If you are interested in applying for the strenuous task of healing the members of Eyr, find the lead (listed below - if no lead is listed, contact an admin) and roleplay with them! That is the best way that they can tell if you can handle the pressure!

Lead: BackUpMom


About the Mysts of Eyr Medics and Healers

In the dark and treacherous regions of the jungles anything could happen. Danger often lurks in every corner and injuries befall even the most skilled adventurers. From the ferocious wildlife to the sweetest rash-inflicting flora that decorate the jungle floors it is no wonder many don't survive long on their own. 

Help has been established for these very people in need by the natives of Eyr and the migrants of Mystara. Working together, their goal is to provide aid to any injured or ill and provide medication for those who may inquire.

Trained in the arts of magical and mundane healing, working with local medicinal plants and minerals, and Shalan'ti methods of sustaining mental health, the Medica is a neutral party in a volatile land. They are identified by wearing the emblem of the papaya blossom on their person. Do you have what it takes to work with us?


How to Join

  1. Read the pages listed below on the website (also known ICly as the book of healing)

  2. Choose your medicine expertise, OR, if your character doesn't yet have a background in medicine, start as an apprentice/student and enjoy roleplaying the learning process!

  3. Join the Group!  Then reach out to the Master Healer (or staff member) who can ICly RP you into the group and make sure you are added to the pager and given the forum logon information.    

  4. Understand and abide by the Healers Rules, a.k.a. Healers' Law.

  5. Understand and recite the Hippocratic Oath to the Medica owner in roleplay.


More Information

Medica Ranks and Healer Expertises

Healers Law

Hippocratic Oath