Medica Ranks

Rank 0 - Medica Recruit

Introductory Rank

Description: This is the default role one gets when joining the group.   Keep in mind that until your character can attain Apprentice Healer rank, newly added members can NOT heal a patient in the Medica infirmary solo. They can run the Medica Infirmary’s service counter to accept donations, suggest quest items, and provide teas and herbs for simple ailments upon request.


  • Join the Mysts of Eyr Medica Group and contact the Lead.  If no lead contact a staff member who can help RP you in.

  • Read the Healer’s Laws IC

  • Take the Healer’s Oath IC in the presence of the Head Healer

Rank 1 - Medica Assistant

Service-Only, Non-Healing Role

Description: This is a role for those who wish to assist the Medica, but are not ready to or do not want to serve as a healer. This is a good role for child characters or someone working off a big debt to the group. This can include assisting a healer as they provide treatment to a patient, comforting patients within the infirmary, running errands, helping with cleanup, or creation of Medica supplies. They can run the Medica Infirmary service counter to accept donations, suggest quest items, and provide teas and herbs for simple ailments on request.


Obtain Medica Recruit Rank

Rank 2 - Apprentice Healer

Freshly Appointed Healers of the Medica

Description: This is the rank where a character is brand new among the group of healers, but has been proven that they are ready to handle actual patients in whatever method the character is trained in, be that physical, magical, and/or spiritual.


  • Obtain Medica Recruit OR Medica Assistant Rank

  • Treat a patient while under observation of a senior Medica member and have it recorded in the Tome of Healing

  • Pass the Test of Knowledge: Prove that you are Knowledgeable in at least one of the practices utilized by the Medica

Rank 3 - Journeyman Healer

Experienced Healers of the Medica

Description: At this rank ,a healer is very confident in their study of healing, has aided with several patients, and has attended instruction from their seniors in the Medica. If they feel ready to advance to the next rank they are given several tests to prove their worth.


  • Obtain Apprentice Healer Rank

  • Treat five (5) patients in the Medica Infirmary or out in the field and log them all in the Tome of Healing

  • Attend Two Medica Class Events

  • Pass the Test of Reason: Prove that you can use your Reason to make a proper diagnosis

Rank 4 - Master Healer

Veteran Healers of the Medica

Description: At this rank, a healer is competent in all areas of healing (within their ability) to handle anything thrown their way. They’ve not only attended classes, but helped guide the newer members with their learning, as well as further enrich the Medica’s wealth of knowledge and experience.


  • Obtain Journeyman Healer Rank

  • Treat ten (10) patients in the Medica Infirmary or out in the field and log them all in the Tome of Healing

  • Attend Two more Unique Medica Class Events

  • Fulfill a Research Assignment of a Senior Healer’s Determining (this can be teaching a lower ranker basic healing arts or whatever else seems pertinent to current sim plot)

  • Pass the Test of Resolve: Prove that you can keep your Resolve while healing under stressful situations

Rank 5 - Senior Healer

Group Officer Status

Description: These are the select Medica Masters in which the Head Healer trusts implicitly to head classes, assist with hiring and acclimating new recruits, and also aid the Head Healer in managing the day-to-day business of the group. When the Head Healer is unavailable, they represent him in IC affairs. OOCly, they also have Officer permissions in the Medica Group.


  • Obtain Master Healer Rank

  • Treat ten (10) patients in the Medica Infirmary or out in the field and log them all in the Tome of Healing

  • Conduct two Medica Class Events

  • Propose and conduct a unique Event involving the Medica

  • Represent the Medica and speak at a Faction meeting on the Medica’s behalf

  • Pass the Test of Faith: Prove that the Head Healer has placed their Faith in you wisely

Rank 6 - The Head Healer

OOC Group Owner

Description: OOCly, this is the Medica Group Owner. The Head Healer of Eyr’s Medica oversees all conduct and treatment that goes on under the symbol of the organization, supervises the various medical practices, and will oversee promotions, training, staffing, and administrative duties such as requesting for goods for the healers.


This position is selected by the Mysts of Eyr Admin Team

PapayaBlossomThe Practices and Expertises of the Medica

The distinct symbol of the Medica is a papaya blossom. Its leaves are commonly used in the discipline’s treatments for wounds, but the symmetrical shape of the papaya blossom best describes the tools that healers have to fight illness and injury. Known as the Knowledge of the Blossom, each petal represents a tool that a healer may utilize to aid in their art.

The Five Petals of the Papaya Blossom

  1. The Mind: The most important tool a healer has, The Mind should be razor-honed to quickly identify a patient’s symptoms and devise the best treatment for them.

  2. The Needle: The Needle threads through flesh as easily as it does cloth. When magic is unavailable to seal a grievous wound, needle and catgut is what a healer should reach for.

  3. The Herb: From sour stomachs to poison’s panacea, The Herb waits to be plucked and prepared for various medicines to cure what ails a patient.

  4. The Stone: Quartz, jade, and obsidian are some of the multitude of minerals recovered from the earth that can be utilized for healing. The Stone is used to center the mind and ground energy when a patient’s spirit has been undermined.

  5. The Spark: Those gifted with The Spark of magic can seal a wound and cleanse corruption. When the situation is dire, sometimes magic is the only alternative between life and death.

In this violent and dangerous land, it is imperative that a healer is aware of all the methods available to them. The Head Healer’s role is to ensure that the Medica members are well versed in the Knowledge of the Blossom and to sharpen their skills through training, classes, and tests.