The Medica’s Law works in tandem with the in-character Hippocratic Oath, and it is designed to ensure fairness and the least amount of conflict when working cooperatively with others. These policies are in place for a good reason, and for yours and others' benefit and enjoyment.

You may not use the building to heal until you've sworn your Hippocratic Oath to a Head Healer and gotten a group invite.

The Hippocratic Oath is the in-character doctrine by which all healers operate (yes, Eyr’sis a little bit different than the real life oath). Failure to live by the oath once you cross the infirmary threshold can result in your character being expelled. Fortunately, much of it is common sense and very easy to live by.

The process of healing, the extent of healing, and the success of healing is entirely up to the consent of the patient characters' player. If the player doesn't want their character fully healed, magically healed, healed by a male, healed by a female, healed successfully, then respect their wishes. Often players want to roleplay a longer or more complicated medical situation that isn't magically fixed overnight. Always get clear consent from the patient's player OOCly before healing. Additional note: it is recommended that healers explain OOCly in IM's what the procedure / herb / treatments effects should be in a variety of circumstances, including adverse reactions and allergy.  

Clerics may not behave as "trump-card" or "deus ex machina healers", they should be focusing on healing creatures of magic (fae, mystfolk, dragons, etc.), healing wounds from magic such as necromantic curses which cannot be healed by medicinal means, and only stepping in to heal mortals after all avenues of natural medicine have been exhausted.  Additionally, Master healers and above should not do this either.  While they may have a broad and deep understanding of all fields of medicine, they are limited to heal their own specializations just as every other healer is. It's the difference between practical hands-on knowledge, and book-smarts.  The higher levels above all should be ensuring that specialists get to participate.

You are not permitted to heal outside your specialization(s) in the infirmary. This is to allow a variety of people to cooperate and get their chance to heal, so that one person isn't hogging all the glory. Players can choose their specializations to work in. i.e. if you've chosen to be a Cleric and a Nurse, do as much for the patient as you can within that scope of medicine, and call in others to do surgery, herbalism, etc.

Physicians are ICly leaders and OOCly the officers of the Healers group and they have top authority in the infirmary. OOCly, please defer to their leadership practises, and ICly, be aware that disobeying direct physician orders is grounds for expulsion. Any physician may promote students into their desired roles, offer quests for student advancement, accept new oaths and do group joins, and oversee all hospital practises ICly. If you feel a physician has acted in error, please contact the lead physician (group owner) or an admin.

If you feel a player is in violation of Healers' Law, please contact the Infirmary Leader or an admin to settle the dispute.