The denizens of Ebon Reach are various and diverse, each serving different roles and purposes to further the goals of the Cabal, which relies heavily on the synergy of its followers. The Cabal of Ebon Reach has adapted a hierarchy ranking system with the main purpose to help establish a clear cut and definitive "Who's Who" through worth, dedication, and commitment. There is one leader, and many followers, with varying degrees of accomplishment in between. It is structured like a pyramid, with the many supporting the one, and the one acting as advocate for the many. Upward movement within the pyramid is dependent on dedication of time spent to the cabal, commitment to the progression of the goals of the cabal, and on earning the favorable attention of those higher up while obtaining one’s own development. Responsibilities are delegated to those who wish to climb the ranks and prove their worth and loyalty to the Ebon Reach.


The Paths of the Reach

Ebon Reach Magia   Ebon Reach Magia   Ebon Reach Magia


Lead by the Arcanum Magister, magia are critical to the safety and success of the Reach. These spellcasters, both Arcane and Divine alike, ensure that the Cabal have the power to resist and defeat magical attacks from enemies. In addition to offensive and defensive tactics, the magia are critical for performing healing spells for all Reachers and performing magical rituals during Cabal events. The magia work closely with the Libri to secure magical artifacts from the deepest stretches of land, water, and otherworldly planes to obtain necessary spell components, as well as coordinating with the Corporis during combat, often acting as healers and buffers for the martial combatants.




Lead by the Mortuo Barone, these warriors of the cavernous deeps are far more than muscle. These diverse individuals can specialize in subterfuge, tanking, cavalry and martial combat. Rogues use subterfuge to scout, spy, gain intel, and perform assassinations and reconnaissance missions. Tanks tend to be fortresses in their own right, taking heavy blows and pushing the battle lines back. Cavalry are the undead armies or living pawns of the Reach and have the ability to move fast and deal damage up close and personal with the enemy. Finally the martial combatants, whether they fight with a sword, bow, or their bare hands, these are the offensive warriors who deal out targeted damage in the caves.




Lead by the Scientia Dominum, these keepers of knowledge are charged with the protection of the Cabal and the dark secrets Ebon Reach holds. Some may choose to be priests/priestesses, lorekeepers, librarians, or scholars to carry out the most vile of sacrifices. They may even hold onto and study The First and The Principles of Torment. The Libri oversees the knowledge and most vile of secrets at the behest of The First and The Unholy Eternal. Those seeking this path will be able to hunt down magical artifacts and magical books. Many will work hand in hand with the Magia to procure and ensure the safety of such secrets.




Graphical chart of the Ebon Reach Ranks

Ranks of the Ebon Reach

Rank 0: Reach Dweller

This is the default role that anyone IC'ly reaching out to the Ebon Reach Council or lead will receive. These are the friends of Ebon Reach and while they can wear the tag of Reach Dweller, they can not reap any benefits or suffer the penalties of being in this faction.

To Become a Reach Dweller:

  • Successfully RP with a high ranking Reach member, indicating your intent to be a member or ally.
  • Preferably your character has at least heard of the Reach or discovered it on their own.


Rank 1: Reach Initiate

Joining the Cabal and rising to the ranks of Initiate comes at the cost of a successful discourse where the Prince Eternal will glean some manner of understanding of their own goals and intentions. They will be given a small quest to demonstrate a skill or talent to prove their use. Once they have returned with a completed task and proven to be of value they will be asked to pledge an allegiance to the Cabal in the form of a personal ritual.

This rank is the foundation of the group and a place to eventually strive for a higher rank from, but only once trust has began to build. Most information may still be obscured but they will begin to have the opportunity to become educated in the ways of the Cabal.

To achieve the rank of Reach Initiate:

  • Prerequisite - Reach Dweller
  • Convened with the Eternal on Personal Intent to Join
  • Completed a task to prove some manner of value & worth
  • Gone through the pledging of allegiance ritual


Rank 2: Reach Adept

They have survived through hardships of being new and have fully demonstrated devotion towards the Cabal. Their face is now fully known and they have began to carve a true name for themselves. With newfound respect, their career now looks promising and they may be tapped for assistance with newer members. The may now be trusted with things of more sensitive nature and will be told more thoroughly about the Principles of Torment so they may begin working on their completion.

