Mysts of Eyr’s gameplay and storyline tension is centered around four factions.  The Moei Asing, Stormstead Village, Kuvari's Deep, and Ebon Reach. Deciding early on which faction your character belongs in will play a very important part in how you roleplay.


What is a Faction?

A faction is a number of individuals who are united and motivated by some common impulse of passion, principles, or of interest who take action to further the cause for their community. In Eyr, factions are comprised of a diverse mix of individuals of varying race, class and alignment.  They share the same basic faction ideology, though will experience it with varying levels of intensity.


Factions in Eyr

The four factions in Eyr are all driven by different ideals, but all of them wanting territory which equates to power within Eyr.  The Moei Asing, the natives of Eyr, believe the entire island to be their home.  The ways of Ebon Reach, Stormstead, and Kuvari's Deep to be a great dishonor to Ame Moei.  The Stormstead Villagers, primarily refugees from the Realm of Mystara, believe that Eyr is vast enough and plentiful enough to support a small communal village, not unlike how they lived in their former home. Kuvari's Deep rule the waters of Eyr.  They maintain and guard the oceans and streams that tie everything together.  The 'Deeper territory is centered over the reef bu they claim rights over all the waters.  This makes it interesting as waterways lace through all of the faction territories.  Ebon Reach, home of the underdark dwellers and the mysterious cabal have their sights set on grand plans laid with the bricks of chaos, death, and destruction.  Every faction will have its leaders, its evangelizers, its infiltrators its loyal followers, and its allies. Where does your character fit in? Read on!


Which faction is right for me?

As with everything, generalizations can be made and exceptions can be expected. To boil the factions down into the simplest of terms, dark and evil races and characters would likely be attracted to Ebon Reach. Native inhabitants of Eyr’s Jungle, enemies of Stormstead and those deeply attuned to nature would be inclined to join The Moei Asing. Water creatures and those whose lives are tied to the oceans and streams gravitate toward Kuvari's Keep.  Finally, characters who prefer structured civilization and way of life, or who are refugees from Mystara and prefer village safety, laws, and communal living would be motivated to enter the Stormstead faction. Choosing the right faction for your character depends on what you as a player want for your character and requires you to dig deep and think about your character’s wants, needs, fears, motivations and backstory.  

Are you playing a young native jungle elf, rejected in his youth by his own kind,  whose life was saved by a Stormsteader human and in turn fell in love? Your character might choose to align with Stormstead faction instead of aligning with the Moei Asing, even though he is a native race.

Perhaps you play a powerful undead lich, and you’ve found value in the living, or at least a good source of bodies in the Village. You might choose to disguise yourself and infiltrate Stormstead faction in addition to joining Ebon Reach, and relay your observations back to Ebon’s leader.

Interested in pirating?  Your character could be drawn toward Ebo Reach for the underground trade operations.  Or they may be draw toward Kuvari's Deep to maintain alliance and trade routes open through Eyr's waters.

These are just examples of scenarios that might be exceptions. It can be expected that players may two-time factions secretly, turn their back on one faction and join another, or just join the faction that makes the most sense for their backstory.

You have four choices for Factions.  You can be a 'Steader, a 'Deeper, an 'Asing, or a 'Reacher.  It’s really up to you to decide!  


Faction vs. Race Group Interactions

Racial groupings in Eyr can add another layer of complexity to political roleplay. A helpful metaphor for understanding the way the groups interact is to think of race groups like families and think of factions like political parties. In your family, you might have a mix of conservatives and liberals, democrats, socialists, anarchists, independents, or republicans. Your family might have heated arguments and divisive fights over dinner about their political leanings, but through the toughest of times, you’re still family. Or perhaps during extreme times, or due to bloodshed, your family is divided along party lines, members even ostracized for it. The head of a family is also very influential to the overall political leanings, and a head of a family who leans conservative, for example, tends to have like-minded family members, with the odd black sheep or two. This metaphor works for race groups and factions.

In a practical Eyr example, the bastets of Eyr might primarily be Moei Asing. However, a bastet whose heart has been darkened by evil desires might be Ebon Reach aligned, and a bastet hailing from Mystara might be Stormstead aligned. This might cause strife in the bastet pride, or it might not. Depending on the culture of the race, one’s faction leanings might be a private issue or openly discussed. This is for you and your fellow tribe folk to RP out!

A family is bonded by blood and love, a loyalty that can often run deeper and stronger than faction leanings. In times of desperation and strife, an entire race can come together or be fragmented in the name of politics.  We encourage you to join both a faction and a race group (if able) to explore the complexities of political lines and familial bonds.


Faction Territory

EyrMonolithMapAll four factions in Eyr hold what is called a base territory.

