Player Created Groups

Eyr currently offers membership to many different official groups; hopefully providing a place and direction for all! However, if you find a group niche you’d like to fill through creation of your own unofficial group, the opportunity is now there to do so!

If you have an idea for a new group or have formed one organically through current roleplay in sim and wish to make Eyr it’s home or place of operation, please submit the Player Created Group Application. Successful submissions will be granted approval to create or continue with an unofficial group within the Mysts of Eyr sim(s) so long as the following criteria is met:

  • Group Titles - players are not permitted to use the word ‘Eyr’ in the name of their group, or mislead players into thinking that the group is an official Eyr group. If your group is made official, a new group with the Eyr syntax will be created for you. Please refrain from choosing titles that may cause offense or disrespect.
  • Admin Member - though not compulsory, it is highly recommended that at least one admin be added to any in-world group created and used. This allows the admin team to gain insight into group communication, activity and focus which could help should the group later apply to become official.
  • Recruitment - players can recruit for their group out of character. You cannot spam the official Eyr group chats or existing members with NC’s, but you are free to contact people OOCly individually through alternate means, such as private IMs to those you believe may benefit from your group. You are highly encouraged, however, to do much of your recruiting through in-character roleplay.
  • Territory - player created groups cannot claim headquarters space on sim, nor can they claim official territory - even in-character. Additionally they may not use a space rental (like a village home) for headquarters. They may ICly inquire with faction areas for space to hold IC meetings or events, but this remains at the IC discretion of the faction leader and any permitted decoration would be temporary.
  • General - players are permitted to role-play and enjoy the sim and their group as they see fit indefinitely so long as Mysts of Eyr rules and etiquette guidelines are followed at all times.

Violation of any of these policies may result in you receiving a warning and the disbanding of your group within the Eyr sim(s).


What kind of group CAN I create?

  • Yes to New Alliances - these are often built around a shared goal, outlook or way of life. New alliance groups may be permitted so long as they avoid being too similar/overlapping with factions, existing disciplines or other established groups.
  • Yes to New Clans - family groups are permitted, however please note that due to limited scope, they cannot become official.
  • Yes to New Disciplines - these are Eyr’s answer to guilds as they aim to bring characters together who have a shared talent, trade or interest. They are permitted as unofficial player-created groups so long as there is not already one similar in existence.
  • Yes to New /Original Race Tribes - These are groups centered around a race and/or its subraces. Players may create race clans where one does not exist already. The race/sub-race or species must be on the current MoE Playable Race List.


What kind of group can I NOT create?

  • No New Factions - we will not permit the creation of any new Factions - these are a large and often specifically tailored group-mechanic in sim and therefore are carefully planned and implemented at the discretion of the admin team.
  • No New Businesses - these are not permitted. Businesses in Eyr require careful planning and prim implementation as well as official leaders. However, should you have an idea for a new business venture in Eyr, please submit a proposal to the admin team. No guarantee is made for inclusion, but if it is a viable option it may be considered for future addition to the sim. Whist individuals may RP trading goods and services individually with other characters, we recommend applying to work at an official business should one be suitable!


Becoming Official

When you Adopt an Existing Race Group, these perks become immediately available to you to help you bolster membership and drive activity.

Player Created Groups may gain these perks by requesting “official” group recognition after a three month trial period (ongoing activity for three months). This is not compulsory - you may choose to continue flying ‘under the radar’ and continue operating as you have.

Dedicated Forum Section
Dedicated Website Page & Info
Pager Board in the Entrance
Group Info Board in the Entrance that Links to a Webpage
Access to the Staff Team via Slack Communication
Digital Applications Process
Official In-World Mysts of Eyr Group
Dedicated Group Admin Buddy Support


If a Player Created Group wishes to petition to become an Official MoE Group you must speak with a member of the Admin team. With limited space and resources (prims etc), the potential for new official groups is restricted. Consideration will first depend upon the following requirements being met:

  • Minimum 3 Months Active Presence in Eyr - Flash-in-the-pan groups sadly spring up and fade away frequently in the RP world. By showing regular activity, commitment and likelihood of longevity, the prospects of official status are naturally all the more positive.
  • Minimum 5 Active Members - the measure of active would entail RPing on sim and within the group on average 1-3 hours per day for 2 or more days per week.
  • Group Lead Presence - requires a minimum of 1-3 hours per day for 4 or more days per week.
  • Clear Goals - a concise presentation on the short and long term ambitions and goals for your group would be required. Group hierarchy, ranking criteria, IC rewards and any other information you consider relevant may also be included. The aim is to show why your group would be both potentially popular and a future asset in an official capacity. This can be presented in any form; such as notecard, googledoc, word document or recorded discussion with an admin.
  • Events - Minimum of one IC event per month and one OOC event every two months. You may use the MoE “Rock” to host OOC Meetings. It is recommended that you check the official MoE Event Calendar and communicate with the MoE Event Manager when scheduling to eliminate possible overlap with your members.
  • Positive Reputation - There should be no record of drama, rule-breaking or bad attitude beyond the friendly warning stage, particularly with regard to the group leader.

If you have any further questions regarding player created groups, adopting existing groups or how to apply to become an official group please contact one of the admin team!