*Quest is Required. Please note if any service, potion, or item is being used on another character OOC Consent is required.


Crone's Eye Basic Supplies

  • Animal Bones (supply depends on size and type)
  • Animal Teeth (supply depends on size and type)
  • Brooms
  • Bone Knives
  • Candles
  • Charcoal
  • Crystals (Quartz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Jade, Diamond, Tourmaline)
  • Frogs
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Grimoires
  • Salt
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Sulfur
  • Wands & Staves


Crone's Eye Services

  • Bone Castings
  • Crystal Ball Gazings
  • Enchantments
  • Mainenance
  • Seances
  • Scrying
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Wards




Amulet of Concealment*

Ever have the desire to go unseen for a while, whether for mischief or protection? With an Amulet of Concealment, it can happen no matter what your reasonings are..just don’t get caught.

((This amulet allows a character to become invisible upon wear. The effect only lasts for an hour due to the painful strain it puts on the wearer and is destroyed after use. The wearer still has the potential to be heard, only not seen.))

Canopic Jars

Got something you need to keep fresh? Need to store your herbs, frog parts, or even some roots? A Canopic Jar is exactly what you’re looking for! These specially enchanted jars will keep your delicacies fresh for far longer than regular ones..some say an eternity.

((These jars keep supplies fresh for 6 months. If the jar is cracked or broken while the items are inside, the enchantment ceases to exist and the contents are reverted into the state they originally should be. This vessel CANNOT be used to store Holy Water)).

Chicken Foot Charm

Can’t seem to shake that streak of bad luck? Feeling down lately? A chicken foot charm will turn that all around and more! Lasts one week.

((OOC Consent Required. This also needs to be focused on what type of luck a player is seeking, i.e., Luck with making a crafted item, Luck in getting a free drink. Luck in a card game, etc. This is meant to be a minor item with a minor effect, meaning that it gives the carrier good luck in smaller situations. Maybe you score a cold ale at the Salty Swallow for free? Or perhaps you get caught in the jungle rain, only for not a single drop to land on you. Exactly what happens is up to you and the players around you, though whatever it is must be minor. It’s a ‘fluff’ effect.))

Legba's Largesse*

Languages are hard to learn, taking ages of repetitive practice. Not anymore! With Legba’s Largesse, you’ll be able speak another language with complete understanding. This artifact can aid you in ambassadorial work, negotiations, or just getting to know a person who doesn’t speak your language. Lasts for one week.

((This ring allows the wearers to temporarily speak and understand a chosen language. When the ring is removed or the enchantment expires, the character loses understanding and the ability to speak it. The character remembers what was said while using this artifact, but in the terms of their native language rather than the magically learned one. This ring also causes wearers random and uncontrollable spats of swearing and foul language in the tongue you are trying to speak)).

Red Brick Dust

Jungle witches swear by it, a line of red brick dust along a doorway will stop those who mean you harm right in their tracks. They’re also known for exaggeration but..can’t hurt to try right?

((This dust carries a minor ward against those who mean the purchaser harm. Aggressors will find themselves momentarily halted when faced with a line of Red Brick Dust, but can pass through it. Perfect for creating suspicion among characters, the purchaser might not be able to decide if the other actually meant them harm or were just weirded out to cross such a strangely placed line! A clue giver must be set-out at the scene, with admin permission, for this to work)).

Void Bags*

Due to the scorching jungle heat, it’s common knowledge that it’d be extremely uncomfortable, possibly even deadly to carry around all of your important possessions. Fear no more! With this small, compact cloth bag you’ll able to carry almost everything you need without even feeling it!

((Appears to be a small, common cloth bag. A Void Bag is much larger on the inside rather than the outside. When full, the bag feels like it holds a mere 10 pounds when in reality it holds a maximum of 200 pounds. If the bag is overloaded, or if sharp objects pierce it (from inside or outside), the bag ruptures and is ruined. All contents are lost forever. If a Void Bag is turned inside out, its contents spill out, unharmed, but the bag must be put right before it can be used again. Must be recharged at the Crone’s Eye every 6 months)).

Custom Artifacts and Trinkets*

Have an idea for an artifact or trinket that isn’t on the menu? Inquire within and we’ll see what’s possible.




Black Dimes*

Said to be casted away by the Loa themselves, these pitch black coins are perfect for achieving minor revenge. Has someone been giving you dirty looks or spreading rumors about you? Slip a Black Dime on them and they’ll get what’s coming to them. Lasts for one week unless removed.

((This is meant to be a minor jinx with a minor effect, meaning that it gives the carrier bad luck in smaller situations. Maybe you slip on a bar of soap at the Stormstead Bath House? Or perhaps you keep breaking nails, tripping over air, or making a fool of yourself? Exactly what happens is up to you and the players around you, though whatever it is must be minor. It’s a ‘fluff’ effect.))

