If you are interested in applying with the Molten Crucible, find the lead (listed below - if no lead is listed, contact an admin) and roleplay with them! That is the best way that they will know if you can handle the heat!

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About the Molten Crucible

Deep within the heart of the Azifix volcano lies Ebon Reach’s black market. The central element is a repurposed Stone Giant structure that pours the mountain’s molten contents into an adapted forge. Dubbed the Molten Crucible, the Reach syphons off the lifeblood of the earth to shape an endless supplies of tools and weapons for their dark enterprises. On this side of the isle, Ebon Reach has no peer in the mass quantity of metalworks they are able to construct and stockpile. One may suggest that they could rival Shalan’ti in their bounty of available metalworks.

The Crucible’s smiths are a fearsome bunch to conduct business with. Not only do they have the rigorous fortitude to withstand the furious heat, blinding ash, and choking vapor of an active volcano, but they are steadfastly stubborn to work unbent amongst the most cutthroat denizens of the jungle. Their hammers may sing out within the chambers of Ebon Reach, but their trade holds true regardless of who they ply them for.


Ranks of the Molten Crucible

Entree rank of the group, reserved for those who have no prior experience in blacksmithing in character, or mentioned in the character application. The Apprentice will have to learn from any master to gain the next rank.

A journeyman has followed several basic classes of the lava forge. The journeyman is an adept in the day to day operations of The Molten Crucible. They ensure the proper order of the forge. The jorneyman must have filled at least 6 orders as an apprentice from any of the master disciplines.

A jeweler is one who works on intricate pieces, usually jewelry made of pricier metals such as silver and gold. A jeweler may also be called upon to work with more intricate details of an item such as engraving and other fine tasks.

The Blacksmith is the tool maker and everyday tools maker. They are the most versatile metal worker of the forge, they can go from simple objects making to weapon or armorsmithing. They are the smithies.

Known by the more common layman’s term of glassblower. The Glassblowers is expected to be adept at the blowing and shaping of glass. It is rumored that some glassblowers may have the ability to work with certain crystals as well.

Worker who specialises in creating/crafting weapons/artifacts/items to be magically imbued. This may mean dealing with specialist materials or using a ritual approach alongside the physical crafting to make the finished item more attuned to magic

Master metallurgist who can make the most exotic of weapons, they are only limited by their imagination. The bladesmithing is the art of making knives, swords, daggers and other blades using a forge, hammer, anvil, and other smithing tools. Bladesmiths employ a variety of metalworking techniques similar to those used by blacksmiths, as well as woodworking for knife and sword handles, and often leatherworking for sheaths.

An Armorsmith is a blacksmith who specializes in the creation of rare and fine armor.

The owner of The Molten Crucible. The forgemaster oversees the operation of the forges and manages the business as a whole. The Forgemaster is generally very skilled in working various materials, most notably iron, obsidian and all of the Eyranese Alloys that need an attunement for the weapon owner to use it.