Important note: It is totally OK to enter another faction’s territory!  There are no OOC sim rules that state you cannot enter Ebon Reach or go visit Moei Asing’s base. In-character, however, that is an entirely different matter. In roleplay, most of the time you’ll find the territories to be open to passing through, exploring and meeting other characters.  In times of tension and war your character might be faced with guards, driven off, or even attacked.  Everywhere in Eyr is dangerous - your character should be on alert wherever they go!. Base territory is the minimum territory which can never be permanently taken away from the group - they will always have at least that region.  In the illustration to the right, each factions’ base territory is marked out.  The map above shows the land bases. Kuvari's Deep faction territory encompasses all oceans and waterways.  It overlaps and runs through all other Faction territories.  

Factions by their very nature seek to expand their base territory and make it larger.  More territory means more strength and more claim to resources such as food gathering, spring water for drinking and bathing, and jungle space for hunting. It is in every faction’s best interest to expand.  How does a faction grow its base territory larger?  By capturing Monoliths.

Capturing Monoliths

Factions can claim additional territory for their own by capturing and taking monoliths. You can read all about the monolith system here. A monolith is an ancient relic left by the stone giants, connecting to powerful ley lines within the jungle island.  Monoliths, placed around key locations in Eyr, represent a specific location or area roughly 15 - 30 meters in size around where they stand.  It can be a waterfall, a jungle clearing, a cave, a swamp, any number of variations in location. A cave for example might be a prime capture point for Ebon Reach, whereas a waterfall clearing might be the best source of fresh water for Stormsteaders. It will be up to factions and their leaders to determine which key territory pieces give the most advantage, and which are worth fighting for.   Monoliths ONLY exist outside of faction’s base territory, in what is called contested land. Contested land is defined as all the open areas not marked as a faction base territory on the map to the right. It is in these contested lands you will find monoliths, and conflict for territory.



Q: Do I have to join a faction?

A: No, you are not forced to join a faction. It is highly recommended though, if you want a safe base to use in RP and want to deepen your own storyline.


Q: I play a non-native race. Can I still join the Moei Asing faction?  If I am not an aquatic creature - can I join the Kuvari's Deep?

A: Whether you are admitted to any group is more a matter of whether your character is a good fit than anything.  This will depend on your character’s beliefs, opinions, and lifestyle -- and any roleplay that has occurred with the Faction members you are interested in joining.  It is unlikely that any Faction would welcome in a total stranger, for example.  When you fill out an application to join a faction, it is OOC. Therefore, your character should meet with the lead and make their character familiar to the faction members to ensure it is a good fit. When in doubt simply ask the lead.


Q: Can I establish my own faction?

A: No.


Q: Can I join more than one faction?

A: Potentially, yes.  When you fill out an application to join a faction, it is an OOC process. It is advisable to let the lead know what you are already in another faction and are joining a second faction for infiltration / spy / deceptive purposes.  Your character would need to keep their allegiance to two separate factions a secret, otherwise he or she may face consequences, such as being ousted from a faction or even captured, punished, attacked, etc. Double-timing in factions is a difficult charade to keep up forever, as eventually you will be recognized.  You can also join a faction as an ally.  A faction could call together their allies when attempting ot take a monolith to claim territories.  As wit all things - OOC communication with the lead and IC RP to follow it up is necessary.


Q: Do I put my faction in my titler?

A: We don’t believe this is necessary info to share to all players, and can make it easy to metagame. Those who are in your faction will know you through the group directory if they truly need to find out OOCly.  ICly you can let people know your faction by wearing a specific symbol or color, or being proudly vocal about it. It is entirely up to you how you brandish or conceal your allegiance.


Q: My roleplay storyline is taking me in a new direction. Can I leave a faction and join another?

A: Yes, simply notify your faction lead ahead of time.


Q: Someone from another faction just walked into my territory. What do I do?

A: First, you need to determine if your character knows this intruder, recognizes them as friendly, neutral or hostile, has any evidence to show what faction they’re allied with.  If your character is 100% certain it is a hostile enemy, they would likely notify guards, faction leaders or elders, and they may even drive them off the land -- much of how you react is up to your character. The point is: your character is not forced to attack other factions on sight, even in your own territory.


Q: Can Factions become allied?

A: This would require both faction leaders, ICly, to form some kind of treaty or partnership along with the support of their people. While this scenario is unlikely, anything is possible in RP!


Q: Can I overthrow another faction’s leader?

A:  Potentially with OOC consent of the leader and notifying the admin team. Temporary overthrows are something that can happen in RP, however it is never permanent and the current OOC group leader will continue to administrate and lead the faction OOCly.  Any such ‘overthrows’ or storylines that temporarily take a faction lead’s place will eventually need to resolve, and the Faction lead resumes their position.