The Moei Asing is the faction dedicated to fiercely protecting the Jungle. Consisting of many races and creatures, the Asing call any other who shares their beliefs and goals family.

Their home is the largest tree in the jungle, known as Tili’kambo; it has grown (or been modified with) multiple levels whereon the Asing can gather. The topmost level is their seat of power and gathering fire. To reflect that, the group rank names are named after the structure of a tree. Currently there are five, Which, coincidentally, matches the number of Truths that they must uphold.

There are currently three Paths: The Path of the Hunter, The Path of the Knowledge, and the Path of the Nurturer.

  • The Hunters are the warriors and hunters of the Asing - skilled at combat, stealth, and survival beneath and amongst the jungle trees.
  • The Path of the Nurturer is the path of the gatherer, the tender. Plants or body, it does not matter to the Nurturer.
  • The Path of Knowledge is the path of those who wish to learn. Knowledge comes in all forms, and some of those who follow this path are magic users, while some are scholars who seek to learn whatever it is that Life has to teach them.

Quests may be assigned and documented by a member of the Asing Council only.  Therefore, you must present a copy of your questing role play to one of them; this can be a snippet of your chat log or a shared story thread. Once shared, the Asing Council Member will integrate your story into the shared stories of the Moei Asing!

As a guide, the best quests involve multiple people and helping others, as well promoting RP throughout the sim. The purpose is not only for ranking, but spreading the RP.

Keep in mind as you hurry off to accomplish your shiny new quest, the shortest path to completion is not the best; some of the best quests may take several days to complete! Eyr isn't going anywhere and neither are the Asing. Take your time. Enjoy the RP and create your story!

MoeiAsing Ranks 20161022




Ame's Ally - Level 0

Ame’s Ally is the lowest rank inside the Asing faction. This is the rank for external allies of the Moei Asing. While Allies are not ranking members of the Asing, they are less likely to be shot on sight (should shooting occur). These are the ones that the Asing will first reach out to when they need help outside their own ranks.

Allies do not receive any bonus or detrimental effects of being part of the faction.

To become an Ally:

  • OOC: Apply to the faction on the website.
  • IC: RP with Myan/Myar and/or a member of the Council.



Sprout | Level 1 (Entry level)

The Moei Asing is a widely varied faction, including warriors and hunters, knowledge seekers in many forms, and those who nurture and gather. Throughout all of this, the Asing revere the Five Truths of Ame Moei, their patron entity. While those of the higher echelons are well versed in the Five Truths, there is learning to be done for all levels. Aspirants are those starting from scratch. This is the first step of many that they will make under Ame’s eyes and it is hoped that those who learn the Tenants, also learn to incorporate it into their daily lives.

You must meet with the Myan/Myar or a member of the Council to be introduced and exposed to the lore and laws of the Moei Asing. It will also help if you are sponsored by a current member.

Non-natives will have to pledge their loyalty to Ame Moei and the Jungle.

As soon as a Sprouts is ready to rank up, they will be able to choose a Path.

To become a Sprout:

  • IC: Interact with the ranking faction members of the Asing. Complete tasks or quests given to you by either the Myar/Myan, Council members or Path Leads.
  • IC: Complete a quest to learn the First Truth of Ame Moei

Group and Titler:

The Sprout is the same rank as Ally. To distinguish between the two, the Sprouts should put their rank in their titler information, if they wish it known.





Twigs - Level 2

Twigs are members who have moved beyond the cares and frivolities of Sprouts and have proven their loyalty and worthiness to the Moei Asing cause. It is upon achieving this rank that the Moei Asing member may chose the Path they wish to follow. During this time, they should approach, or be approached by, a ranking member of the available Paths.

The Twig does not need to choose their Path immediately upon ranking. They should, however, begin grooming themselves for the Path of their choosing. Choosing may not immediately invoke the gaining of a rank, either.

Available Paths:

  • Hunter - Rank Name: Waka
  • Gatherer - Rank Name: Eish
  • Knowledge - Rank Name: Kuanzisha
  • Wanderer (path unchosen) - Rank Name: Strannik

To become Twig:

  • Actively RP in the sim for a minimum of seven days (non-consecutive and it is encouraged that you RP with your faction as much as possible during that time)
  • Attend an event
  • Complete the quests to learn the Second Truth of Ame Moei

Group and Titler:

The Twig is a group tag with multiple paths. The player’s chosen Path should be added to their Titler.



Branches - Level 3

Branches are the the bones of the Faction. They give it shape and help keep it together. They are the prophets, trained warriors, healers, hearth wives and shamans. Branches are still learning, still traveling their path, but they have experience and respect amongst the Asing. They are the ones who hold up the example of the Truths to those outside of the faction.

Available Paths:

  • Hunter - Rank Name: Askari
  • Gatherer - Rank Name: Shibarid
  • Knowledge - Rank Name: Osafunds

To become Branch:

  • Participate in four (4) Asing events/gatherings.
  • Assist in a Teaching gathering (counts towards the four)
  • Attend a Learning gathering (counts towards the four)
  • Complete three (3) quests given by your Path lead/mentor.
  • Learn the Third Truth of Ame Moei.

Group and Titler:

The Branch is a group tag with multiple paths. The player’s chosen Path should be added to their Titler.





Roots - Level 4

Roots are the highest ranking Path members, veteran players of the Moei Asing and mentors of their chosen Path, they guide those still in the Branches and Twigs, always watching for any who might stray or new blood with which to bolster their ranks.

Available Paths:

  • Hunter - Rank Name: Walinzi
  • Gatherer - Rank Name: Bustani
  • Knowledge - Rank Name: Wafuasi

To become Root:

  • Participate in four(4) Asing events/gatherings while maintaining Branch rank.
  • Lead an Asing gathering
  • Complete three (3) quests given by the Council or the Myar/Myan while maintaining the rank of Branch
  • Learn the Fourth and Fifth Truths of Ame Moei.

Group and Titler:

The Roots is a group tag with multiple paths. The player’s chosen Path should be added to their Titler.



Trunk - Level 5

It is said that the Myar/Myan speaks with Ame Moei’s Voice, but it is the Moei Asing members of the Trunk who help to provide the Myar/Myan with the information with which to speak. There are three members of the Trunk, one elected from each path. Trunk members are only elected when another leaves, either forcibly or by their own choice. It is the members of the Path, who elect and vote on the Path’s new Trunk member.

Available Paths:

  • Hunter - Rank Name: Hantar
  • Gatherer - Rank Name: Kartanar
  • Knowledge - Rank Name: Munievar

To become a Trunk:

  • IC: A Trunk Member are nominated and voted on by the members of the Path.
  • If there is no Myar/Myan, the members of the Trunk will work together to act as the temporary lead of the faction.

Group and Titler:

The Trunk is a group tag with multiple paths. The player’s chosen Path should be added to their Titler.





Myan/Myar - Level 7

Queen and King of the jungle people (Moei Asing), the Myan or Myar is the voice and will of Ame Moei, and the spiritual leader of the Moei Asing (Elected by the Admin OOC). Their role is to guide and protect Ame Moei and her followers. They speak for Ame Moei, and the connection between the Myan / Myar is one of the strongest. They are in charge of all major rituals during events, and oversees questing, training, and rituals.

To become a Myan/Myar:

  • OOC: Fill out lead application as provided by the admins
  • IC: Conduct a ritual/ceremony/quest (it can be worked out with the help of the admins if they accept your application) to complete your ascendency to Myan/Myar.
  • If there is no Myar/Myan, the members of the Trunk will work together to act as the temporary lead of the faction.

Group and Titler:

The Myan/Myar is a group tag with a single path.