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Moei Asing faction


“At first they arrived by small numbers through the Myst Gates or on shambling rafts washed upon our shores. We rescued them, because we are not a cruel people. We traded with them. We learned from them. We accepted them as Asing and taught them how to forage, hunt, and live among the Great Trees as we do. They were of the Mysts, as we are, but they were different by great lengths.


Then the ships followed. They came by the hundreds, strange creatures of legend unknown to we, the Moei Asing, clearcutting our lands and building a village from dead trees, polluting the jungle with the noise of construction, and blacksmoke. They do not respect the Ame Moei as we do, they don’t respect her unwavering ferocity, and this lesson, they must learn.


We the proud Moei Asing -- the Sumei’a, the Bastet, the Lizardkin, the Halflings, the true people of the jungle -- must put an end to this rapid expansion. We will pluck the bud from the stem, and drive the Stormstead villagers to Shalan’ti City where they belong. If they will not fear and respect Ame Moei, and live reverently in balance among the Great Trees as the Asing do, then they shall meet the end of our spears and be shown no mercy.”


- The great declaration of Myan Thiha (Queen Thiha of the Moei Asing) before her untimely and mysterious death.


Lore of the Moei Asing

moei asing

The jungle tribes had never before been aligned in history. When attitudes began to shift regarding the Mystaran settlers is not quite certain. But for centuries the jungle tribes lived in isolation from each other with intermittent skirmishes over territory and no true bond. The lizardkin and bastet were ever so frequently at odds, not unlike the jungle elves and orcs who clashed spears from time to time. But they all shared one commonality; a great reverence and understanding for the merciless power of Ame Moei (mother jungle) and her ever-unwavering way of striking balance in nature, tempering light with darkness, drought with deluge, life with death. All the races of the jungle trust in the ways of Ame Moei.

When the balance began to shift, a singular Bastet female emerged amidst the growing ire of the jungle tribes, one who united them in a powerful faction. Bridging centuries-old differences, she established a revolution aimed to drive out the Mystarans to Shalan’ti... or strip them of their destructive ways and assimilate them to the Asing’s way of life. Her name was Myan Thiha, a powerful jaguar werecat huntress, First Queen of the Moei Asing.

Myan Thiha led several successful raids and captures on the Mystaran settlement, known as Stormstead. And still, they came in greater numbers, building ever larger bungalows and moorings. The first Mystarans to arrive, mostly comprised of Mystfolk, did well to assimilate to jungle life, having arrived with a similar reverence for the mother nature and living in balance with the forests. But this quickly changed with the arrival of the ships with their Mystaran people -- driven to establish a more industrialized life, even attracting outcasts of Shalan’ti City to join them. The Asing did not see a peaceful assimilation, they saw a second Shalan’ti being carved out of the jungle and they were determined to not let it happen again.

Five years into her reign, Myan Thiha met an untimely death at the hands of a chilling cabal that hails from a place suppoedly called Ebon Reach; their unmistakable mark of blackened corruption left on her body for all to recognize and fear. The Asing mourned the loss of their great leader but remained strong and unified, ready to ascend the next great warrior king or queen to fight for the restoration of balance in the jungles of Eyr.



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Moei Asing
Pronunciation: M’why ah-sing
Definition: The Jungle People

Ame Moei
Pronunciation: Ah-may m’why
Definition: Mother of the Jungle

Pronunciation: Me-yan
Definition: Queen

Pronunciation: Me-yar
Definition: King

Pronunciation: Ah-sing
Definition: People, sp. the Moei

Pronunciation: Koo-var-ee
Definition: name of the largest river in Eyr

Pronunciation: Tee-lee-kam-bo
Definition: name of the great tree. See Birth of the Tilikambo for more details.


The Five Truths of Ame Moei

Anyone joining the Moei Asing needs to understand that this faction involves a high level of spirituality. Ame Moei is the Goddess of most of the native race groups and the Mother Jungle, and all members of the Moei Asing must know the 5 Truths of Ame Moei.

