If you are interested in being an Entertainer, find the lead (listed below - if no lead is listed, contact an admin) and roleplay with them! That's the best way that they will know if you are be a good performer!

Lead: Currently looking for a lead, click HERE to apply.



"The Jungle is a cruel, inhospital place... but to dwell on this fact alone saps the very life from one's self. I choose instead to pour my terror into revelry and fill my cohorts' hearts with song."

- Kanzite the Bard

With death so swift to take us in a multitude of vicious ways in the middle of this wild landscape, there are a select precious few who strive to make the unbearable bearable through song, dance and sagas. These are the Entertainers of Eyr.

The Entertainers of Eyr


The Entertainers of Eyr can provide all kinds of entertainment. They are comprised of bards, musicians, storytellers, poets, actors, jugglers, jesters and dancers.

This motley group of bards travels around Eyr, providing the denizens of Eyr with reprieve from the stress and misery through song, poetry, and dramatic art. Our activities include:

  • Caroling
  • Performing at events
  • Holding classes for instruments or dance
  • Hosting festivals
  • Recitals


Our prices are reasonable: 2 silver coins for each performer, plus free food! We provide our own transportation within reason.


Kristi Susanowa is able to upload songs into SL and play them with a music player. Have a request? Just let her know!