Books of the Title Wave have various origins, either written by the tomes themselves or various authors. Not all books have a mind of their own, and these boonless books are nearly as mundane as they come. They are however enchanted to find their way back to the book store after a time, if ever their borrower does not return them.


Book of Exalted Celestials
This clean, stark covered book appears to be well kept. The pages have a dim pulsing glow to them, which seems almost soothing. In clear print, the workings of Celestial beings are written upon these pages.

Book of Vile Demons
Strange, peculiar leather makes up the cover of this book. It appears crudely stitched together with small horns at the edges. The interior of this book has a fanciful flare to its scripture on demons, which heavily contrasts its exterior.

Broadening Your Family Tree: Half-Breeds
Opening this book may come with a surprise, as several pages may fold out onto the floor. Upon them is a long family tree, but not of anyone in particular. Upon the lines are noted races, and where they cross the names of half-breeds appear. In small boxes by each race named is a written description of all known half-breeds: Half-Celestials, Half-Djinni, Half-Dwarves, Half-Elves, Half-Greenskins, Half-Halflings, Half-Humans, Half-Merfolk, and Half-Mystfolk.

Care and Feeding of Wolf-Kin
Pages of this book are significantly dog eared. The corners have been chewed. This illustrated book details the Wolf-Kin in all of its forms and cultures. Pictures on the pages are rather simplistic and done in broad strokes by an amature artist. The print is easy to read, with simple vocabulary, and in large letters.

Casting Pearls Before Sea Wenches
At some point, this book became heavily water logged. Ink on the pages smear and some are all together unreadable. The pages, now dry, are rather crisp but fragile and smell of the sea. What passages can be read talk all about the Merfolk and their subraces: Cetorians (Shark Mer)DolphinmerEel MerJellyfish MerMermaidsMermenOctomerOrcansRay MerSelkiesSirens, and Tritons.

Cat's Cradle
Across the pages of this book, are ink prints of a cat that has walked across the pages. The binding has been clawed a little raw, and loose strings wave about. Within this text, readers may learn about the nuisances of Bastet living and their origins within Eyr.

The Crypt is Half-Full: Maintaining a Positive Outlook Now That You Are Dead
The tone of this Undead guide is written in a positive uplifting fashion. Noted strengths are celebrated, however weaknesses are rather underplayed. When it comes to diversity among the unliving, each subtype is written out to be better than all the others.

Cursed Unliving: What's At Stake?
This text is unfortunately riddled with terrible puns. Reading this book for too long may make one’s eyes permanently stuck in the upright position due to incessant eye rolling. Readers who get through the horrendously witty writing shall be most familiar with Vampires, their curse, and thirst for blood.

Decorum and Dragons: The Etiquette Manual
Stats and scores within charts and graphs make up this complicated rule book on Dragons. Illustrated pictures depict these beings in many forms and professions. At the back of the book is an index, which is nearly fifty pages long by itself.

Elves: Desolation of Smug
This book is heavily footnoted with handwritten annotations. Much of what is documented in the borders are snide comments and boastful raptures of pride. However, the actual context of the book discusses Elves, in great lengths, and their subraces: Aquatic ElvesAvarielDark ElvesDrowDune ElvesHigh Elves, Fey'riLythariMoon ElvesStar Elves, and Wood Elves.

Folk of the Myst
Across the pages of this book, words twist and wrap around one another. Passages are written in blocks within paragraphs and sometimes text is upside down and backwards. Those who navigate these twisted verses, often written in rhyme and prose, will learn all about the Mystfolk.

This book in small print seems to be made to fit the hands of a child. Inside are elaborate stories of daring gnomes exploiting their slow and dimwitted opponents. Every gnome subrace has a unique style by which they get around; Deep Gnomes, Forest Gnomes, and Rock Gnomes all have their own particular tricks.

Humans - How Do They Work?
Inside of the first few blank pages, the book has many stamps from various security inspections. Additionally, it has sections for writing notes, as well as slots to hold things. Like humans, the book is capable of many things, even if it's not that great at them. The book discusses the various wars humans have fought, and the myriad reasons why.

I Dream of Djinni
This heavy tome is comprised of nearly 1001 stories on djinni. Most of them seem anecdotal without any historical reference at all. Many of these tales are short, about a couple paragraphs long. All together, it may seem as if the author was a bit misleading on how many accounts on djinn are held within. Still, reading this book will help one learn how to rub a djinni in the right way.

Jungle of Warcraft: Orcs and Goblins
This worn and tattered book is written like a strategy guide for dealing with jungle orcs and goblins. Inside are detailed walkthroughs along with some well drawn maps.

It's Not Easy Being Greenskin
The language within this book on Greenskins is short and a bit broken. At times, it can be difficult to understand due how often words are truncated. There are a few illustrations within this text, but most of them are finger painted in. Inside, details on Goblins, Kobolds, Ogres, Orcs, Snotlings, and Tanarukk may be found.

Kitsune Tales
The unassuming cover of the book hides the stories of several Foxy Ladies. Each Foxy Lady showcases various strengths and weaknesses of the Kitsune; The Foxy Ladies are drawn in a notably flattering manner, with the last one drawn within a purple haze.

Making Heads or Tails of Lizardfolk
There are plenty of smudges around the text in the pages, and the text is sloppy, with many scratches and corrections. Particular illustrations show lizardfolk males as far larger than other species; gnomes and myconids have some details, while other races are cartoonish sketches.

