When a player has stepped down we put the opening up on the Now Hiring web page.  If you have questions about a lead position, you can also ask a staff member.  

Join the Group! The singlemost best thing you can do if you are interested in leading is becoming active in the group.  In fact this is a requirement.  We encourage you to do this even if there is a lead in place as this places you in a strong position if/when the position becomes open.   Once you have joined the group and earned your ranking, then consider placing your application.  The best leads are the ones which the playerbase have already started to acknowledge as having authority within the group.  

Faction lead positions are all co-lead positions.  One of the admins holding the co-lead spot.  This provides continuity for the group during turnover and a backup for Faction business when the lead and/or admin is absent.  If a co-lead is selected, we OOCly and ICLy work out the transition so that your character assumes the IC title within the group as our characters continue on in a supporting role.     

Business/Discipline leads.  These positions are individual positions unless an application is accepted with two players wishing to co-lead.  

Application Process:  Submit your online application.  You will receive a notecard confirming that your application has been received.  Expect a two week turnaround time.  During that time references will be collected and your sim activity and presence will be monitored.   If you do not receive notification your application  has been received within 48 hours of submission, feel free to contact an Admin. We are always happy to help.

We monitor your sim presence.  All applicant names are added to a SL Time Tracker application to monitor their logon times in Second Life and time spent on sim.  This shows both how much time you spend on SL a day as well as how much time is spent on Eyr.  Make sure you do not pad your times on your application.  If your application indicates you spend 6 hours a day but you are only showing 3 it may work against you.  Faction lead positions require the most time on sim.  But all leads/mentors/admins are expected to maintain 10 hours per week on sim.  There are always exceptions, but generally we feel this is a fair expectation.  

Final Selection. After the player observation period has expired, admins meet and go over the application and cast a vote.  There have been times when no selection has been made at all.  Successful applicants are approached and offered the position.  All other applications are contacted with the results.  

What You Can Do to Increase Your Chances

  • DO Be in the active and engaging in the group you are applying to lead! Your character should already be in a position within the group and recognized as an active member with areas of responsibility.

  • Be thorough when answering questions. Like a regular job application, check spelling and make sure there are no blanks.
  • DO know our group. Read through all the lore about the group - even if you feel you know it.
  • DO be an active, regular, and consistent player on sim. The longer the better. If you have an alt that has been a regular - let us know so we can factor that in.
  • DO show us your enthusiasm and passion! Show us just how friendly and awesome you would be to the players. This is best done through roleplay.
  • DO share your storytelling ideas, wishes, aspirations, and innovations for the group.
  • DO give us 3 solid reference contacts. Preferably people who have worked with you to see your leadership experience and decision-making capability.
  • DO present a logical, suitable character for the group you wish to lead! If your character is a strong player in Ebon Reach and you apply to lead Stormstead - there should at least be a storyline presented where this situation would be feasible.
  • DO be patient and know that a leadership application can take weeks to fill while we collect applications and review them. This is a great time to prove yourself. Strong sim presence. High energy and activity. Sell it!


What Works Against Your Chances

  • DON’T have a history of complaints against you, rules infractions, drama, hostility, admin-arguing, or personality issues.
  • DON’T rush through your application, mis-read questions, or leave sections blank.
  • DON’T pick your sweetie or your buddy as a reference, and DON’T use your alt as a reference.
  • DON’T apply if you cannot run Slack at the same time as SL, and dedicate time to communicating with the leaders both in Slack chat (no voice), and on our forum leaders’ section. OOC communication is critical to keeping things running smoothly.
  • DON’T ‘pad’ your availability times as you have listed on the application. The time tracker will show the discrepancies and work against you.
  • DON’T apply if you’re doing this for yourself (because you want to give it a shot, or see what leading is like, or advance your character’s story).

  • DON’T apply for every role that is open, in hopes you’ll nail one. Apply for roles because you’re passionate about that particular group and you have specific ideas for how you can grow and improve it.

    Leadership of a group in Second Life is both challenging and selfless. Leading is about the players, about wanting to bring people an experience, about wanting to contribute to the community that is Eyr, about developing the group to new levels. Leading is an act of volunteering, and as such often times personal sacrifices IC and OOC need to be made to benefit the group, to reap the great reward of happy players.