BathHouse MenuThe Bath House offers many products and services, covering a wide variety of needs. Below is a list of what we offer:

Essential oils

  • Blessed thistle
  • Betonye
  • Endive
  • Eyebright
  • Fennell
  • Mints
  • Plantine
  • Roses (red and damaske)
  • Saxifrage
  • Sorrell

The earliest mentioned essential oil is actually otto of roses; oil of lavender and oil of spike (lavender) were widely known by the fourteenth century. Essential Oils can be obtained by distillation, enfleurage (soaking blossoms or herbs in liquid and collecting the oil that floats to the top), and other means.


Muske Soap (Favored by men)

Scented Soaps

  • Fair Lady: orris, cypress, calamus, rosepetals and lavender flowers, ground fine and mixed with Castile soap dissolved in rosewater.
  • Summers Bliss: castile soap, rosewater, marjoram, winter savory, oil of spike, oil of cloves, musk, ambergris, and almond flour.

Oil rubdowns

  • Thyme
  • lavender

Other essential oils can be used upon request, depending on whether or not we have them in stock

Splashing Waters

'Waters' are the ancestors of both alcoholic cordials and modern alcohol-based perfumes and bodycare products, being herbs, vegetables, etc, mixed with wine or beer and distilled. We offer:

  • Rose
  • Orange flower
  • Hungary Water (the first documented perfume using distilled spirits, includes rosemary, lavender and myrtle).

Paste Perfumes

Our most popular recipe: 2 pounds of rose water and a pound of citrus blossom water, a pound of benzoin and half of balsam, an ounce of amber and half of musk, a quarter of civet [musk]. All together and ground, put it with the water in a flask, and put the flask on the fire over some embers. Stir it with a stick and cook. And when it is reduced, remove that and make it into a paste.

Incense to burn

Powder the dried herbs you desire. Beat all these together in a stone Mortar, then put in an ounce of Sugar, and make it up in Cakes and dry them by the fire.

Our most popular recipe: Scorch - (Damask Rose-buds, Benjamin [benzoin] 3 ounces beaten to a powder, Musk, Ambergris, and Civet.

Other incense can be made upon request, but will not be ready for at least a day.

Pest Control

With no access to bugkillers and exterminators, medieval people made use of scented herbs to discourage vermin.

We offer the following, all of which are added to a clothes wash. You must leave your clothes to be washed and set out to dry before wearing. NOTE: These are also sold in dried cakes to be added to trunks where clothing might be stored.

  • Tansy (For flies)
  • Lavender, lavender cotton, and southernwood (For moths)
  • Camphor (As a general insect repellent)
  • Southernwood (General insect reppelent)
  • Pennyroyal (fleas)
  • Wormwood (a mouse preventive)
  • Wormwood and rue (boil in water/and brushed on clothes to prevent moths from chewing)

Clothe Washings

This can be done while people are bathing, or clothes can be dropped off and washed, and then picked up at a later date. The following scents and products can be offered for additional charges.

Scents for the wash water for clothing;

Purple Rose: rose water, lavender, orris, jasmine flowers, musk, a pinch of ambergris and civet, clove oil. These are put into a glass jar, and placed in a sunny window for 10 days, then strained, and the liquid set for use.

Sweet Dreams: rose water, cloves, cinnamon, sandalwood, 2 handfuls of the flowers of Lavender. This recipe needs to sit for a month in the sun in a tightly closed glass jar, then distilled in Balneo Marial.

Fresh folds: Damaske-Rose-Water, Lavender Flowers, two ounces of Orris, a dram of Muske, ambergris, Civet, four drops of Oyle of Clove. This is all stopped closed in a jar and set it in the Sun a fortnight.

Body Powder

Essential to prevent chafing as well as achieving that fashionably pale look, body and face powders were concocted by mixing powder with ground spices and herbs: rice powder, talc

  • ground orris root (with cloves)
  • ground calamus root, starch (with dried rose petals and Lavender)

Chafing powder

Powdered myrtle leaf.

Scented Hair Powder

A scented powder to brush into the hair while drying, or sprinkle over the hair for styling purposes and maintaining freshness.

  • Powdered roses
  • Clove
  • Nutmeg
  • Watercress and galangal, mixed with rose water.