MoE Titles of Recognition

A successful roleplay community is about more than storyline! Here in Eyr we strive to actively seek out and nurture talent, loyalty and entertainment enabling skills! As a way of acknowledging and honoring those that spend their roleplay time in Eyr and especially those that go over and above the call of duty, Mysts of Eyr is proud to present the following Player Recognition Titles - levelled tags awarded to those who choose to make Eyr their home and actively give back to the community!


Prerequisite: Simply visit the sim and join the group!

  1. Denizen is a tag that needs to be requested.  Any staff member including mentors can award this tag to any player who asks. It would work similarly to Mystara. When you want to call Eyr your RP home and you feel you want to wear the tag, simply ask!

Prerequisite: Explorer

  1. Renowned is for players who are becoming known. They’ve put in their time and dedication and are considered RP ‘regulars’, attending sim events and participating regularly in things like forum discussions, race/faction/business RP and are generally becoming part of the story. This tag can be awarded by any leader or admin.

Prerequisite: Denizen

  1. Notorious are recognised as the heavy hitters of RP. They might not be group leaders but they are critical and important characters that have planned and (co)hosted at least one event, have achieved a top tier supporting rank in at least one group, and have a heavy sim presence of 20 or more hours per week. This tag represents a badge of honor for those who wear it. They are important, even if not on the staff team. This tag can be awarded by admins only, and can be requested/nominated by wufoo form submission.

Prerequisite: Renowned

  1. Prestigious is reserved for a player who qualifies for all the traits of a Notorious awardee (above), but has maintained that presence for a minimum of 6 months.  It is the highest honor we award our players and therefore there can be no record of rule-breaking beyond the “friendly warning” stage. They cannot be involved in open disputes or drama. They are exemplary players and this can be considered a natural evolution for “Notorious” players who remain consistently so for a long period of time. This tag can be awarded by admins only. 

Prerequisite: Notorious

Admins, Mentors and Leaders can be awarded the above titles if they qualify, with the exception of rank 2 cannot self-appoint. 

The rest of the ranks 6-10 are self-explanatory and determined by application and admin approval only!

Please note that at admin discretion, players may risk being stripped of a title for rule-breaking and/or where OOC behavior threatens to undermine the positive ethos of the sim.