Kuvari's Deep has three paths of expertise: Magii, Traders, and Warriors. The highest ranks of these paths, the Elders, constitute the Council of the Deep, a ranking which is by Talisae appointment only. All members begin as Kuvari's Ripple, and following an initiation rite become Kuvari's Flood. After this initiation, a member may choose to advance one of the paths:


kuvari magii   kuvari traders   kuvari warriors

The Magii:

Lead by the Rod Wielder, magii are critical to the safety and success of the Deep. These spellcasters, both Arcane and Divine alike, ensure that the Depths have the power to resist and defeat magical attacks from enemies. In addition to offensive and defensive tactics, the magii are critical for performing healing spells for Aquatic Folk, transmutation spells to enhance loyal surface-dwellers with aquatic traits such as gills, and for performing magical rituals during cultural events. The magii work closely with the traders to secure magical artifacts from the deepest stretches of the oceans and to obtain necessary spell components from the surface, as well as coordinating with the Warriors during combat, often acting as healers and buffers for the martial combatants. 



The Traders:

Lead by the Net Dragger, taders control the trade necessary to sustain the Deep. Commerce is the most important facet of life for the Deep in many ways, and just as much as the surface heavily depends upon the waters for food, travel, and life itself. The Deep has an equal relationship with the surface. Traders regularly supply the Deep with tools, food, magical and herbal artifacts, intel and news from the surface.  Due to this need, the traders will seek to infiltrate and even control trade based regions - and have already claimed the fishing docks of Stormstead Village for their use as a market. Other areas of commerce which tend to interest Traders are the Depot and Bath house, where they can control the sale of aquatic goods. Traders will also coordinate with the Warriors to ensure that waterways and travel routes are overseen and controlled by the Deep, a critical negotiation tactic in dealings with the surface.


The Warriors:

Lead by the Spear Bearer, these warriors of the waves are far more than muscle. These diverse individuals can specialize in subterfuge, tanking, cavalry and martial combat. Rogues use subterfuge to scout, spy, gain intel, and perform assassinations and reconnaissance missions. Tanks tend to be fortresses in their own right, taking heavy blows and pushing the battle lines back. Cavalry are the shark riders and dolphin riders of the Deep and have the ability to move fast and deal damage from their mounts. Finally the martial combatants, whether they fight with a trident, a spear, or their bare hands, these are the offensive warriors who deal out targeted damage in the waters.


Ranks of Kuvari's Deep

Kuvaris Chart

Rank 0 - Kuvari's Ripple

This is the default role that everyone gets by submitting a successful application.


Rank 1: Kuvari's Flood

They are the masses that fill the deep. Though powerful and many, they have yet to prove themselves to the Deep.

To achieve the rank of Kuvari's Flood:

  • Meet ICly with the Talisae or an Elder and express your desire to join the Deep.
  • Perform the Quest of Devotion. (Will be given by an Elder or the Talisae)
  • Participate in the monthly Initiation Rite. (During which you will need to recite the 5 tenets)


Rank 2: Kuvari's Deluge

The Magii, Traders, and Warriors of Rank two. Equal in power but allows the players some choice. They study their role under the elders.

To achieve the rank of Kuvari's Deluge:

  • Speak to your path Elder or the Talisae and demonstrate your budding talent.
  • Accept and complete your first path quest from your path Elder or the Talisae.
  • Attend at least one faction event.

Players may display one of the following roles as a note in their Mysts of Eyr HUD titler:

  • Kuvari's Tsunami: warriors who serve and protect the Talisae and its people. 
  • Kuvari's Torrent: traders who study trade and merchandizing.
  • Kuvari's Vortex: magii that study the mysteries and magical forces of the deep.


Rank 3: Kuvari's Hurricane/ Geyser/ Maelstrom

These devoted few have proven their ability in their path and have cemented their status within it. No longer are they seen as beginners, but the important faces that make up their path.

To achieve the rank of Kuvari's Hurricane/ Geyser/ Maelstrom:

  • Accept and complete your second path quest from your path Elder or the Talisae.
  • Help or participate in at least one faction event.
  • Be an active member of the second rank for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Submit 3 examples of roleplay where your character trains, learns, and/ or improves a skill.
  • Training may be sought from other factions, businesses, and individuals as long as it benefits your progression.

Players will receive one of the following roles through the Kuvari's Deep group:

  • Kuvari's Hurricane: A proven warrior for the Deep. Independent in further studies of war and battle.
  • Kuvari's Geyser: A proven acolyte of Kuvari, proficient in trades of the Deep. Independent in further studies of the deep and land.
  • Kuvari's Maelstrom: A proven magii and healer of Waterfolk. Independent in further studies of healing and other magii arts.


Rank 4: Elder of the Deep

There’s good and then there’s Elder good. These are your notorious silver-tongued traders, infamous sea witches, and legendary warriors that the tides will whisper about for eternity. Elders are tasked with leading the helm of their paths and are hand-picked by the Talisae. Only the strongest and wisest are given this prestigious position, for Elders are expected to uphold the Five Tenets, guide andtrain their path members, as well as provide counsel to the Talisae.

To achieve the rank of Elder:

  • Accept and complete your final quest from the Talisae.
  • Host a faction event.
  • Be an active member of the Maelstrom rank for a minimum of 1 month.
  • Receive official appointment from the Talisae as a Council Member.

Players may display one of the following roles as a note in their Mysts of Eyr HUD titler:

  • The Rod Wielder: Leader of the Magii. No one yet bears this title.
  • The Spear Bearer: Leader of the Warriors. Alithia (angeloflifelight) bears this title.
  • The Net Dragger: Leader of the Traders. No one yet bears this title.


Rank 5: Talisae of the Deep

The Talisae sits at the head of the Council and is the leader of Kuvari’s Deep. Talisae are chosen by Kuvari himself to rule over Eyr’s waters and are often seen as his voice.

To achieve the rank of Talisae of the Deep:

  • Submit a successful application through the Mysts of Eyr admin team.