To achieve the rank of Reach Adept:

  • Speak to your path Elder or the Eternal and demonstrate your budding talent.
  • Accept and complete your first path quest from your path Elder or the Eternal.
  • Attend at least one faction event.
  • Complete Three Principles of Torment

Players may display one of the following roles as a note in their Mysts of Eyr HUD titler:

  • Ebon Acolyte: Magia that study the magic of the Reach.
  • Ebon Tactician: Corporis who serve and protect the Eternal.
  • Ebon Scholar: Libri that begin to learn the secrets of the Reach


Rank 3: Chosen of the Reach

A member of the Cabal that has proven their true worth. They may even be called upon for grander schemes, in an ambassadorial sense, assisting with bargains, coordinating secretive missions, salvaging intel, and carrying out other such deeds by delegating out to the lower ranks. They will be expected to continue doing the great accomplishments that they have done that had helped them arrive to such a position in the first place. Woe to those who seek to harm one of the Chosen.

To achieve the rank of Chosen:

  • Accept and complete your second path quest from your path Elder or the Eternal.
  • Help or participate in at least one faction event.
  • Be an active member of the second rank for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Submit 3 examples of roleplay where your character trains, learns, and/ or improves a skill.
  • Training may be sought from other factions, businesses, and individuals as long as it benefits your progression.
  • Complete Four Principles of Torment.

Players will receive one of the following roles through the Ebon Reach group:

  • Reach Disciple: A proven Magia for the Reach. Independent in further studies of magic and healing.
  • Reach Captain: A proven Corporis for the Reach. Independent in further studies of war and battle.
  • Reach Enlightened: A proven Libri for the Reach. Independent in further studies of knowledge and Principles of Torment.


Rank 4: Masters of the Reach

Measurement is but the first step… if you can measure something, you can understand it. If you can understand it, you can control it. If you can control it, you can improve it! Those few who have earned this title will only just begin to understand how to wield the true powers of the void, having gleaned by dedication and commitment a small fraction of tolerance to its influences. They stand truly free, or at least as free as one could be. They are the most experienced and senior members of the Cabal. They will be recognized as the Master of a trade, skill, or attribute.

To achieve the rank of Master:

  • Accept and complete a large quest from the Eternal.
  • Host a faction event.
  • Be an active member of the Adept rank for a minimum of 1 month.
  • Receive official appointment from the Eternal to become Master.
  • Complete Five Principles of Torment.

Players may display one of the following roles as a note in their Mysts of Eyr HUD titler:

  • Arcanum Magister: Leader of the Magia. No one yet bears this title.
  • Mortuo Barone: Leader of the Corporis. No one yet bears this title.
  • Scientia Dominum: Leader of the Libri. No one yet bears this title.


Rank 5: Council of the Reach

Councilors are the most prestigious and most trusted members of the Cabal. They have worked their way through the ranks of Ebon Reach and serve directly under the Eternal. Only four members have the privilege to hold the title of Councilor. Councilors can assign tasks on the Eternal's behalf. Their commands are treated as if given by the Eternal themself. Councilors report directly to the Eternal. Only the Eternal can pick worthy members of the Cabal to be part of the Council. Not all Masters become Council Members.

To achieve the rank of Councilor:

  • Accept and complete your final ranking quest from the Eternal.
  • Host two or more faction events.
  • Be an active member of the Elder rank for a minimum of 1 month.
  • Receive official appointment from the Eternal as a Council Member.
  • Has completed all the Principles of Torment.

Players may display one of the following roles as a note in their Mysts of Eyr HUD titler:

  • The Hand of Suffering: The Hand of the Magia. No one yet bears this title.
  • The Hand of Death: The Hand of the Corporis. No one yet bears this title.
  • The Hand of Torment: The Hand of the Libri. Quiet currently bears this title.


Rank 6: Unholy Eternal

The Leader of the Ebon Reach whose very words can be considered the will of the Cabal. They may even be able to come by some dark power by tapping into the Void, but it may just prove difficult to control.

To become the Eternal:

  • Submit a successful application through the Mysts of Eyr admin team.


Principles of Torment:

lich2The Principles of Torment are thirteen lessons that promote character development and are open to interpretation by the character to how the lesson is learned. Their is no particular order to them and they can be worked from first to last, or can be skipped and returned to at a later time. These lessons are not taught verbally and their namesake is not without purpose.

