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Deep within Moei Asing territory and nestled at the roots of the Great Tree Tilikambo is a small cave. It is likely to be overlooked in your initial survey of the area, but you will nonetheless find yourself drawn to the pungent odor of drying herbs and softly murmured conversation. Common is spoken here but it is not the dominant tongue. Instead you will hear the guttural chuffing of the lizard people, the lyrical tones of jungle elves, the natural cadence of the Halflings and the low rumbling purr of the bastets. Native is spoken here. The homogenous population know this place well and outsiders are discovering it.


Welcome to Sage Advice

Sage Advice is a business that resides within Moei Asing territory, which has been growing steadily the past ten years. Driven by the need to produce greater quantity of healing herbs and supplies during the tumultuous war torn years, Sage Advice was founded. Started by a few select natives with with large gathering bags and a smattering of herbs hung in trees, the cave now acts as a center of knowledge and product base for all things herbology related. Many of those that serve as herbalists have studied plants for generations - which is a considerable wealth of knowledge in some of the longer lived races. Those fortunate to receive Sage Advice's curatives heal faster and with less adverse side effects than outside products. Those administered Sage Advice's poisons… well… they aren’t around to debate the issue.

With their product reputation growing, the business within Moei Asing has begun reaching out to make tentative agreements to trade outside the area. Shalan royalty demand not only the healing medicinals but the scented oils and teas. A recent plague which swept through the White City increased the demand for Asing products tenfold. One of its' own healer’s was responsible for inventing and distributing the cure. With the war continues in the great city, the market for undetectable poisons and toxic creams is thriving. Sailors from Aradia are now beginning to paddle their skiffs up the Kuvari in search curatives and wares.

Sage Advice brings in all manner of races to its entrance. It a pilgrimage for those seeking knowledge of the local flora. It offers many levels of advancement for those seeking to further their knowledge.


The Most Ancient Tree and Story of the First Sage

GreatTreeThere is a reason the Great Tree of the Moei Asing sprung to life right above the cave where the Sage Advice now rests...

For longer than can be remembered, longer than vague whispers told to children in myths, so long ago that only Ame Moei may recall vividly; the first leaf floated down from the tallest tree at the beginnings of creation. As it was a fallen leaf, it soon began to decay and thus was taken back into the land so that the cycle of life could continue. That tree was from the dawn of time and considered sacred above all others.

As the natives of Eyr tell the story, Ame Moei had set about her creating and destroying and one day the land was fraught with terrible and cataclysmic storms. So tempestuous were the rains that the valley between the mountains flooded and all life perished in the valley. Stones eroded to dust, plants and trees uprooted, the ground was washed clean so that Ame’s cycle of dying and rebirth might begin once again.

Yet the one ancient tree from the dawn of creation remained standing. At Ame’s command, the natives’ believe, she let remain at rest this solitary tree and it stood unbroken for many cycles of creation and destruction. As the story speaks, this tree grew at the entrance of a cave. This cave was nothing extraordinary to the visible eye, except to say that it was molded from the rains and the flooding at the very hand of Ame Moei. Within this shallow hovel the people who would become the Moei Asing took refuge each season from the floods and the violent storms and were thus kept safe by Ame Moei, within a place of shelter and rest, safety and respite.

For reasons no one can recall or perhaps no one wishes to remember, but eventually as all nature does, the tree of ancient times began to wither; it’s long life finally coming to a slow end. Each season for one hundred cycles of the sun and the moon, more leaves began to fall, gifting their life unto the land and never to return to the ancient tree. The ancient tree that Ame Moei had allowed to survive for so long, she now allowed to die.

