In-Character Jobs Available

There is no better way of getting your character involved and learning about the sim quickly than obtaining an IC job.  It gives them a purpose.  It gives them a reason to interact.  It gives them an ability to feed themselves and partake of Wanton Aime's fine wines!

To get hired at a job in Eyr, roleplay it out (we are a roleplay sim, after all, it would make sense)! Meet with the lead of the business!  Talk to them, show them you would be a great asset to their business!  There are sandwich boards with job information placed outside of each business/establishment.  Click them for the latest information.  To make it easy, the groups are generally open.  Join the group and reach out OOCLy with other group members to arrange for RP to set it up.  If there is no business lead, contact an Admin.  WE will be happy to arrange to RP you into the group.

In an effort to encourage RP around Eyr, we are no longer going to use OOC application forms to apply for most jobs, so dig a little deeper into your character's psyche - or at least the one that they present to the public, and Work It, Baby!

Bath House:

Bath House employees. The bath house employee will be attending to the every need of bathers, whether it be folding clothing or fetching towels, pouring more hot water into the bath, offering massages to guests, assisting in bathing (such as fetching a sea sponge) etc. The point is to pamper the bathers and help them unwind.  

Contact: Any Admin

Crone's Eye Magic Shop:

Looking to apply your magical know-how? Have a knack for weaving intrigue and energy into your roleplay? Or do you like to conjure up some humor into enchanting parables? If this sounds like you, then the apply below!

Contact: Any Admin

Entertainers of Eyr:

Dancers, Bards, Jugglers, Jesters are some of the entertainers that find their home in this group, they can be hired as a team or individually depending on the nature of the situation.  Think you can brighten up someones day with a joke or sensual dance?  This could be the job for you!

Contact: Any Admin

Gnome Depot Trading Post:

In the bustling heart of the Eyr Village, the center of all commerce is the Eyr general Traders. Selling goods of all kinds, such as fabrics, grains, wax, twine and leather, bottled goods, paper and parchment, common groceries such as eggs, dried fish, and beans, tobacco, salt, trinkets and traded goods, basic tools, small toys and knick-knacks, ink and quills, wool and exotic imports like spices and beads.

Contact: Any Admin

Hand Crafted Jobs and Trades:

Crafting is said to be an artform by various cultures from around the globe. Often defined in a very broad term, crafting boils down to the creation of various items by individuals. Many different areas of the realm may produce different crafts from one another or may specialize in the expert quality creation of an item but Eyr is somewhat a collection of everyone. Those who join can be employed as jewelers, pottery makers, weavers, tailors, carpenters, and many more! If this sounds like it's right up your alley, why not join!

Contact: Any Admin

Healers of the Medica:

In the dark and treacherous regions of the jungles anything could happen. Danger often lurks in every corner and injuries befall even the most skilled adventurers.  From the ferocious wildlife to the sweetest rash-inflicting flora that decorate the jungle floors it is no wonder many don't survive long on their own.!  Trained in the arts of magical and holistic healing, herbology, and brewing of the finest medicinal potions, the infirmary is a neutral party in a volatile land.  Do you have what it takes to work with us?

Contact: BackUpMom

Molten Crucible:

The Lava Forge of Ebon Reach's Shadow Market requires its employees to be hearty, knowledgable, gruff, and tough. Employees must work hard to craft high quality items, while staying on top of an abundance of incoming orders. There will be long hours, but the effort will undoubtably pay off.

Contact: Any Admin

Night Cap:

An underground establishment set in a glowing womb-like environment;  Everything within it is organic and the menu items reflect this with a wide variety of stimulants and hallucinogenics.  The Night Cap delivers it all.  Night Cap employees include bartenders/servers, Security personnel, and Mycologists.  Experience is not required as you may start at entry level positions and work your way into the upper echelons.  Do you feel the need for whispered adventure in a clandetine setting?    Give it a try!

Contact: Eiirwen

Rumour Mill:

Do you find yourself in the know constantly? Do youy want to have an excuse to talk to that new member of the medica or that new shop employee? Maybe you just really, really have a thing for slinging ink to parchment... if so.. the Rumour Mill needs you!

Contact: Any Admin

Sage Advice:

Sage Advice is a Moei Asing ran service which has been growing steadily the past ten years. Driven by the need to produce greater quantity of healing herbs and supplies during the tumultuous war torn years, Sage Advice was founded. Started by a few select natives with with large gathering bags and a smattering of herbs hung in trees, the cave now acts as a center of knowledge and product base for all things herbology related.

Contact: Any Admin

Salty Swallow Tavern:

Barwenches & Barmen, serve up the best grogs, meads, ciders, ales and goodness knows what else to the various wanderers, travellers and thieves than can frequent this establishment in the Eyr main village.  A panache for excellent service, familiarity with medieval drinks, food and a good ear for listening is a bonus. Interested?  

Contact: Alteripseity Resident

Title Wave Bookshop:

To work at the book shop, your character doesn’t need to meet any prerequisitives. Even a character that can’t read could work there - if he or she can pull it off. However, the player behind the character needs to understand the workings of the book shop in order to play the part of the book seller, therefore we need you to answer a few questions below before you can start working in the book shop.

Contact: Any Admin