Death's Embrace*

What better way to get back at someone than haunting them with the spirits of the dead? Victims of this curse can kiss their peace of mind goodbye thanks to constant undead torment. Lasts for one week.

((This curse causes the victim to be tormented by ghosts. Effects may include intense nightmares, terrifying spectral apparitions, chills down the spine, and other classic symptoms of a haunting. Ghosts may not exceed the strength set for them in the undead section on the website.))

Sense Sever*

This hex blocks the use of one sense. We could tell you the nitty gritty about it, but chances are you’ll be better off without knowing. Lasts one week.

((This hex causes the target to suddenly lose use of a chosen sense (sight, taste, hearing, or touch) ushered in with a sharp pain and the bleeding of the body parts affected.))

Custom Hexes, Curses, and Jinxes*

Have an idea for a hex, curse, or jinx that isn’t on the menu? Inquire within and we’ll see what’s possible.





One of the darkest potions on the market, a bottle of Agony will leave your foes in a complete state of paralysis. As if the feeling of being entirely helpless wasn’t torturous enough, this potion also induces excruciating pain on the drinker as if they were being stabbed. Lasts 1 hour.

((This requires OOC consent. When the hour is up, the victim will feel rather sore for several hours. The character can still speak while paralyzed.))

Agwe's Kiss*

Your key to world of natural danger. Purchasers of this brew won’t need to worry about breathing while in places they normally wouldn’t be able to. Lasts for four hours.

((This potion allows users to breathe in places they wouldn’t normally be able to. Breathing something that isn’t air is difficult and uncomfortable at first. When it wears off, breathing air again has the same effect. Purchaser must know what environment they plan on using it in at the time of ordering))


Said to be the strongest love potion on the Isle, this rosey pink brew is just bound to please. Not only does it carry the scent of the thing you love the most, but more importantly puts your victim in a state of total infatuation. Do be warned however, side effects may include a dangerous level of obsession. Lasts three days if the potion is taken in full and one day if divided between two parties.

((OOC Consent Required. This potion doesn’t actually create ‘love’ per say, but makes the drinker have an intense obsession for the purchaser . Effects may include an increased desire to be around the purchaser, increased happiness around that person, increased thoughts about them, and lust towards them. Drinkers remember what happens under the effects of this potion.)

Candor Liquid*

The bane of secret-keepers everywhere, this golden brew encourages confidential information to be spat right from the drinker’s mouth! Perfect for gaining the clarity of truth given the drinker will be unable to tell a lie. Lasts for 1 full day.

((This potion doesn’t affect those who are unaware that they’re lying nor does it guard against deceptive truth telling. It also doesn’t force someone to speak, they can simply remain silent.))

Ezili's Blessing*

Feeling self-conscious about your looks? Have a date coming up and want to impress? Or maybe you just crave the eye of every person in the room? Whatever your reasons are for looking your best, Ezili’s Blessing is certainly the way to do it. This potion does far more to your looks than regular methods. Say goodbye to blemishes, warts, and wrinkles and hello to perfection with a level of beauty that rivals the elven’s most gifted! Lasts 2 full days.

((This potion causes the drinker to become immensely attractive, so attractive they may even appear to give off a slight ‘glow’. Drinkers also exclude an aura of attention, encouraging the eyes of other characters to be glued to you. It should be noted that this potion only makes you attractive by human standards and does /not/ change race. Side-effects include reduced strength and durability, sensitive skin, a vulnerability to illness, and a desire to eat sweet foods. After the duration of the spell side effects include: unpleasant odor, rashes, and skin eruptions)).

Ezili's Revenge*

Need to wipe a smile off someone's face? How about completely rearrange it? With a sip of Ezili’s Revenge, you'll be able to change even the most beautiful and buxom into the most hideous! Lasts for 3 days.

((OOC consent required. This potion causes the drinker to become immensely unattractive, so unattractive they may even appear to secrete slime from their skin. Drinkers also exclude an aura of repulsion. It should be noted that this potion only makes you unattractive by human standards and does /not/ change race. Side-effects include rough skin and a slight increase in strength and durability.))

Fulgur Brew*

This elementally brewed potion is designed to cause a small scale lightning strike. When the vial of Fulgur Brew is thrown at the ground, a single strike of lightning will hit the ground. If thrown at an opponent, the lightning strike will strike down near or upon them depending on aim (or dice roll).

((The strike is not strong enough to kill an opponent, even with precision aim. It may cause slight burns or lighting scarring. It lasts one post and no other strikes or weather related effect will occur. Can only be used outdoors.))

Ignis Brew*

This elementally brewed potion is designed to give a small scale explosive effect. Though small in size, when the vial is thrown and hits the ground, the Ignis Brew will combust into a miniature explosion.

((The effects of this potion are small, flames from the explosion not reaching knee height on an adult. The flames are not long lived, burning for only a short time (1-2 post rounds) but the smoke can last up to an hour or 2-3 post rounds.))