Nagging Things About Naga
The cover is shiny and slick, and its text is written in large font with ink that seems hot to the touch. Its pages are hardened, shedded scales. Illustrations of the various kinds of naga are shown in great detail, showing sequences of their attacks on humans. Occasionally, the phrase “SNEKS R GRET” is added to enhance the illustrations.

Rat Attack
This book appears to be written hastily, with teeth marks along the edge. The entire book smells of a harsh alcohol, as if cleansed thoroughly. The book gives great insights to the culture and common behavior of ratfolk.

Romancing the Elements
This book reads as a steamy romance guide. Between the lines, one can pick up the rather intimate details on each elemental type of Genasi. The text reads a bit hot and heavy, especially when it comes to fire genassi. Much of everything else, particularly in the wind genassi section, is full of hot air.

Scores of Spores
At some point, this book fell in the muck and tiny mushrooms sprout from the bindings. Upon cracking open the pages, a plume of spores fills the air. Inhaling them might make one feel briefly light headed. After the air clears, the reader can gain insight into the myconid of Eyr.

Short Beats
This book appears to be hot off the writing desk, as some of the ink is still a little wet. Inside is one explorer's account of the Jungle Dwarves as they make their exodus from Rainwood toward the eastern side of Eyr.

Some of Them Are Sum'ei'an
This book is written from an outsider’s perspective on Jungle Elves. Much of it reads like a long and drawn out documentary. Particular attention is paid to their customs and stories.

Tall Tales about Dwarves
This book is in no short detail about the bearded dwellers of the deep. Inside are well structured accounts of Arctic DwarvesDeurgarHill Dwarves, and Mountain Dwarves. Something about this book smells strongly of alcohol.

Tiffs With Tieflings
Like the Tieflings, the book’s cover might give the reader that the book is evil - it is dark with text that isn’t visible or readable unless held at an angle. However, it simply is a textbook of Tieflings and their various traits, which are told through various tiffs between Tieflings and other races.

Treant Treaty
This loose leaf pamphlet of parchment opens with a disclaimer that no trees were harmed in the making of this text. The contents then dive right into the history and culture of Treants and their home of Rainwood.



The Archipelago: Our World at Large
Written by the famous Kanzite the Bard, this small pamphlet gives a broad outlook on the known realm. 

Clans and Crowns: Mystara
This heavy epic contains plentiful stories of The Great War, the rise and fall of clans and kingdoms, and the last days of Mystara. There seems to be many authors to this book, as the tone, style, and even handwriting differs from one chapter to the next.

Controlling the Controlled Substances of Eyr
The cover of the book makes its point clear - make money in Eyr. On the cover is an illustration of a pile of the rarest elements, and quite a few gold coins to accompany them. The book reveals many details of the various, rare elements of Eyr, and their associated prices in gold coins; it then references another book about how to establish a monopoly on trade.

Everybody Hates the Mystarians: Timeline of Eyr
The dark cover has a white sketch of settlers with menacing clouds, natives, and pirates looking down on them. The book details the sad story of how the Mystarians were forced from Mystara, and struggled to survive in Eyr.

The Four Seasons - Can’t Take Our Eyes Off of Eyr: The Ecology of Eyr
The cover contains drawings of 4 scenes of the jungle surrounding the Sun. The book contains large drawings of the jungle and its creatures, complete with annotations. By the end of the book, the reader might feel that a tropical paradise is too good to be true, and that they should thank their Maker that they’re alive.

Fresh Eyr
The ink of this book is fresh and looks to have been recently penned. It seems hastily written, with many words crossed out and edited time and time again. This book on Eyr may seem like a rough draft, but it is complete as could possibly be.

From Tears to Cheers: The Legend of Ku’vari
The book has a watery blue cover, with shells attached to the corners to protect the book from damage. Inside the book, the pages are pale blue, with text written in an interestingly dark ink. The illustrations are wonderfully done, taking up entire pages to visualize the story.

The Insightful Index of Indigenous Inhabitants And Ingots: The Natural Resources Of Eyr
The book appears unassuming, with a tan hardcover and tanned pages. Inside, the book details the various resources of Eyr, such as magical plants, discussing their worth and functions in a simplistic table. It seems to have been written by an industrious individual with a penchant for alliterations.

Plane Old Eyr: Cosmology of the Planes
A book with an etched diagram of the planes' cosmology on its cover. Each section is wildly different from the next, mimicking the traits of the plane on the page. At the end of the book is a full-color drawing of all of the planes in a single image.

Sands of Aradia
This snake skin covered book has pages of papyrus. Between the cracks and seams, grains of sand can be found; it just gets everywhere! Riveting tales of pirates, indiginous inhabitants, and the city of Hazuz can be found within these pages of Aradia.

Shaking Like a Leaf on a Tree: The Birth of Tilikambo
Instead of a book, the reader would find a long scroll. Its sheath shows the entire island of Eyr, with a giant tree prominent in the center. Upon unrolling the scroll, the reader will see a giant drawing of the tree, serving as a timeline of its journey from Mystara to Eyr.

Twisted Sister: The Legend of Ame and Yue
A lone, shameful woman kneels in the midst of a horrible carnage, where a face of only an evil grin looking down on her, graces the cover of this book as a haunting illustration. The book tells the Legend Ame and Yue; the illustration shows part of the ending of the story, leaving the reader to figure out the rest.

When Love and Hate Collide: The Legend of Azfix and Ohm
The book appears quite luxurious, with a white cover and golden thread, and a detailed, colorful representation of 2 dragons, Azfix an Ohm. However, the rich-looking cover alludes to the sad story inside.