If you are interested in applying for a job at the Salty Swallow, find the lead (listed below - if no lead is listed, contact an admin) and roleplay with them! That is the best way that they will know just how good a brew you can pour!


Lead: Alteripseity Resident


About the Salty Swallow

The Salty Swallow is the tavern of Mysts of Eyr, centrally located in the middle of Stormstead Village. As the local watering hole, it serves as a place for locals and outsiders to mingle alike. All manner of patrons may be found here, catching up on the latest rumors over drinks and food.

One may find more than polite conversation at the tables. When the drink flows, loose lips follow. From the tavern staff, and even patrons themselves, others may pick up valuable pieces of information. Opportunities are abound for those in search of work and exploitation, and keeping in the know. If one goes looking for adventure, the tavern is always a good place to start!

Like other establishments in Eyr, coin is accepted but not preferred. Barter and trade of goods and services earns patrons their drinks and meals. A couple fish, a handful of fruit, a bundle of herbs, or anything that may be used by the tavern is readily accepted.

Theft and minor destruction of property is permitted with consent of the Salty Swallow Tavern lead. Any major destruction, in regards to the tavern itself, must be approved by sim owner Blanche Fralto. Incidences of such events will lead to a couple of reactions: a report filed to the Stormstead village guards, and a means to make amends to the Salty Swallow Tavern if the identity of the suspect is known.


History of the Salty Swallow

Have you heard of a man who goes by Henry Namingway? He disappeared one fateful day. A Stromness human charlatan, he once was, who's tales of brave ventures caused quite a buzz. In Eyr he settled, after Mystara's end. Like all refugees, he followed that trend.

He loved adventuring, but trophies even more. It was not long, before he ran out of places for them to store. To fit his collection, and show off his pride, he built this tavern on the cliff side. The Salty Swallow, it is so named, for the very birds in which these salty waters wallow.

That has been its name every time, so much is true. That is to say, there has been a tavern or two. There were troubles with raiders and Moei Asing; more then one knew. Laid waste by raids, these miscreants did pillage. Very little of anything was left in the village! But like the saying, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. After each time the buildings were brought down, they were built to last longer.

In construction, Namingway did lend a hand. With his great axe, he cleared many a tree from the land. So stories go, he chopped a grove with just one swipe! But, that detail may just be hype. By one hand he built, the other held a barrel from which he would drink! Now, that is quite an image to think. That bit may exaggerated, for many of his exploits seem quite inflated.

On last accounts, Namingway was on the hunt. He sought to end a pair of tigers from their man eating stunt. Anzu and his mate, Sindali, were quite the fearsome bunch. By tooth and claw, upon many villagers and jungle dwellers did they munch. Namingway did put down one, and we can see the trophy he won. There lies Anzu on the tavern floor. The tigress, however was still unaccounted for.

Namingway fled into the jungle scene, never will anyone know where he has been. The tigress found him and they did brawl; however, that is when Namingway had his fall. In spectral form he did return. He bared a warning: Sindali with a bloodlust does yearn. 

With vengence and scorn, the tigress came to her old hunting ground. Blood and carnage be spread around! In rare occasion, villager and native did meet, and the unison was short but sweet. Together they slew the fearsome beast and then in victory did they feast.


Staff Information: Responsibilities and Service

All employees must be comfortable working with large crowds. All orders must be logged under the “Orders In, Orders Out” thread on the Salty Swallow Tavern forum. All approved employees are added to the Mysts of Eyr-Businesses and Craftsmen group. All characters of a race, which requires a standard agreement application, (demons, dragons, lycans, celestials, vampires,) must complete such a form prior to applying for work at the Salty Swallow Tavern.

  • Salty Bartenders mix and serve drinks for patrons. They must be familiar with the drink menu and trade values of items within stock. It is preferred, but not required, that they have experience with brewing as well.
  • Salty Cooks prepare and cook meals for patrons. They must be familiar with the food menu and trade values of items within stock.
  • Salty Guards maintain the safety of patrons, staff, and tavern property. Patrons who take hostile actions must be either calmed down or removed from the tavern. They must also be on the look out for theft and destruction of property, be it by staff or patrons, and report such incidences to the Salty Swallow Tavern lead.
  • Salty Stewards serve as additional help to both patrons and staff; be it by serving food and drinks, taking orders, ensuring everything is in stock, and items are traded for their appropriate values. They must be familiar with the entire menu as well as trade values of items within stock.
  • Salty Wenches clean the establishment, run errands, take orders, and serve tables.

While any and all are welcome to work in the tavern, there are a couple of unfortunate occurrences that could terminate one's employment. Theft of tavern property, which includes giving away free food and drink, (though staff are free to eat and drink from the stocks); assault upon staff or employees while upon tavern grounds; and willful destruction of tavern property are terms for termination. If one is branded an outlaw by the village of Stormstead, then termination will follow. One may join the tavern again once no longer branded as an outlaw. Approval for rejoining is done on a case by case basis. On that note, be good to one another, or at least be up to no good while no one is watching!

If one is inactive for an entire month away from Eyr, then one must be let go. Pruning absent employees helps keep tabs on who's active. This helps us organize events and spread activity around as much as possible. If you have been removed due to inactivity, you are welcome back at any time. There's no need to reapply, just contact the Salty Swallow Tavern leader for re-enrollment into the group. If real life takes you away, please do mention it! You will not be removed and will be kept on as an employee for the duration of your extended time out.