Lethe's Gift*

Have to make a painful decision and want to prepare? Or maybe you have an important first impression to make and would like the opportunity for a do-over? Whatever your reasons for forgetting are, this elixir is the answer for you. The events of the entire day (potentially) will be wiped away like they never even occurred.

((This is by no means a catch-all solution. Rather than wiping away memories, it more accurately clouds them to leave the possibility of remembering open. Details, if any, of what will be remembered will be worked out between players and decided by dice roll if an agreement can’t be made. Amount of time forgotten depends on how much of the potion is given, maxing at 24 hours.))


Not only are we known for having the strongest love potion in Eyr, we are also known for creating the most potent elixir of hate. This blood red brew smells like the thing you dislike the most and inspires a despise like no other within the consumer. It should go without saying it can be particularly dangerous. Lasts three if taken in full and one day if divided between two parties.

((Effects may include acts of violence, aggression, and broken relationships. Drinkers remember what happens under the effect of this potion.))

Vinea Brew*

This naturally brewed potion is designed to cause a small scale vine explosion. Useful in emergencies, when a vial of Vinea Brew is thrown at the feet of an opponent, the vines will be large enough to tangle their feet and halfway up to their knees.

((The effects of this brew are small, the vines getting no taller than an adult’s knee level if thrown with accuracy. The vines last for a short while (4-6 post rounds). The vines can also broken with enough strength.))

Custom Potions*

Have an idea for a potion that isn’t on the menu? Inquire within and we’ll see what’s possible.





One of the most infamous rituals on the Isle, this impressive feat inspires fertility like no other. Having troubles with conception? Not anymore. With a 98% success rate, you’ll be having a child of your own in no-time.

((This ritual is meant to be disturbing and uncomfortable to both the caster and the customer. Please be aware of this before engaging in the roleplay. That aside, due to the heavy necromantic energies used in the spell, it’s likely that children conceived under its effects will be unable to have children of their own. There is also a 50% chance, based on dice roll, that the mother will never be able to conceive again)).

Spirit Walking Ritual

Your path to the astral plane. No matter what your reasons are for directly visiting the spirits, this is the way to do it.

((During this ritual the character’s body is left behind on the material plane in a vulnerable state. Any damage done to the character on the astral plane is also transferred to the character’s body in the material plane.))


Want to take commitment to a whole new level? Whether friends, lovers, or enemies, this ritual will link your minds and bodies together like no other connection can. Not only will you be able to feel out where your other link is, you’ll be able to sleep with peace knowing of their current state within 64 meters of each other.

((OOC Consent Required. Those under the effect of this spell will be mentally and physically linked to the other party, meaning they’ll be able to “feel out” the general direction in which the other person is. In addition to this, any injury that happens to one person will appear on the other. The farther the two are away from each other, the weaker both of these effects become.))

Custom Spells and Rituals*

Have an idea for a spell or ritual that isn’t on the menu? Inquire within and we’ll see what’s possible.




Wards are used as protective means against property and their belongings, business property and inventory, against specific types of creatures, or specific types of damage. Most wards are limited to the property they protect and one below describes each of the most common types of wards. Any player can request a ward from The Crone’s Eye.

Locations are limited to two wards and must be recharged every 90 days after initial ward ritual is performed. After 90 days, one or both wards can be swapped out based on specific needs.

Anti-Fire Ward*

A ward to prevent fire damage to property/establishment. Anyone that attempts to set a property or its goods on fire would be quickly extinguished on contact.

Anti-Magic Ward*

A ward that blocks the use of magic. Anyone within the warded area would feel they can cast spells but the attempt would fail and the spell fizzles instantly at the attempt.

Anti-Theft Ward*

A ward that prevents theft within the bounds of the warded location. Prevents thievery by binding products to their Owners. (Does NOT protect against Violence)

Anti-Violence Ward*

Ward against violence within the bounds of the ward. Violence is prevented when the ward activates and causes those that commit violence to struggle in their efforts. (Does NOT protect against Theft)

Full Moon Ward*

A ward to fend off creatures influenced by the Full Moon. Mainly wolfkin. They would be unable to enter a warded establishment that would result in harm, violence, or destruction of property. Ward activates during the Full Moon ONLY.

Soundproofing Ward*

A ward to reduce the noise from enclosed structures. When this ward is active, conversations are limited to 10m within a warded structure or area.

Theft and Violence Ward*

Ward against Theft and Violence. Preventing theft and violence within the bounds of a location. Prevents thievery by binding products to their Owners. Violence is prevented when the ward activates and causes those that commit violence to struggle in their efforts.

Undead and Vampires Ward*

A ward to protect a warded location from Undead and Vampires. If an Undead or Vampire is present while the ward is in place, they will feel a resistance to enter or uncomfortable to the point of leaving.

Custom Wards*

Have an idea for a ward that isn’t on the menu? Inquire within and we’ll see what’s possible.