that we are looking for with leads/mentors/admins. This is a general list, however, depending on the group we may look for specific qualities, i.e. we look for organizational and management skills for the Event Manager.

Sim Presence: Leads/admins/mentors all need to have strong sim presence. Preference is given to long-time players, versus brand new players. While that doesn’t mean new players are excluded -- we find that players who are deeply familiar with our lore, our group structure, and sim culture adjust a lot faster to leading. You have to be online, available, and RPing whenever possible. The better you know the playerbase and the sim RP ‘climate’ the more effective you will be. If you state you are available for RP 3-6 hours a day and we do not see that playing out, this harms your application. In either event, 10 hours a week is the minimal time requirement for all of our positions.

Player’s history: For known players, we will assess any positive or negative aspects of their history. If the player has a renowned title, a mentor title, has been spoken of highly by others, is active and involved regularly, has contributed heavily in groups or ranked up in their group, these factors weigh very favorably for an applicant. Conversely, if a player has logged issues or complaints against them, has difficulty getting along with others or is frequently involved in drama, has behaved discourteously to any player or admin, has not gotten involved in groups or deeper roleplay storylines, has not achieved any title beyond explorer, or been in a breach of sim rules, these factors weigh very negatively against an applicant.

Player’s Reliability: One of the biggest factors in deciding a leader is their reliability. Are you consistent? Do you follow through? Do you take your commitments seriously? What is your flake factor? We know ourselves better than anyone else. How would you rate your own reliability? Would you hire yourself? Can you be counted on? That is a good question to start with. We are looking for proven reliability.

Player’s Attitude and Motivation: We not only read your application for the dry, literal information but we are also looking for attitude and enthusiasm. The way a person writes and communicates says a lot about themselves, as potential leaders, given that the only method of communication a leader has with their group is by text. We want pleasant, motivated, friendly, sociable, mature, and well spoken. Dispassionate answers are a mark against you in the selection process. Typos or grammatical issues, misspelling common words like “Eyr” show a lack of attention to detail, childish or cutesy writing (ex: I love the merbies group, my char totally will be the best mer queen evar! :3 <3 <3 <3). The best tactic to take is to be yourself, really think about what you’re writing, and communicate your passion and enthusiasm well; as all of those skills will have to be utilized as a group leader!

Player’s Experience and Ideas: On our leadership application, we give you the opportunity to offer up your ideas for events, storylines, and possible changes to the group. We also give you the chance to tell us about your experience, both in and outside of Eyr. We look for experience in a number of areas such as management, leadership, and role-playing. Leading a group often requires you putting someone else’s storylines and interests above your own. This is extremely rewarding but something to keep in mind. If you are applying for the sole reason of elevating your own character, you will be disappointed, as will those in your group. The techniques for keeping a second life RP group active generally require online time, experience, and past triumphs and failures to get a handle on. As for roleplay experience, there are many different avenues of gaining exp. -- from forum roleplay boards, to MUSHes, to Second Life, and D&D games. Players who have experience DMing D&D games are particularly valuable as they have the experience in crafting storylines and scenarios that entertain players. The application is a chance for you to showcase your ideas. Make it shine!

Player and Character Suitability: Whenever we are looking for a leader, we also consider the suitability of the player, and the character. In terms of player suitability, one of the biggest factors that comes into play is the the amount of time they spend online, and any potential life changes (like going back to college, or having a baby) that could impact their availability. Character suitability is another big factor, and we consider whether the character will fit well as a leader.

Young children or characters prone to naivety, foolishness or weakness, would rarely rise to power; moreover, they would face harsh criticism ICly. It could also result in the player not being accepted as a lead ICly, which affects group stability. Can you imagine a child holding a lead position with Ebon Reach? It is simply neither feasible nor realistic. Children might be tasked with quests or errands from ER members outside of the Reach, but they would not be accepted within the ranks until they are of age.

