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Stormstead faction


“24th Day of the Storm, Year of the Salamander,


As part of my task to review the side settlements of the island, my travels for the Guild have led me to journey to some very peculiar places. That being said I was admittedly ill-prepared when I set foot on the docks of Stormstead. Situated on the opposite side of our island and our glorious White City, this stilt village plays hosts to more puzzling creatures and races than I have ever laid my eyes upon. More than just Human, Elf and Celestial; as I’m accustomed to back home. Mer, naga, greenskins and other wretches live alongside the humans, elves and fairy folk with relative civility.


Despite the unsettling amount of oddities living here and the squalor that they wallow in, the people are surprisingly industrious and utilize modern trade and craft conventions and employ sophisticated magicks. Supposedly this is in part due to the Mystarans that have settled here since their isle fell off the map. Regardless with how this came to be, this should prove to be a profitable replacement for our jungle resources while the civil war rages at our front door.


The only foreseeable problem with solidifying a trade agreement with Stormstead is its reliability to survive. They have yet devised a fortified protection against raiders and their village is commonly harassed by the savages that lurk within the jungle. Their last village elder was murdered by some bastet jungle “Queen” or so I have been told. They are all that stands for civilisation on this dark side of the island. I would advise opportunist optimism moving forward with these people. Strike a good bargain while the village remains standing, but be prepared to pull out when they fall.”


-Excerpt from the records of Mi’bar Tang of the Shalan’ti Traders Guild


The Lore of Stormstead

After spiriting themselves away with The Mound, refugees of Mystara landed on a part of Eyr seemingly devoid of civilisation and uninhabited. Without a home to call their own anymore and disinterested with immigrating to Shalan’ti which was embroiled in civil war, the Mystarans decided to carve out a fresh start from the thick jungle they arrived at. Thus, was the beginning of Stormstead.

The next ten years proved to be quite the culture shock as the citizens struggled with the best means of building a new home in such a drastically different environment. The jungles were far deadlier, there was no farmland to speak of, and while plentiful, supplies and food foraged were strange and alien to what could be found in Mystara. Through adversity, the refugees adapted in a fashion that made sense to them. Recreating shops and services reminiscent to those found in Stromness and the Sanctum alike. They were doing fairly well for themselves and were on their way to creating a bustling, port vista on this side of Eyr.

Their initial success was thwarted when raiders plundered their goods, mystfolk on mystfolk bloodshed corrupted the lands and the ‘uninhabited’ jungle proved to not be as uninhabited as the Mystarans initially assumed. Stormstead was seen as a blight to the earth itself, and native people who sheltered themselves within the heart of the jungle besieged and razed the village and slew several of its folk - including the village founder, former Stromness human, Aaron Guile.

With their backs pressed to the shore, those who survived the assaults dug their heels in and rebuilt. In hopes of avoiding more conflict, they reached out to the native peoples of the jungle to negotiate an agreement of peace and acceptance. While individual members of the jungle tribes have joined the village in questionable allegiance, many, many more still find the Mystarans unwelcome invaders. Presently, peace is tentatively struck, but acceptance is laughably out of the question and likely never will come. Left with few options, the former Mystarans do only what they can - survive and prosper.

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Rituals of Loyalty

The Rituals of Loyalty are rites of passage for Stormstead Supporters to advance into the rank of Stormstead Settler. For more information on rank ascension, see the Stormstead Ranks and Ascension guide.

Gift of Clemency

As a token to prove that a potential settler will adhere to the Pledge of Amnesty, a supporter’s sponsor will request that the supporter offer up a gift or service to a specifically selected village member. The chosen village member should represent someone that the supporter would likely be uncomfortable or outright despise in any other realm. A celestial must offer a gift to a demon. A hardened criminal must ask for a priestess’s absolution. Etcetera. OOC, the gift should be a flexible and easily workable goal.

The Pledge of Amnesty

Back in Mystara, races were heavily segregated to their own kingdoms and domains. Feuds were stricken and alliances were made and broken over and over. These racial tensions were briefly set aside by the growing emergency of the island fading away. Demons and elves. Mer and mystfolk. The dignified and the criminals. All of them huddled together on The Mound as it transported the misfit group of refugees to Eyr.

Once the the calamity had past, Mystarans reverted to their old entrapments. The mystfolk fought one another while their ruler lay close to death. Rivalries renewed as arguments were spurred on regarding how best to establish their new settlement. In light of how dangerous the jungle was and the added horrors the mystwar the folk were waging upon their own kin, it became abundantly clear to everyone else that the former Mystarans would doom themselves to oblivion if they played into old vendettas.

A pact was devised to keep the new Eyranese villagers together. This oath became known as the Pledge of Amnesty. Anyone who swore to uphold the interests of the village, would be forgiven of past transgressions. The pledge became the keystone of village Law and Punishment for disregarding the pledge was extreme. This was how peace was kept among their own.

For those of you with fire in your hearts!

For those of you who wish to protect their home, who wish to prosper in these parts!

Who want not to sit and struggle all our days in wooden huts with leaves for our bed!

For those who wish the future to mean something for Stormstead!

Then rise, rise with your hand upon your heart and pledge yourselves.

To this town, to it's safety, to it's future, to each other and ourselves!

Rise and stand, brothers and sisters of Stormstead.

Face each other, see each other, and rise your head!

To the man to your left, the woman to your right, see not their skin, their sex, their race, but see them as family by right.

Cast aside past allegiances, petty squabbling.

Cast it all aside and rise, rise up, and let those who would seek to divide us, hear our voices promising!

By our community's helping hands, Stormstead stands!