Lead: Valkyrie (Asha.Silvershade)


About the Stormstead Village Guards

The Stormstead Village Guards is a valued feature integrated within the pillar of Security as part of the Mysts of Eyr - Stormstead group. The guards' most important objective is enforcing laws of the village and the edicts passed down from the governing body of Stormstead and maintaining peace on a day to day bases. In situations where it becomes clear a law has been broken, they have the authority to make arrests or attempt to detain any accused party.

Being a member of the Stormstead Village Guards is restricted to only those whom have aligned themselves with Stormstead’s values- already having completed the gifting ritual of clemency and the pledge of amnesty. From rank One and on, members of Stormstead can take part within the guard group regardless if they aim for higher rankings within the faction group or not. Guards do not need to have political agendas and they are not part of a military function. All races are welcome in the Guard, and those who join will earn compensation for equipment maintenance and potential other bonuses.


Territory and Patrolled Borders of The Village of Stormstead

faction base territoriesThe Village of Stormstead represents the hub of commerce and is the ideal market for the barter and trade of goods and services. This area holds the notable Salty Swallow Tavern which has become a staple for many peoples of many different races, along with the Tidal Wave Bookshop, the Bath House, and the Gnome Depot Trading Post. It also contains the Medica and the Hand Crafted Docks. Other points of interest include the Governor’s Hut, the Stormstead Guard Tower and the Fishing Docks.

The Village sits splayed over the Kuvari River, with the rising jungle encroaching along its sides. There are three main entrances marked by signs. Each one is SLurl. Click one of the three to open a new window to teleport to location. One in the South East closest to Stormstead Medica. One to the West closest to the Guard tower and the Governor’s Hut. One to the North, closest to the Fish Market Dock.

Anything in between these signs and its paths constitutes as Stormstead territory and marks Stormstead’s official jurisdiction.  The Guards are permitted to border patrol  beyond these marker to ensure defense along the dense jungle edges especially where visibility may be reduced. However the guards hold no authority outside of the jurisdiction of Stormstead.


Law Enforcement & Arrests

It is important to note two things immediately. First, arresting or detaining another player must be done with the consent of that player. If they do not wish to be detained, an alternative solution should be found. Second, any attempt to detain or arrest someone is done at the discretion of the highest ranking Guard on scene; in the event there is no ranking member, it defaults to the first person who arrived on scene.


Communication is key. When the goal is to arrest or detain someone who has broken the law it is absolutely vital that that you send the person(s) you wish to arrest an Instant Message and express your intent politely. Opening this dialog not only helps ensure that you get the necessary consent, but allows you to better ensure that both you and the player being arrested are going to have fun with the RP.

Remember that some players will not want to be arrested. Keep an open mind in these situations and try to work out the best possible alternative with them. If you feel that there is going to be an issue at any point, contact either the Guard Captain or an Admin immediately to ensure a resolution.

Punishments & Rights

After communications have began and OOC consent obtained for arrest, it is time to figure out what potential punishments will be given for the committed crime. The consequence should be something that the player being punished feels comfortable with doing.  Punishments should be distributed to fit the crime, but can be creative and improvised. However punishing a criminal too harshly may result in disciplinary actions for the Guard who administered said punishment.

Jail time should not result in ‘removal from interaction’ and Roleplay should always be fun and fluid. Creativity is key to prevent any stagnant roleplay.

Minor crimes such as petty theft, the Guard may opt to chose a minor punishment, sometimes even in place of arresting the accused individual.  Some potential punishments may include providing items of value, taking on a short term job that is supervised such as fixing broken boards around the village or picking up debris,  or a public apology.

Intermediate crimes such as brawls, property damage, etc., may require a more stringent punishment. In this instance guards are empowered to use slightly more drastic punishments, such as putting someone in jail or the stocks for a period of time (to a maximum of 72 real hours from the time of arrest). The Guard Leader (Captain or Lieutenant) should be contacted any time intermediate punishments are given.

Severe crimes such as murder, treason, etc., are issues in which it is above the Guards ability to apply discipline. In situations such as these, the accused individual should be arrested and detained and held till trial. Severe punishments can only be administered by the Stormstead Governor and Council (Including the Guard Captain).  In the event a Severe punishment is needed the arresting guard should contact a Guard Lead, Councilman, or the Governor immediately.


Stormstead Guards Ranks and Roles

Rank One: Guardsman

   * Permissions: Ability to conduct Arrests, Cell Door Key, Rented Weapons/Armor from Armory as available.

Guardsmen are backbone of the village guards and are expected to be well-versed in their chosen weaponry. They are expected to be reliable and thorough in their duties. They are trusted as enforcers of the law and in most cases are allowed to work autonomously with only minor supervision. They are understood to be relatively street-wise, serving as the primary martial defense for the village and its people.

Rank Two: Corporal

  • New Permissions: Full Armory Access as available.  

Senior members selected among Guardsman who show loyalty, devotion, and moral integrity to their position can be promoted to Guard Corporal. Those who achieve this rank are considered some of the most skilled and knowledgeable of the guard, and are granted some minor command and supervisory duties. w

Rank Three: Sergeant

  • New Permissions: Custom Weapon Commission from the Smithy, Billed to the Guard, and Field/Tertiary Leadership.

Field supervisors, these Guards are well experienced and trusted members who are empowered by the Captain to perform limited command duties.. They may aid in training and mentoring the guardsmen. Those who achieve this rank may be tasked as personal Guards for the Governor, Councilmen, or their representatives on Diplomatic missions.

Rank Four: Lieutenant

  • New Permissions: Custom Weapon Commission from the Smithy, Billed to the Guard,Stocks Key, Cage Key, Recruitment, Secondary Leadership.

As Executive Officer and Second-in-Command of the Guard, the Lieutenant reports directly to the Captain and takes on a significantly larger portion of command authority. An extremely trusted member of the Guard who has shown continuous selfless service, he or she is expected to maintain a higher level of integrity and reason than almost any other member. The Lieutenant is permitted to make decisions on issues of criminal punishment, is charged with maintaining its well being, tasked to investigate accusations of corruption within the Guard and most often deals with matters of internal discipline. In the event the Captain should be absent, the Lieutenant is empowered as the Acting Captain in order to keep the Guard running successfully.

Rank Five: Captain

  • Permissions: Full Authority and Leadership.

The leader of the Guard. He or she is appointed to grant the forward vision and direct the operations of the Guard. The Captain creates the protocols and is in charge of maintaining the group as a whole.  They will lead the group through decisive and resolute authority. Their choices greatly affect the guards and the city they protect.