Rank Ascension in the Stormstead Faction works primarily on completing scenes, tasks, and requests contributing in a beneficial way through one of its three pillars of society: Community, Service, and Security.

  • Scene: A roleplay interaction between two or more people, lasting approximately one hour or longer.
  • Task: A goal set by oneself, completed for the benefit of a faction, group, or other person.
  • Request: A goal set by another for one to complete, a specific job or favor to be done that benefits a faction, group, or other person.

In order to have your rankings updated or modified, you must submit a NoteCard with the complete information regarding your task (chat log) to the governor.



How to Submit:

You will need to submit a NC copy of your roleplay scenes to the governor.

Please Label the NC and if submitting multiple NCs in the same day, Please number them. Character Name (Account Name) Date Submitted #

Ex: “ Johnny (John.Smith) 1/2/201X #1”

Please include at the following as a TOPPER inside of your NC:

  • Date Scene took place:
  • Major People Involved in the Scene:
  • Brief Description of what occurred and why you think you Benefited Stormstead:
  • Logs pertaining to the roleplay.


The Three Pillars Of Stormstead society

  • Community

The Community is the solid foundation of the Village itself upon which all else relies. They are the walls and fences that protect those that live there, the buildings and branches that provide shelter, the people there whom we all can rely, and the resources upon which growth can take hold.

Examples of tasks that reinforce the Community include collecting or preserving food, donating raw materials or finished goods, aiding those who need it within the village, participating in village projects or repairs, or even introducing new wanderers to the village life.

  • Service

The Service of Stormstead envelops those and that which employ and educate our citizens. From tailor to tutor, these individuals know what it takes to fulfill the needs of the other citizens. Thanks to them, the economy grows and as does the camaraderie of repeat customers. Examples of tasks that reinforce town Services include Working or Patroning a business, attending, participating, or hosting an event, teaching others a skill or trade, or even writing or delivering the news for others.

  • Security

Stormstead Security is one of the most important parts of society. Without security thieves run rampant, there is mistrust between citizens, and threats to our way of life can grow and sow discord. Associated with this is the Guard, as they serve a vital role in maintaining peace within the village. Examples of tasks that reinforce town Security include reporting suspicious behavior and activity, settling conflicts between Stormstead citizens or visitors, acting in defense of Stormstead or its citizens, and actions taken to remove a threat to Stormstead society.




Rank Zero: Supporter

Supporters of Stormstead are not yet officially aligned with the faction. Finding themselves without privilege and awarded no leniency towards breaking the law, they wander the village speaking with residents and learning of the laws and rules which govern the settlement. In order to express their interest in becoming a greater part of Stormstead, they will need to learn of the custom of presenting a Gift of Clemency and seek out the Governor or a Councilman.

To Become a Supporter:

  • Apply OOC to the group faction.


Rank One: Settler

With a new beginning in unknown lands, a variety of new opportunities are available to the currently unfamiliar Settlers. As part of Stormstead, they now have a voice and vote in the workings of village affairs - however small it may currently be. Those striving for a stronger word are highly encouraged to act towards gaining more notoriety and providing more value to the village.

To Become a Settler:

  • Be a Supporter.
  • Visit and learn about the village, its residents, and its leaders.
  • Learn about the Gift of Clemency, and complete the Gifting Ritual.
  • Express your desire to become a Settler to the Governor or a Councilman.
  • Learn about and be lead through the Pledge of Amnesty.

Rank Two: Citizen

Growing wise to the ways of the Isle, these full-fledge Citizens are dedicated to the betterment of the village community. Respected and known by their peers, the words of these villagers are never dismissed as unimportant. Despite whatever lingering suspicions remain of them - so long as one acts within the law of the Charter - Stormstead remains willing to expend resources should their citizens be in need of aid.



To Become a Citizen:

  • Be a Settler.
  • Perform three tasks, one benefitting each of Community, Security, and Service.
  • Perform your Oath of Citizenship at the Village Assembly.


Rank Three: Exemplar

As a pillar of the community, these men and women are the utmost example of the kind of people striving to make Stormstead great. These Exemplars have grown to be well known and loved among the community through their devotion to Stormstead. As a trusted member, they may find the Governor and Councilmen granting them favors, or even holding some sway in matters of the law. Should these Exemplars ever be in need of aid, Stormstead will pull together to support their fellow man.

To Become an Exemplar:

  • Be a Citizen.
  • Perform three tasks, one benefitting each of the three branches of society.
  • Represent Stormstead during a storyline.
  • Have active employment with any business of your choice, Guards included.
  • Complete at least one request for the Governor or a Councilman, related to your favored branch of society.
  • Bear no marks upon your name in recent Guard Reports.
    • No Minor offenses against Stormstead Charter within two weeks.
    • No Major offenses against Stormstead Charter within four weeks.

