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“My beloved friend, I trust this shell reaches you in confidence. My own days may be numbered and I have taken a great risk to get this into your hands. Trust no one. The waterfolk in the Bay of Shalan’ti have suffered too long in this war, and our own leadership has been corrupted.  Our people need a leader. They need hope.

We cannot continue much longer with our kin being hunted and killed and the waterways being overrun with warships.  I seek you as one of the greatest diviners the shoal has ever known and I regret to say, the future of the shoal, and possibly all waterfolk, depends on you.  The Zenith Moon will be upon us soon and the legends say that Ku’vari can be found in Eyr’s river at this time only.  I have never been one for campfire tales but this may be our only option. If he can be summoned, we must beseech his help to turn the tides of this devastating war.

Enclosed is a summoning spell which is more extraordinarily rare than you could ever know. Great questing and sacrifices have been made to obtain it. I wish you all the strength of the seas in this entreaty. We can only pray to Yue she will deliver our vanguard once more.”

Shell Archives - Sec III; Civil War; Missives.
Year 1346, 2nd Month of Mengawan.
Sent by Fyndla Waveborn of the Shoal of Shalan’ti, recipient unknown.



From the Bay of Shalan’ti to the Baleful Sea, to the warm shores of Eyr’s eastern coastline, and the wide ambling Ku'vari River; from the highest waterfall peaks down to the deepest caves of Ebon Reach, the people of Ku'vari’s Deep rule steadfast over their aquatic domain like the moon over the tides.  

At the heart of this mysterious alliance is the merfolk, the most ubiquitous sea-dwelling race of Eyr, and the driving force behind the rapid alliance of all aquatic folk at the start of the Shalan’tian civil war. Pressures from vying interests would drive them to stand on their own and take back the control of the waterways that had been overrun in the war. Years passed and the strength of the alliance would bring the water races more prosperity and leverage power amongst the surface dwellers than they had ever had before, and now it had made its presence in even the most remote parts of Eyr; its influence running through the village of Stormstead, the depths of the Moei Jungle and the blackest caves of the Reach.


The members of Ku'vari’s Deep think they claim quite literally everything in Eyr that lies below the water’s surface and will defend all they see as theirs passionately. Content with what they have, they do not seek to expand their territory above the surface as it serves them little purpose. Similarly, due to the difficulty it would pose for land factions to invade and hold territory underwater, the races of Ku'vari’s Deep have the added benefit of relative safety in the depths.

Land dwellers are highly dependent upon the waters, however, for trade, fishing, drinking, cleaning, and irrigation. Ku'vari’s Deep members know this and use it to their advantage, especially as a negotiation tactic. It is said that traveling the trade routes while in the ‘Deep’s bad books is a certain death by capsizing, and having your drinking water befouled by a nixie’s curse can mean weeks in the infirmary. These vital water territories are in and of themselves the strength of the Ku'vari’s Deep Faction.

The waters of Eyr may well be one of the most diverse range of any faction. It encompasses that of the kelp forests, volcanic vents, rocky shoals, densely populated reefs, underwater caves, sunken ruins, freshwater rivers, high altitude springs, continental shelf drop-off, and deep abysses. Its members call all of these areas their homes, traversing between all of the Faction areas from within their watery depths.

The waters intersect lands claimed by all the factions and as such, each faction can claim the waters that touch their lands. They may, however, have to convince the members of Ku'vari's Deep of that fact.

Kuvari's Deep Council Chambers are currently warded against unauthorized entry and scrying. Click HERE to read more about the specifics of the ward.


The Waterfolk

It is true that the alliance was formed by the merfolk, and those merfolk comprise the majority of the faction, however, Ku'vari’s Deep welcomes a wide variety of aquatic and seafaring races -- even humans, if their heart and mind is in the right place.   

All aquatic races are a natural fit for this alliance, and a list of races is provided below.  Seafaring peoples such as fisherman and seamen make for natural allies, as it can ensure them bountiful catches and safe travels.  

However, some land dwelling races may wish to not only become more than allies, but fully join the culture and lifestyle of aquatic folk. Such a bold leap into the waters is never taken lightly.  Through a transformation amulet bestowed by the ‘Deep’s council following a successful rite of passage, the most dedicated allies can acquire a special gift, allowing them aquatic or amphibious features to enable survival underwater.  Such traits can include webbed fingers and toes, gills, and scales, and they remain for as long as the amulet is worn and intact.


Aquatic Races List

Merfolk (all kinds)

Water Genasi


Aquatic Elves

Water Elemental



Aquatic Dragons



Aquatic Naga

Water Nymphs

Kuo Toa








 To find all listed aquatic folk on the allowed races page, do a page search (ctrl+F) for this symbol:


The Five Tenets

The primary tenets that define the alliance of the aquatic folk are thus:

  • Those unsworn to the Faction shall not sail or navigate our waters without tribute. Failure to do do so is punishable by mischief, vandalism, threats, and even capsizing.

  • No non-Deepers may fish our shoals or harvest our bounty without tribute, and must exercise discretion to over-forage, nor overfish, and must throw back small fry and females.  Failure to do so may result in torn nets, stolen bait and damaged vessels.

  • No one shall pour foulness into our waters.  Poisoning our lifesblood will result in immediate and large-scale tidal retribution.  Damage will be meted out tenfold.

  • All sworn Deepers fall under the protection of the Faction.  Harming any Deeper without just cause is viewed as a threat to the entire Faction.  It shall be met with force.   

  • The waters of Ku'vari’s Deep and all that they contain from the smallest grain of sand to the largest leviathans of the deep will be defended vigorously.  Any unlawful encroachment will be met with the full force and might of the Faction.