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EbonReach faction

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“I stared into the Abyss and the Abyss stared back.


And then IT spoke.


It had been waiting for me to present myself before the mirror. I behold an entity that is both everything and nothing at once. The Beginning and The End. A magnitude of something immense.  Unfathomable. Timeless. A vastness so beyond that which any mortal can ever possibly hope to comprehend. This Emptiness and Completeness allowed me to see the tiniest fraction of Its awareness and it sent me quaking to my knees. I wept at the astounding beauty ... the briefest of glances of the inner mechanisms of the universe.


It lays a magnificent path before me and I eagerly run down the gilded stones onto Endless Night.”




Cabal of Ebon Reach

CabalistThe Cabal of Ebon Reach is a mysterious and ancient society that is said to be headed by extremely powerful and influential figures who are secretive and organized in their actions. Not much is known of the group and the identities of those high in rank are actively concealed, making it hard to decipher how deep the poisoned well may run in these lands.

It began with an exiled Shalan’ti scion, bent on vengeance and rage, fleeing to the jungles to conspire a bloody coup to take the Empire’s throne for himself. He sought dark powers among the wild magic wielders of the natives to aid his cause. What he found instead at the jungle’s heart was a power so seductive and terrible that his ambitions for national conquest changed overnight. Old titles were discarded in exchange for this new yoke of power, bearing the new role of The Eternal, and gathered a cult of worshipers to fight alongside him. His eyes not only sighted up Shalan’ti in his destructive thirsts, but the entire realm… And perhaps even beyond that.

Centuries filled with chaos have passed since. New leaders of the cabal have usurped the former. The hunger for the realm perpetuates, but until very recently, the cult lacked the numbers to act upon their grand plans. Then the Mystarans arrived. Criminals, cutthroats, thieves, and assassins; honed within the belly of The Sanctum found themselves right at home at Ebon Reach. Opportunist all, they saw a wellspring of power that merely needed to be tapped for their own benefit.

Now this faction seemingly claims all the dark corners of the Eyr jungle, giving sanctuary to vagrants, murderers, and the misunderstood - for a price. And with this territory, the group thrives in numbers and influence and they use this to actively terrorize anyone who they deem weak. Dangerous and unpredictable, the group poses the biggest inconspicuous threat this realm has ever seen.

Underground within the depths of the jungle, accessible via a network of caves, is a city that is built around a re-purposed Stone Giant ruin. A place steeped in its own dark legacy and fitting to be the site of future horrors. This is the city of Ebon Reach. This where the cabal bases its operations: Where it protects its hoard, performs its sacrifices and rituals, imprisons their victims, and plans their attacks. Within Ebon Reach lies a mysterious chamber whispered to be called The Archaeneum. It is unknown what lies beyond the magically sealed door. The only activity to be seen coming in or out of this place are from imposing masked figures. Those who have attempted to pull back the veil to expose those who frequent this location or their purpose are swiftly and thoroughly disposed of.

For those who seek haven amongst The Cabal of Ebon Reach, they shall be tasked with activities that sow wanton destruction and chaos across the island. Currying favor among the echelon shall grant a never-do-well with infamy, fortune, glory and first and foremost, power. There’s no mistaking that something destructive, ancient and fearsome serves as the bedrock for this cult. Each and every dweller of Ebon Reach, be they thief, thug, cultist, or dealer, secretly wages how best to abuse this power for their own benefit.

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Beyond The Veil

death colossus dream wight by balu12 d3jcgn5Please note: this is not public knowledge nor should you use it in RP unless legitimately learned. This section of the article should only be for OOC purposes.

The Cabal is unified together in their worship and belief in one entity: The First Evil. It is said to be the source and embodiment of all that is evil. For technical purposes, the First is neither male, female, demon, nor god; it is a raw malevolent force. The First is older than either denizens of the Astral Sea and The Abyss collectively - who themselves existed long before the Five Guardian Elements; It is older than written word, the first light, and transcends all realities and dimensions; it is older than any other evil being and may even be the first entity to have ever existed.

Supposedly, The First lurked in the darkness long before the universe was created and shall remain long after reality itself ends. Few have ever heard of it and even fewer believe in its existence. This entity cannot affect the world on a physical level, its power relies on the ability of deception, torment, and manipulation. Beholding a deep understanding of mortal nature, it uses this knowledge to drive others to madness, murder, or even suicide.

The Cabal of Ebon Reach serves the purpose of attempting to bring this entity into the physical world in order to rain down destruction and essentially end the existence of the mortal coil. Cabal members of high rank are anointed as Cultists of The First. They are distinct in appearance in that they wear long tattered and adorned robes of dark color with masks of the dead, usually the skulls of various dead animals, in order to hide their identities. No one knows who these individuals are and they keep this knowledge secreted for many reasons, but they seem to be masters of torment, torture, and ancient black arts. For those that come in contact with these devout followers of the First Evil should be warned that they are not to be reasoned with.

Those who have pledged their loyalty and initiated in the faith of The First gain access to The Archaeneum, the ruin of a sunken Stone Giant temple filled with secrets and dark magic. Cultists are able to harness the powers and secrets of this temple to grow their strength and individual skill to an unknown extent.