The people who continued to dwell in the cave that was carved into the rocks at the base of the ancient tree began to notice a peculiar event. The leaves of the ancient tree that fell to the ground all around the cave did not decay. Some would recount that they even glowed with the essence of Ame Moei, a soft golden hue. A small school of study and skill began to grow at the base of the dying tree. Natives of various tribes would gather to take up these leaves as they had learned well the stories of the ancient trees and their healing properties. The apothecaries would create tinctures and teas and salves and poultices from this gift of Mother Jungle and they became trusted for their wisdom of the healing properties of the most ancient tree. For one hundred years the natives honored Ame Moei in ritual and ceremony each season as the flood waters subsided. They thanked her for their safety (the stones of the cave), they thanked her for their healing (the leaves of the ancient tree) and they thanked her for their wisdom (preparing curatives and medicines from the leaves of the tree).

As the apothecaries and herbalists of the highest regard taught each generation of their family the proper way to gather the sacred leaves and to prepare them for healing purposes, the ancient tree continued to die. Until one season, following the floods, as the healers of the herbalist tradition gathered to honor Ame Moei for her precious gifts, the ancient tree let fall its final golden leaf. The collective wail of mourning could be heard throughout the island. Those who dwelt in the cave of sages, so named for its wisdom, honored the life of the ancient tree, taking solace in prayer and meditation for many weeks in hopes to glean the will of Ame Moei.

Later, and over the course of hundreds of years, as the Sages continued to provide healing remedies to the natives, they revealed to their apprentices the secret will of Ame Moei, revealed to them by the ritual meditation of long ago – that they should harvest and use what remained of the ancient tree - the bark, the roots, the heartwood - every part which remained until all remnants of the ancient tree were gone. And so they did. And once the ancient tree was gone, they began to study other plants and trees of Eyr. The school of the sages and apothecaries remained small but trusted, providing training to those they deemed worthy of such wisdom, to learn the ancient knowledge of those who worked directly with the ancient tree, with the very essence of Ame Moei from the dawn of creation.

Soon, one family in particular, of the Sum’ei’an tribe of jungle elves, became the keepers of the ancient wisdom of the herbalist sages. This family took great care to set up the Apothecary as it is known today, The Sage Advice. They saw to the care of the herbalist wisdom until the unification of the jungle tribes under the first Myan. Soon after, the last of the keepers of the apothecary left the jungle on a journey far from her home, she never returned. It was thought that no one of the family lineage remained. For the ten years since the Mystarans first came to Eyr it seemed as though the Sage was left without proper keeping and yet, its stores remained fully stocked and the good preparations of its tinctures, teas, salves and poultices continued. Some tried to take credit for this but when tested could not duplicate the fine preparations, could not recite the ancient herbalist wisdom.

In truth, one lone of the jungle elf kin, who arrived from Mystara shortly after the final Sum’ei’an keeper was lost, had taken refuge beneath the branches at the base of another Great Tree. This tree, not of Ame Moei though kindred in spirit, had taken root very near the Sage, close to where the most ancient of trees had once stood tall.

Soon after the Sum’ei’an Myan took the mantle of Moei Asing leadership, Ame Moei and the Great Tree of the Mystaran Eldalie, the jungle elf kin, shared communion with each other. The Great Tree promised to love and shelter the native tribes as it had the Eldalie. And so Ame Moei bestowed upon this tree her greatest blessing, that of longevity and the tree itself grew to immense and towering heights, growing stronger and more capable. This great tree became Tilikambo, sharing in the heritage of the most ancient tree before it, the lasting protection and blessing of Ame Moei, and once again, the small cave of Sage herbalists would bask in the shelter of Tilikambo, once again knowing the good respite beneath a solid and ancient tree.


Herbalist Ranks

As a business that resides within Moei Asing territory, preference naturally is granted to those already members of the Faction. That does not mean that members of the outside Factions may be selected, but they may be met with a level of skepticism and may have to prove themselves to the silently watching natives. Changing relations and tensions between the Factions may also affect how your character may fare within the environment.

All of Sage Advice's employees are overseen by the Bwana Thinaka, the Business Owner. The "head sage" is selected via application process and approved by MoE Admins OOCly.

  • Kuanzisha Thinaka (Initiate)
  • Osafunds Thinaka (Apprentice)
  • Wafuasi Thinaka (Acolyte)
  • Bwana Thinaka (Lead -- appointed OOCly through Wufoo application process)