If you are interested in applying for a job at the Gnome Depot, find the lead (listed below - if no lead is listed, contact an admin) and roleplay with them! That is the best way that they will know if you will be a good fit for their business!

X2R78OOLead: Currently looking for a lead! Click HERE to apply.


About the Gnome Depot

The Gnome Depot Trading Post is located in the village of Stormstead. Featuring a wide variety of everyday food and goods, Gnome Depot caters to every citizen in Eyr. It offers an abundance of many goods from honey, fruits, vegetables, leathers, meats, herbs, parchment & quills, and sometimes an exotic rare good. From tribal leaders, mystics, huntsmen to fishermen, the Gnome Depot has something for everyone! Jewelry, flowers, meats and more, check here - and see what we have in store! Stop in today and see this week’s Weekly Wonder Deals. The trading post is currently hiring shop attendants, traders, deliverers, order takers, and hunters.

Gnome Depot's stock ranges from your everyday common goods to fruits and vegetables. Naturally, certain produce will only be available in it’s appropriate season. We also offer many daily needs, such as: shears, needle & thread, spare fabric, seasoning, meat, honey, oils & candles, and leather/fur hides. On a great day, players might even find a rare item or two up for sale!

The Depot accepts all sorts of trades in exchange for goods and coin. Stock comes in from: people who have collected raw goods and, other businesses who wish to be partners.


Working at the Depot

Wants to Hire: sailors, traders / negotiators, appraisers


  • Part of the 'Swallowed Pride's' crew, sailing the ship to Shalan’ti and Aradia for trade.
  • They might engage in combat to protect the ship, cargo, and trade routes.
  • The crew are responsible for getting the cargo safely to shore on smaller boats to the Depot or the Trader Fair.


  • Traders work in the shop taking requests and making trades.
  • They would eventually negotiate agreements with factions, races, other businesses, and individuals who have items of value.
  • Their role is to constantly seek out opportunities for trade and profit.


  • An appraiser might be a historian, someone who has knowledge of other cultures, or a person who simply likes to fondle shinnies.
  • Their role is to assess items and determine their value.
  • Working in the shop – they aid in negotiations.

Examples of Quests / Tasks

  1. Seek out a representative of a faction/business/race and initiate a trade deal
  2. Create a business partnership with a group (faction/race/business/individuals)
  3. Renew a trade agreement
  4. Defend the ship, shop, cargo, or event
  5. Recruit a new employee
  6. Open to ideas if your character wants to do something else



Trader’s Fair

  • An existing event, which now occurs every other month
  • Its purpose is to get people together so that businesses may advertise their wares/services and characters can meet each other
  • Now that it has had a few runs, I’m opening it to interruptions
  • If a business/faction/other group would like to have a mini-event within the fair, let me know
  • Games, contests, demonstrations, meetings, etc

Open to ideas from other people for events they’d like to see the Depot initiate or participate in.