VoynichKuanzisha Thinaka [Koo-ann-zee-sha Tee-na-ka] – the Initiate sets about the daily tasks of the Apothecary – restocking inventory, dusting the shelves, sweeping the floors, fetching water, keeping supplies in stock such as candles, pots, etc. Puts in at least two weeks of dedicated apothecary work before becoming an apprentice.

  • Quest 1 – Going to the book shop for a volume on the history of Eyr and its people (website based information obtained IC through the book shop)
  • Quest 2 – Showing someone the apothecary and telling them about it (history lesson) - You know of Eyr now and it’s people, now it’s time to learn how these mysterious and complicated histories converged in this particular place and time in the founding of the Sage Advice. (forum based information obtained IC through your instructor or the book shop)
  • Quest 3 – Herb Gathering - this is a “you won’t know until you try!” RP aimed at learning the plant life available from the land. On each outing, you’ll “harvest” any plant parts from 5 random plants and describe the plant and location of gathering to your instructor. Some gathering might be useless, others successful and still others fraught with dangerous consequences!

Osafunds Thinaka [Ossa-fonds Tee-na-ka] – the Apprentice sets about the work of an Apothecary apprentice, learning how to gather herbs, dry and store the herbs, prepare medicines and teas and their substrates such as oils, salves, crushing herbs, boiling herbs etc. And once they choose a specialization, puts in at least two weeks of thorough study and quest work before becoming an acolyte

  • Quest 1 – Herb gathering search/ puzzle – following the clues to figure out what herb to gather and then explaining to someone how it ought to be picked or cut (this will be determined by the successful location of harvestables and/or with dice roll to see if the gathering is successful)
  • Quest 2 – Herbal preparations (with dice roll to see if the preparation was successful in potency) – on the job quiz, someone comes in and you’re asked what sort of preparation is best for their ailment
  • Quest 3 – Spiritual journey of the Moei Asing – to assist in discovering your true calling as an acolyte. Includes a meet and greet with the Asing Insight (the spiritual guide of the Moei Asing).

Wafuasi Thinaka [Wa-foo-a-sea Tee-na-ka] – the Acolyte sets about the work of their specialization, also includes work of one trade agreement with an ally (restocking the tavern with herbs and spices for cooking for instance); may be responsible for an initiate and watching after their daily duties making sure they get their work done.
Will be requested to swear an oath to the Moei Asing as allies, will be limited in responsibilities otherwise.
Specialization options include: Pain management, Treatment of wounds, Nutritional and Scents, Medicinal Herbs, Poisons and Hallucinogens

  • Quest 1 – Healing of five persons by the good preparation and use of native herbs
  • Quest 2 – Educating the Asing on the good preparation and use of one or a few native herbs (holding an IC training session)
  • Quest 3 – Composing a scroll of wisdom and learning to be kept at the Apothecary for the training of Apprentices and Initiates. (OOC these will be kept on the forums for future RP reference :))

After completing quests in their specialization, the acolyte will then be able to take on a second specialization and will be able to run events of their choosing for the apothecary.

The Acolyte will also be encouraged to post on the forums or within a scroll IC available at the Sage Advice, a recurring shift at the Apothecary so that folks will know role play is available and at what times for their Apothecary needs. The Lead of the Sage Advice (Eiirwen resident) will establish a monthly recurring schedule of when someone is available consistently, it’ll be placed on the Eyr calendar as an “event” and the acolytes will be requested to staff the time and day regularly.