The Legend of the Five Truths of Ame Moei

Long before the newcomers arrived upon the land, before Myan Thiha took her place among the Moei Asing, before divided tribes were united, and even before the first of the Asing stepped foot upon their Jungle home of Eyr,... the whispers began. In the trees and in the plants, among the animals, upon the wind and the rain, and floating in the rivers and filling the cool clear pools. Ame Moei’s whisper - her very breath - casted not only sound, but the shadow and the light … and there was life. The dead bones reanimated within the cycle of death and rebirth, and each niche of living beings were brought into harmony. The word of Mother Jungle never returned to her void since all life contains elements of Ame Moei. By consuming or utilizing them, we are able to garner distinct wisdoms, and through these wisdoms, we are also able to offer devotion to Ame Moei in return for all her gifts. And so, it was from these elements of the land through which Ame Moei whispered, that the Five Truths were revealed to the very first among the Moei Asing. Yes, Ame Moei always meant for there to be unity among the many who settled upon her land, and she knew how to bring them together - by revealing to each race tribe one of her Truths; to learn the others, they had to come together to learn from each other.

The first whispers of Ame Moei came from the trees, most audible at the Most Ancient Tree, and it was here that the Lizardfolks received the First Truth. Ame Moei revealed to them that the Jungle is our Mother and our Home and from her comes all things.

The Jungle Elves and the Jungle Halflings received the Second Truth. The whispers came from the rivers and the ponds, and revealed The Great Trees are our teachers, our siblings, and our friends. They must be treated with respect, and their sacrifice to the Moei Asing must be honored.

The Myconids received the Third Truth. The whispers came from the very roots and sang to the Myconids as they slept. Ame Moei revealed that she comes before all things, and no tribe shall stand above her. The Moei Asing are her children.

From the animals, the predators and the prey alike, came the voice of Ame Moei to the Naga, revealing to them the Fourth Truth - to trust in the heart of Ame Moei. They understood that all things shall live and all things must die. It is the will of Ame Moei to give life and also to take it.

As they kept to their fires, the Bastet heard the whispers of the Fifth Truth revealed to them. There can be no shadow without the light of the sun, and the stars shine even on the darkest night. The Bastet came to understand that neither light or dark can exist one without the other.

And so it came to be that the whispers of Ame Moei were revealed, and each of the races took to heart the sacred teaching, and would share it with each of their own. In time, they would grow restless however, thinking so great a creator as Ame Moei would not leave them solitary, even in her teaching. And so, they sought out others who might know more of Mother Jungle. As they interacted with other races, so vastly different from themselves, they would discover that each new creature possessed in their culture a Truth of Ame Moei. Their searching was rewarded when the disparate tribes were finally united under the first Myan, and the pieces of the whole were finally joined as one. The Truths united them as the Moei Asing.


The Mound and Mystfolk Stones

A relic of Mystara, the Mound was once a site of heritage among the Mystfolk. In the cataclysm that was the fall of Mystara, the then Atriarch of the Myst, Joshua, along with the help of many of his councilors and fellow Mystfolk, used an immense amount of power to physically rip the Mound from the ground, using it as an Ark of sorts to float thousands of Mystaran refugee's to the Island of Eyr, where it now resides, located to the far South-East of the Island. Once bound by powerful wards to keep outsiders away, the magic of the Mound has faded with time, having been torn from its natural resting place. Seeing the need to rectify this, Joshua sought to help the first Myan of the Moei Aising unite the native races of Eyr, gifting the Mound to them, with the intent of restoring it's magic by the grace of the Ame Moei. The Mystfolk who linger in Eyr, still upholding the traditions and customs of their people, strive to ensure the balance of this new realm and keep the Mound, and entirety of the Jungle under their protection.

The Mystfolk Stone Circle is the five pillars of stone, each marked with a sigil, next to the Moei Asing Mound. Its ancient origins are of Mystara. During the late moment's of Mystara's cataclysm, the Stone Circle and surrounding land broke away by magical ritual. It then sailed, carrying the refugees of that land, until landing upon Eyr. Five additional stones, about the size of boulders, are also connected to the Stone Circle. They too have been brought to Eyr and gifted to the Moei Asing, where they now stand on top of the great tree Tilikambo.

In each stone, ancient Mystfolk spirits dwell, and they are known as the following:

Adonna the Spriggan, who's body role is Voice. The associated element is Air, and the color is white and sometimes light blue.

Saniv the Dryad, who's body role is the Hand. The associated element is Earth, and the color is green.

Delanis and Delaris, (sister and brother, respectively) are the twin Sidhe, who's body role is Blood. The associated element is Water, and the color is blue.

Intrix the Faun, who's body role is the Heart. The associated element is Fire, and the color is red.

Errino the Fiary, who's body role is the Mind. The associated element is Myst, and the color is purple.