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Welcome to Eyr’s Underworld!

As a our newest addition to the Ebon Reach family we hope you received a warm OOC welcome! We may not be the nicest bunch ICly, but that's what you signed up for when you picked the evil-looking group. And if you work hard, manipulate your rivals, and climb to the top of the heap of dead bodies you'll be creating, you'll get to bully the lower ranks too someday!

RPing in Ebon Reach can be a little daunting to begin with, but first and foremost be reassured that we should all be approachable, supportive and cooperative roleplayers behind our screens; if ever unsure or in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask.

The Need to Know

The big 5 questions to get you started!

1. Who’s Who in Ebon Reach?

It’s not just a free-for-all around here, despite what it may look like. You’re at the bottom rung of a ladder. Well, more like a climbing wall - there’s room to go sideways too. But what’s important is that you’re likely to hear about people above you in that chain. That’ll lead you onto finding them - but don’t forget to find this information out ICly. We’re a secretive bunch; any information you need you’ll have to work for.

That said, all members of Ebon Reach, even the newest, are permitted and encouraged to use the Ebon Reach Group Tags (the titles many choose to wear over their avatar’s head) in character.

This means that you should be able to quickly and easily identify who’s who in the group in an OOC capacity, so you know whom to ask about different matters. And you can always IM the current lead to ask questions.

More information on the specifics of ranks and using group tags can be found here:

2. What can I do in Ebon Reach?

Ebon Reach is set up to be the antagonists and villains of Eyr’s RP - though what that means is entirely up to you. Lower ranks are largely only told about the Reach’s surface operations - a bit of theft here, a bit of smuggling and political manipulation there. But the more time you spend with the Reach, the more likely you are to happen upon our ‘Beyond the Veil’ stuff. Ebon Reach hosts the Cabal, a sinister group of powerful necromancers who deal with ancient entities to amass greater power for themselves. We’re here for deeply abhorrent magical rituals, sacrifices, summonings - anything which makes you shudder inside. So there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Here are some ideas for things you could be doing with us:

  • Attend/Participate in Events! We establish raids, rituals, and more for players of all ranks. Just ask one of your superiors for more information, ICly or OOCly.
  • Seek a ranking task - some missions may be available from the top ranks of the Reach, but the lead will always be able to set you something to advance your standing in the ranks.
  • Learn some intelligence then pass it on for a profit - no matter how arcane and mystic we are, ultimately we rely on information and intrigue to maintain our place in the realm. This gives you a chance to shed any masks you might have and go to the surface.
  • Join a race group well-disposed to the Reach’s cause.
  • Collect useful resources for Ebon Reach - the necromancers will always need bodies and body parts, and if you’re a necromancer yourself, raising minions to guard the location opens up a number of NPC roleplay opportunities. Check out The NPC Rules and NPC Application for more information.


3. What are the rules in Ebon Reach?

While Ebon Reach would seem to be something of a safe haven for the criminally-minded and the downright evil, you can’t get away with running amok in a number of ways. Ebon Reach doesn’t have laws - but it does have (largely) unspoken customs, and those who forget them are doomed to become one of the husks compelled by dark magics to guard the Reach for eternity.

Although you will never be taught the customs directly, Ebon Reach has a reputation, and here are some that even outsiders will have heard whispers of (you can assume IC knowledge of these without finding it out directly, should you wish):

  1. The Mask - In this place, where nothing is sacred, there is only one thing protected above all else - secrets. This custom is two-fold: first, it refers to the physical masks worn by the highest echelons of Ebon Reach. These are chosen carefully by each Reachman upon their ascension to a high rank, and as such hold great value. Their destruction is a sacrilege, and is only condoned by the Reach’s master if the mask’s owner has committed a grave betrayal of the Reach as a whole. The second meaning of the custom is the metaphorical masks the Reach places upon itself - anything hidden from outsiders is a secret. Revealing those secrets is liable to be your last mistake.

  2. What you Take is Yours - Ebon Reach is a place where the ambitious are rewarded and the powerful are feared. If you possess the strength to take something from those around, below, and above you, it is your right to do so… But be wary of them taking it back.

  3. Power without Limits - Ebon Reach exists to house those who would perform the darkest of magics, rituals so vile and grotesque that their performance has caused their casters to be exiled from everywhere else in the world. No action, experiment, ritual, sacrifice, study or tool is too far. Those who seek to end Ebon Reach’s practises are its enemies, without, or within.

  4. Power over All - While Ebon Reach survives on a system where any can seize power from another and few would bat an eyelid, obeying those you know to be more powerful than you is a must. Disobeying their orders is likely to bring their wrath down upon you, and they may bring the rest of the highest ranks with it.

OOC Dont’s

  • Vandalise/Steal from/Destroy Ebon Reach without prior OOC permission from the current lead. Attempting to do so will result in your RP being voided.
  • Break into an area you do not have IC access to without prior OOC consent. Some chambers are locked and cannot be bypassed without the right tools - tools which have to be given the go-ahead OOCly first.
  • Ignore wards placed upon certain areas (these are usually highlighted by chat whispers or clickable NCs).
  • Ignore OR abuse the consent rule.
  • Hold events or kick-start intentional large scale storylines (such as turf or race war) without first speaking to admins and relevant leaders OOCly - we actively encourage creativity and ideas for both events and epic storyline but with prior knowledge we can best support and provide what is needed to ensure it goes smoothly with everyone on the same page. Planning guides and applications can be found on the main Eyr forum..

Given the nature of Ebon Reach RP it is always worth remembering the rules of consent and most importantly, IC actions = IC consequences!


4. What must I do for Ebon Reach?

Being an Inhabitant simply means you choose to spend your time in the Reach rather than elsewhere, and while it doesn’t provide you with any significant privileges, it doesn’t require anything of you either. Most Reachmen aim to progress and climb the ranks but it is not compulsory. If you choose to remain a lowly pawn then you are free to do so.
For those that wish to rise to higher ranks they must meet the above obligations plus work on the following:

  • Complete tasks set by the lead
  • Learn/train a skill
  • Defend the Reach
  • Bring greater power to the Reach
  • Gather and share intelligence and valuable information
  • Provide special services to Ebon Reach (generally applies to the highest of ranks)

5. What will Ebon Reach do for me?

In return for being an official Reach member (Trusted and above) and ensuring you fulfil your obligations to the alliance the Reach offers the following benefits:

  • A safe haven - none are judged for their ‘studies’ within the Reach
  • Training in various skills and classes
  • Invitation to Reach events
  • Opportunity for rank & reputation
  • Powerful magical artifacts

Overall it’s hoped that Ebon Reach can offer and your character a base to kick-start some enjoyable and cooperative RP.

Next Steps

Meet with the lead, or his representatives - for an Inhabitant to become a Trusted (that is, before you can go from being someone drawn to the Reach to being a low-ranking member of its Cabal) you need to be formally inducted.

Explore and meet your fellow Reachmen - hang around for a while - you’d be surprised by how quickly people come to sniff out the new guy!