The void is a level beyond what is normally experienced. The experiences one has while touched by the void becomes more all-encompassing than what they would have experience without influence. One must complete the principle while being ‘touched by the void’, battling with mind and will to come by the lesson meant to be learned. Once a principle is completed, an attunement to that aspect of the void provides resistance to withstand its effects, as well as one can use that fortitude to aid against similar effects from other sources.

Each lesson can be learned on one's own or taught by another member of the Cabal, where the lesson would depend upon the teacher's own peculiarities and they are unlikely to be the same lesson learned between different teachers. The Concept behind the Principles may be seldom spoken of and only those of higher rank may truly grasp the reasoning behind them.

However what can be gained, can also be lost, or in this case stripped away.

  • The Void - Beyond the edge of all that is is everything that is not. Nothing comes from it, but yet nothing comes from it. So much nothing. Understanding the difference takes careful study. What reason does it exist? What is its purpose? But why we are debating the question of Life.. what reason do /you/ exist? We can know only that we know nothing.
    • To learn this Principle may just provide reasoning and meaning to the otherwise nothing.
  • Pain - Pain is an illusion, yet all things suffer at various times. It can be overcome and ignored, or even harnessed to fuel your power. Can you even wear pain proudly?
    • To learn this Principle may provide some tolerance to pain.
  • The Mask - Named for the custom which pervades all society, we choose just which face to present in a given situation. Difference one’s for different times. We are but layers of masks. But which one is truly you?
    • To learn this Principle may provide some resistance to confirmatory and a loss of individuality.
  • Sacrifice - All things of value may need to be given up. The more you are willing to sacrifice, the more powerful you will be… But the less of yourself you will retain or the life you once recalled having. Just how much can you say you are prepared to give up to complete your goals? And how do you transform these sufferings into achievements and accomplishments?
    • To Learn this Principle may provide you with a new insight on how to cope with suffering.
  • Paranoia - All things whispered to you may be sweet poison. None can be trusted absolutely. Relying on others is a weakness. You can only truly trust yourself, but there may be times when trust need to be extended to another. Is this risk worth it? Can you really get by only by trusting yourself?
    • To Learn this Principle may provide strength against influence and manipulation.
  • Impermanence - At beginning of time there was nothing, and so it will be at the end of time. Anything but the Void is impermanent and will come to an end. Just how many things can cause you to cease to exist if you were deprived of them?
    • To Learn this Principle may ensure things are not so easily taken for granted.
  • Fear - Fear is a restraint, holding you back from your potential, delaying you in crucial moments. Only by being purged of it can you reach your apex. But how dull would you be if nothing was found excitable?
    • To Learn this Principle may provide you with knowledge on how to overcome your fears.
  • Death - One doesn’t need to die to experience death. One must know death, be intimate with death, and understand death to not fear death. Would knowing what it is to cease to be give you a more complete understanding of what it is that you are?
    • To learn this Principle will provide you with greater acceptance of the nature of death.
  • Power - Power given freely is worthless. The only power of value is power that you seize for yourself. But is knowledge power, or is power power?
    • To learn this Principle will provide reduced feelings of impotence and incompetence.
  • Guilt - Once a deed is done, it can never be undone. The future may be unknown, but you have set your past in stone. Your regrets may just push heavy upon your shoulders. But how much will you let it weigh you down? And how can you change guilt into opportunities to change yourself for the better?
    • To learn this Principle will provide acceptance for past deeds done, and turn eyes back to the present.
  • Empathy - One must know emotion, recognize emotion, understand emotion.. Before ever hoping to overcome their own. Which emotions can others control you with?
    • To learn this Principle will provide you with mental fortitude to chose your own emotions.
  • Doubt - We all seek to do the best thing for ourselves, but what is the best thing? Can you ever truly be certain that your way is the right way?
    • To learn this Principle will provide you with confidence within your actions.
  • Delusion - Disregard what you see, disregard what you hear, disregard what you speak if they do not make logical sense. If fire felt cold to you, would you believe that it was cold? Or would you try to rationalize why the flames feel cold?
    • To learn this Principle will provide you with some skills in logic and reasoning.