We look for characters who are also exemplary of the group they wish to lead. For example, chances are not good that someone who is not a member of an aquatic race be selected to lead the Kuvari’s Deep Faction. It could happen… but would need a driving storyline and background to support it. While exceptions can be made for exceptional characters, it’s proven to work best with exemplary character archetypes. Also, due to conflict of interest and potential for spreading one's self thin, we would prefer that no other leadership type positions are held in other sims. We find that players who dedicate themselves full-time to their Eyr leadership position tend to have thriving groups.

References: Yes, we check references! The worst thing you can do is leave your references blank, or put your buddies or significant other down as a reference, or worse yet -- list your alts as references. And make sure you contact your references prior to listing them for their permission. Make sure the contact information is correct. And as far as your buddies - we don’t want to know what your friends think of you. We want to know what your co-leaders, or former sim owners or event managers have to say. References from leaders within Eyr do weigh more heavily in favor, as we can verify their connection to you.

Filling Out the Application: Answer all questions. Be thoughtful, and let your enthusiasm show. If it looks sloppy or rushed, it will not be given serious consideration.

Keep in touch with the Admins: We require strong sim presence, but we are also human. Everyone has RL commitments and activities. If you are going to be absent, let us know. Give us an idea and we can note it on the application. If you disappear from sim and have not logged on without letting us know, we can only assume you are no longer interested. Communicate!


What You Can Do to Increase Your Chances

  • DO Be in the active and engaging in the group you are applying to lead! If your character has ranked - even better.
    Be thorough when answering questions. Like a regular job application, check spelling and make sure there are no blanks.
  • DO know our group. Read through all the lore about the group - even if you feel you know it.
  • DO be an active, regular, and consistent player on sim. The longer the better. If you have an alt that has been a regular - let us know so we can factor that in.
  • DO show us your enthusiasm and passion! Show us just how friendly and awesome you would be to the players. This is best done through roleplay.
  • DO share your ideas, wishes, aspirations, and innovations for the group.
  • DO give us 3 solid reference contacts. Preferably people who have worked with you to see your leadership experience and decision-making capability.
  • DO present a logical, suitable character for the group you wish to lead! If your character is a strong player in Ebon Reach and you apply to lead Stormstead - there should at least be a storyline presented where this situation would be feasible.
  • DO be patient and know that a leadership application can take weeks to fill while we collect applications and review them. This is a great time to prove yourself. Strong sim presence. High energy and activity. Sell it!


What Works Against Your Chances

  • DON’T have a history of complaints against you, rules infractions, drama, hostility, admin-arguing, or personality issues.
  • DON’T rush through your application, mis-read questions, or leave sections blank.
  • DON’T pick your sweetie or your buddy as a reference, and DON’T use your alt as a reference.
  • DON’T apply if you cannot run Slack at the same time as SL, and dedicate time to communicating with the leaders both in Slack chat (no voice), and on our forum leaders’ section. OOC communication is critical to keeping things running smoothly.
  • DON’T ‘pad’ your availability times as you have listed on the application. The time tracker will show the discrepancies and work against you.
  • DON’T apply if you’re doing this for yourself (because you want to give it a shot, or see what leading is like, or advance your character’s story) and DON’T apply for every role that is open, in hopes you’ll nail one. Apply for roles because you’re passionate about that particular group and you have specific ideas for how you can grow and improve it. Leadership of a group in Second Life is both challenging and selfless. Leading is about the players, about wanting to bring people an experience, about wanting to contribute to the community that is Eyr, about developing the group to new levels. Leading is an act of volunteering, and as such often times personal sacrifices IC and OOC need to be made to benefit the group, to reap the great reward of happy players.


I hope this gives a better idea of what we are looking for in a leader for Eyr. I believe we have one of the best leadership teams in all of Second Life roleplay, with great communication, tons of passion and drive, and low drama. Anyone can become a leader with the right attitude, a bit of patience and dedication, and a show of motivation. If you are applying for a position - good luck!