Rank Four: Paragons (Partisan, Pathfinder & Warden)

In any society, there are those that stand out above the rest yet lord no power over others. These are the leaders among the people, the Paragons who shine bright among the others. Their opinions and advice are valued even by the council and governor, though they still stand on their own good graces and misdeeds may not be so easily forgiven.

To become a Paragon:

  • Be an Exemplar.
  • Continued participation in tasks & requests beneficial to Stormstead.
  • Continued participation in tasks & requests related to your favored branch of society.
  • Show interest in society activity by means of event participation, meeting attendance, or suggestions of event ideas and meeting topics.
  • Completion of a personalized series of Quests, created in collaboration with a Councilman, that showcases your excellence in the attributes required by your favored branch.


Rank Four: Partisan

The Paragons of Village Service.

With the ear of both the Council and the Governor, these individuals are the most influential people in the village society. Masters of their craft, they encourage trade and advocate fair value for the village. They know the people of the village intimately, lead businesses and tutor the amature in ways of commerce, magic and more. They act as go-betweens for the council and businesses of the village, and will guide it one day to be the great nation they dream it to become.




Rank Four: Pathfinder

The Paragons of Village Community.

The jungle is a treacherous and deadly place for those unprepared for its unforgiving nature. Pathfinders have trained and studied its ways, adapted and proven themselves within their new environment, becoming masters of the land. They forge new trails and are often the first to discover new locations of resources and cleverly devise the best path to it. These resources serve as a boon to the Partisans whose businesses can make use of them. They are always on the move to scout out new possibilities. On occasion, a Pathfinder may be the hidden observer to sensitive information, which is readily passed on to the wardens of Stormstead. Their actions lay the foundation for civilization.


Rank Four: Warden

The Paragons of Village Security.

The Wardens are the respected heroes of the village, through might, magic, or power. They protect the village from outside forces and quell internal struggles. They act as a tactical unit during times of war, and will act as specialized bodyguards for the Councilmen and Governor during political strife and meetings with opposing factions. When threats are laid upon the village, they will seek to follow a lead to obtain more information. They are sworn to protect the Village, it’s Council and its Governor through any means necessary and at any cost, even sometimes in brutal or barbaric manner.




Rank Five: Council

Esteemed members of the Closed Council of Stormstead, who have proven themselves worthy of nomination by the Governor to a position upon the Council. Known to all, respected and feared in their own right. These talented individuals are the best of the best that Stormstead has to offer. They have worked hard to become pinnacles of the community. They hold equal place among one another, and sit at the Governor’s table to discuss the most delicate and important matters of society.

Council members work directly with all villagers regardless of rank. They can bare witness to the stating of the pledge of amnesty and oath of citizenship. They may support other members through advice and assistance. They issue tasks determined by an individual’s skills and the needs of the town. They give aid where possible and work always for the betterment of the town and it’s people. To ally with them is to know success. To cross them is to know true fear.

◆The Partisan Path is lead by The Chancellor.

◆The Pathfinder Path is lead by The Quartermaster.

◆The Warden Path is lead by The Justicar. They may be consulted by the Captain of the Guard and speak on their behalf.

◆ The Herald is the one who is able to convey the will and voice of the Governor through their actions and speech. They may fill in for any of the other Councilmen in their absence.

To Become a Council Member:

  • Obtain and Hold a Paragon Path for at least 4 Weeks.
  • Members are personally appointed by the Governor.

Rank Five: Acting-Governor

The Acting-Governor is a temporary position generally held by a highly experienced, trusted, and typically one of the more senior members within Stormstead. They act in place of the Governor within their absences. They must at all times give aid where possible and work always for the betterment of the town and it’s people. They are not permitted to make any drastic decisions without the vote and confidence of the Councilmen. This is not a Second-In-Command position and they hold no OOC power or authority.

To become Acting-Governor:
  • Appointed by the Governor or the Herald for a short duration.


Rank Six: The Governor

No Gods or Kings rule in Stormstead. Such is their way. A better way.

Instead, a leader is chosen from among the citizens in a process called The Choosing. All are equally considered when the time comes for a new leader to take their place at the Council table. To discriminate by virtue of species, class, gender or skin colour is of the old way, the soon to be forgotten way.

The Governor’s power is a power granted to them by their followers, the citizens of the town and the opinions they carry. Should a leader become unfit, a new one may rise to take the place of the old. It is the duty of the People, of the Militia to ensure their leader does not fall into the ways of tyranny.

The Governor upholds the Laws, and is the final word in matters of justice and order. They follow a strict Code, put in place by those who have gone before. They hold and maintain The Codex, a listing of all residents sworn to the town and reports of their deeds.

The Governor works closely with the council, heeding their advice as well as that of those below them. They serve the people above all else, working always for the Greater Good.

To Become the Governor:

  • Must apply OOC to the Mysts of Eyr admin team