If you are interested in applying for a position at the Rumor Mill, find the lead (listed below - if no lead is listed, contact an admin) and roleplay with them! That is the best way that they will know if just how good a tale you can tell!

rumourmillLead: Currently looking for a lead! Click HERE to apply!

About the Rumor Mill

In a world teeming with beings of all shapes, sizes, and actions, the Rumour Mill is the Eyr's important source for news, gossip, and other happenings. Compiled by a team of dedicated and intrepid scribes, the Rumour Mill is tasked with reporting and spreading knowledge to the masses. If you've a knack for words, claim your place and make your mark in ink.


History of the Rumor Mill

Ten years after the Mystarans fumbled their way to the deep jungles of Eyr, a couple of Eyranese citizens realized that there was just too much survival hinged on bad information. Territroy disputes and conflicts were being triggered on too many basic misunderstandings between native and immigrant.

Before Mystara was taken back by the Mysts, a periodical named The Mystara Tribune was the main source of news for all of Mystara and had its printing press in Stromness Village. Taking a nod from this, journalists picked up their quills once more to start running an intelligence agency of their own: The Rumour Mill. On a regular basis, caches of scrolls would be delivered throughout the jungle sharing current news with all of the inhabitants of the jungle.


Becoming a Writer

Interested in being published?

ANYONE can become a contributor, from the humble bar maid with eye-witness reports to leaders with noble proclamations. If you have a piece you’d like to see in The Rumour Mill, reach out to the Editor-in-Chief and they will get it submitted. (If their is no leader in the Editor-in-Chief position, please contact a Mysts of Eyr Admin.)

What can I publish?

You can write nearly anything you want, as much as you want, when you want and you can credit your character or a pen-name. This can range from factual accounts to opinions to gossip to story pieces to slander to recipes and more. Even ‘paintings’ (photography) are welcome! Anything written and published here CAN be used In Character (in active roleplay). As such, if your character is gushing confidential information, your character may face IC consequences for doing so. Writing under a pen-name does not guarantee protection. Check the Posting & Commenting Rules for further details.

Want to be a regular writer?

Members of the Eyr community looking to be regular reporters – whether it be their own column, posting ambassadorial updates from your group, or helping out as an interviewer. All a player needs is a WordPress account and the ability to write in the voice of your character. No OoC regular contributions, please!

Convinced to join yet? Simply fill out this application! We look forward to hearing from you!


Posting and Commenting Rules

Writing for the Rumour Mill?

There are a few basic guidelines to remember when posting:

  • ALWAYS ensure your post is IN-CHARACTER. It must be written from the voice of your character. Please avoid using modern vernacular (e.g., dude, lol, electricity, yolo, etc.). Write as your character would speak it.
  • NEVER report on information you’ve gotten Out of Character (not within roleplay and in a logical IC manner). This is metagaming, and while their a few exceptions, these involve gaining clear permission and potentially the review of the Admins. This is probably the biggest rule for writers, most especially reporters.
  • DO, if appropriate, sign your posts with your IC name or pen-name. We realize not everyone wants to make a brand-new WordPress account just for their character, but please still include this in your work so we can give credit to you. Your username will also be presented in the OoC section. If you don’t feel it appropriate, make a note that you want it submitted by the Associated Scribes.
  • DON’T post any content about another player’s character without their clearly expressed consent, especially with pieces that have gossip or slander. This includes leaders and business owners. While Real Life may not pay these respects to famous figures, we in Mysts of Eyr feel it’s important to do so to maintain a healthy community.
  • DO correctly tag your posts. If you are writing an interview on the village leader, you might wish to tag it “interview”, “dragons”, “village elder”, etc.
  • DON’T report on events ongoing with other sims or OOC information. The Rumour Mill is strictly about Mysts of Eyr, and is strictly in-character.
  • DO place your entry into the correct category. We have categories such as Breaking News, Editorials, Classifieds, etc. If you are unsure of the category, simply ask the Editor in Chief or a Mysts of Eyr Admin.
  • DON’T assume the Editor-in-Chief or Mysts of Eyr Admins are ignoring or denying your work– if you sent in something via IM, notecard or have a draft pending, kindly check in with them!
  • DO add photos and personal touches! Make your posts attractive by using formatting tools instead of a massive block of text. If you need help, contact the Editor-in-Chief.
  • DO understand that the Editor-in-Chief and/or Mysts of Eyr Admins will review posts for content and grammatical errors. They reserve the right to edit, deny or unpublish any article that is deemed inappropriate IC or OoC. If a piece is heavily edited, denied or unpublished, the Editor-in-Chief and/or Admins will do their best to reach out to the writer to explain why.

Commenting on a published piece?

  • All comments must be IC AND signed by an IC name or pen-name. Similarly, they are also subject to IC consequences. If you don’t want to be known ICly for your commentary, please use a pen-name.
  • OoC comments are only permitted on OoC posts (posts tagged with OOC). OoC comments on IC articles will be removed. If you have a question or concern, please reach out to the Editor-in-Chief or an Admin!
  • Inappropriate language will not be permitted IC-ly or OoC-ly. While displaying a character’s frustration is alright, please use words from your character’s native tongue, clever medi-fantasy phrases, or ‘scrawl out’/’beep out’ obvious curse words.
  • Clearly trolling or OoCly bleeding comments will be removed at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief and/or Admins.

The Rumour Mill, as part of the Mysts of Eyr, is also subject to all of the Mysts of Eyr Rules.